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Money Plain and Simple: What the Institutions and the Elite Don’t Want You to Know by Steven J. Spence Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own. 

Author Steven J. Spence takes readers on a journey into the history of the United States Monetary System and how the U.S. Dollar’s position has changed in recent years in the book, “Money Plain and Simple: What the Institutions and the Elite Don’t Want You To Know”. 


The Synopsis

A straightforward guide to understanding the global monetary system and why the shine is off the U.S. dollar’s position as the Gold Standard of world currencies. Steven J. Spence, a military veteran and corporate employee-turned-entrepreneur, lays out a concise history of the U.S. monetary system. He’s candid about his own life lessons and then shares how he came to discover the hard realities revealed in this informative read. The author explains in layperson’s terms how the institutions behind money work and how it affects you. He also offers timely insight into what’s going on right now from crypto currency to inflation and hyper-inflation and steps you should consider to secure your own financial future.

The Review

The author does a great job of really laying out the concept of banking systems, credit, and how our finances are impacted through education and detailed lessons throughout this book. The way the author interweaves their own experiences throughout their life and the way so many of us are introduced to debt through credit cards and difficulty finding reasonably paid work after education was such a great way to open up this road, and the deep dive the author took into the history and modern impact of finances on the U.S. financial system was thought-provoking.

The way the author writes is what really sold this book to me. Unlike so many financial books that try to show tricks or methods for accruing money or become self-help in nature, this book is written in a way that feels more hands-on educational instead. The layout and honest way the author speaks and integrates his personal experiences really helped someone like me, who is not financially education-forward, to understand and grasp the lessons the author was imparting. 

The Verdict

A thoughtful, insightful, and memorable read, author Steven J. Spence’s “Money Plain and Simple” is a must-read non-fiction book of 2021, and a contender for best book on finances for the year on my site. The engaging way the author relays the narrative and sets out to show readers how big banking and wealthy elites have secured their financials through manipulation of the market was something we all should take into account in our future finances. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Steven J. Spence is a retired US Air Force veteran, airline mechanic, aircraft builder, and an owner of a real estate rental investment company. Throughout his military and airline careers, he taught airline safety to groups around the world. Spence grew up in poverty with a single mom, who immigrated from Germany with her American military husband only find herself alone with two young sons in the wake of a divorce. With no role models, he had no understanding about how to build his financial future. Now a successful entrepreneur, Spence focuses on financial literacy as it relates to the ordinary person. He and his wife Adriana have two daughters, Shannon and Rachel, a son, Lucas, and one grandson, Julian.

Cross That Bridge: The Effective Guide to Achieving Your Goals and Living a Purposeful Life by Samuel Jeremy Lucas Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own. 

In author Samuel Jeremy Lucas’s book, “Cross That Bridge”, the author gives readers a fresh take on the self-help genre by examining the power of our thoughts and the impact it has on us as we seek to achieve our goals. 


The Synopsis

Do you sometimes envy high-achievers? Have you ever wondered what they did to attain that level of success?

What if I tell you that you could also become successful and achieving your goals fasters than you’ve imagined? What would be your reaction if you get an effective template that will lead you to achieve your goals? Awesome! Right?

It is for these specific reasons that Cross That Bridge was written! This book offers you an effective approach and a series of best practices, methodologies, tips, and recommendations that will push and inspire you to achieve your desired goals, as it draws inspiration from the habits and lifestyle of successful people.

Here are some of the learning points you will come across while reading this book:

Tools You Need to Set Your Goals Right

How Self-Awareness Contribute to Building Positive Habits

Develop a Success-Friendly Mindset

Overcoming Your Fear Of Failure

Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs

Having a Positive Attitude to Problem-solving

Dealing With Procrastination

The Important Tips to Living Without Limits

Achieving Success in Life with the Pareto Rule

Balancing Your Private And Professional Life

…and lots more!

If you are diligent with the recommendations in this book, it’s just a matter of weeks before you start seeing changes in your life and achieving your goals.

The Review

This was a motivational read to be sure. The author does an excellent job of reaching out to readers on a personal level, showcasing a level of commitment to those reading his work that speaks to his extensive knowledge and personable approach to his writing. The book is short yet makes a major impact on those reading this work, examining the balance between action and thought in the pursuit of success. 

What really struck me as interesting was the way the author was able to back up his sentiments and thoughtful wording with action. Rather than focusing solely on thinking about what we want to achieve in our lives, the author proposes deliberate actions to help manifest those desires physically in our world, showcasing how we can take control of our own destinies rather than relying on the universe to help us out all the time. It helps to showcase the balance of happiness and hard work that goes into any given profession and the journey to find professional success. 

The Verdict

A quick, memorable and informative read, author Samuel Jeremy Lucas’s “Cross That Bridge” is a must-read, self-help book. The book is very thought-provoking and goal-oriented and puts the reader in charge of their own destiny. The author really does put the self in self-help, so if you haven’t yet be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Samuel J. Lucas is a serial entrepreneur, high-performance coach, professional advisor, and associate professor at several business schools.

Samuel has dedicated most of his professional career to creating, advising, and directing companies. However, over the past 12 years he carried out a comprehensive study of the 145 most important books on self-development, happiness, and success.

Over these 12 years, he has also interviewed with hundreds of colleagues, top-notch experts in fields such as personal transformation, leadership, productivity, time management, problem solving, stress management or decision making.

After this life-changing process, he decided to distill all this knowledge, combine it with his extended personal and professional experience, and share it with the world.

Thus, the book series “The secrets to a beautiful life” was born.

The RICH Method: The Definitive Guide to Getting Money and Success by Richard Gracia (Translated by Diego Gracia) Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own. 

In author Richard Gracia’s “The RICH Method”, the author explores a series of techniques and knowledge used by many wealthy individuals around the world to not only accumulate wealth by maintain their financial freedom while doing what they love.


The Synopsis 

Have you ever wondered what rich people did to get where they are?

What would your life be like with around $5000 a month in passive income? Would you quit your job and go traveling?

Can you imagine how happy you’d be if you could spend your time doing the things you love?

In this book, we’ll show you all the tricks and secrets rich people use to generate money and keep their bank balances growing. All the things we should be taught at school about how to manage our money, but that rich people, banks and the government don’t want us to know!

The old “study hard and get a good job” is outdated. You can never be free working over eight hours a day, in a job that doesn’t motivate you, for peanuts.

With The RICH Method, you can achieve financial freedom in 4 simple steps!

With this book, you’ll learn to:

●Get assets that generate over $5000 a month in passive income.

●Increase your income, even starting with nothing.

●Reduce your costs up to 50% without losing quality of life.

●Pay off your debts faster, savings thousands of dollars in interest and fees, thanks to the P.A.I.D. Method®.

●Save at least 35% of your income using the most effective methods of saving.

●Create your own assets and invest in financial and real estate assets using some of the investment strategies rich people use to make their fortunes.

●Invest to reach retirement with $1,000,000 in your pension plan.

●Manage your personal finances more effectively.

●Avoid paying thousands of dollars in taxes.

●Reach your full potential and become the best version of yourself.

●…and much more.

We can’t promise you’ll get rich within the month. Nobody can. And anyone who does is lying! But we will equip you with the tools you need to reach financial freedom in a short space of time. All you have to do is follow the steps of our method!

Once you’ve learned to invest and generate your own assets, getting rich is just a matter of time!

We’ll show you the way to choosing your own destiny. It will be you and you alone who chooses your life’s direction, what you want to do, and what you want your future to look like.

How much longer are you going to wait to take the first step? Are you brave enough to fight for what you’ve always wanted? It’s time to achieve your dreams. Your only limit is you. Now is your moment!

You decide! You can close the tab and get on with your life… Or you can buy this book and get on the path to financial freedom today!

The Review

Informative and engaging, the author delivers an inspiring and practical approach to personal finances and financial freedom. Exploring things like reducing a person’s spending each month and the definition of cash flow, to clearing one’s bad debt and the types of assets that one can utilize when building up wealth through investments, this book covers it all.

What stood out from this book from other self-help style financial books was how important the focus on doing the work yourself was. Speaking to anyone and whatever level of knowledge a person has about finances and whatever income level a person is at, this book focuses early on on the practice of having the right mindset when beginning the journey to gaining control of one’s financial state and then increasing its value. Aside from delving into the basics of financial independence, the author also reveals several methods of implementing wealth creation, making this an invaluable tool for readers.

The Verdict

A brilliant, informative, and easy-to-understand guide for personal finances and wealth creation, author Richard Gracia’s “The RICH Method” is a must-read non-fiction book on finances. Thoughtful in its approach and emphasizing hard work for the reader to implement the goals of wealth creation, this book makes itself invaluable as a tool for those interested in taking control of their financial future. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Richard studied engineering, investment, finance and business management. He graduated receiving an Extraordinary Prize and the Lamb Prize from the prestigious University of Glasgow. He worked advising executives of large multinationals. He created companies that have sold millions of euros, having as partners some of the most successful entrepreneurs in Spain, including Juan Roig (owner of largest supermarket chain in Spain). He managed his own investments and that of multiple investors in real estate. Currently, he is focused, along with his brother and co-author of the book “El Método RICO”, on his mission: to expand the knowledge of personal finances to improve people’s quality of life through his books, courses and conferences.

The U.S. Piggy Bank by Karl Steam Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own. 

A new book for children to learn about the financial system of the United States and the current workings of it all has come to life in author Karl Steam’s book “The U.S. Piggy Bank”. 

The Synopsis

What is debt and how big is a trillion? These questions are explored as readers learn about the size of the nation’s debt. Despite all the negative numbers, this book manages to spin a positive message. It introduces a topic that normally causes division and uses it to promote hope and unity—two American values that have served the nation well over the years.

Its hard not to gasp when a trillion is put into perspective. Fun size comparisons will captivate audiences just as they do in “How Much Is a Million” by Steven Kellogg and David M. Schwartz. The U.S. Piggy Bank does not stop there though. It introduces a topic that effects every U.S. citizen, allowing readers to feel a personal connection with the story.

Learning extensions are abundant with this book. Lesson ideas for math, social studies, and language arts are listed in the back, making it a great resource for classrooms and home learning environments. If you’re looking for a gift that a teacher will use year after year, this is it.

The Review

This is a well researched, well written and enlightening read for young readers. Exploring the financial situation of the United States and presenting a positive spin on the future and a path forward, the author does a great job of laying out the facts about the current debt situation in our nation, how the system works, and how people can come together to make a stronger path into the future. 

Explaining the value of a trillion dollars, showing off the math and logistics of a number that size, and delving into the historical, mathematical and language arts studies of this subject, the author has presented a book that young people can read on their own or be presented to in a classroom setting. The book even includes lessons and practices that can be used to further teach students the importance and honest truth of the financial system today. 

The Verdict

This is a great read that educates people on an important subject and should be valued greatly. In an age where debt is expanding and the future of the nation’s financial system is in the hands of young people today, it is important to find ways to educate and explore this subject in a way children will relate to, and the author has done that expertly. If you haven’t yet grab your copy of “The U.S. Piggy Bank” by Karl Steam today!

Rating: 10/10

About the Author

Karl Steam is a children’s author and illustrator. Some of his works include Purple Pup, How Santa Changed, and the Kids vs. Nature series. He resides in the Lakes Region of the Upper Midwest with his wife and four children. Karl enjoys fishing, camping, and traveling. Oh yeah, he likes writing too.

Learn more at KarlSteam.com