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The Aviator: A Story of the Sino-American War (The Aviator: Stories of Future Wars Book 1) by Craig DiLouie Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own. 

A Navy fighter pilot faces accusations of crimes against humanity after a short and bloody war between the United States and China and must decide the true meaning of heroism in author Craig DiLouie’s “The Aviator: A Story of the Sino-American War”, the first in THE AVIATOR: STORIES OF FUTURE WARS series. 


The Synopsis

In the near future, the United States has fought a short, bloody war with China in the Pacific. The fighting is over, but the U.S. Navy maintains a blockade. Some call it the First Sino-American War. Others worry it is the start of World War Three.

In a prison cell in Beijing, Navy fighter pilot Jack Knapp tells his story about the victory in the Battle of Taiwan and how he ended up in a Chinese show trial, accused of crimes against humanity.

With his life in the balance, Jack will have to choose between survival and participating in his captors’ lies, and ultimately learn the true meaning of heroism in a war between superpowers where even stories are weapons.

The Review

A truly engaging and harrowing journey, the author has created a truly realistic and chilling look at what the future of our world could be, highlighting the very real divide and possible conflict that could arise between the United States and China. The atmosphere and setting really add to the stakes set up within the narrative, feeling both like a historical fiction read and a futuristic dystopian novel.

The character of Jack Knapp is a phenomenal protagonist and a great way of highlighting the struggle between these two nations. The author does a great job of balancing the intricate look into the protagonist’s rise to becoming a Navy pilot and his relationships with his fellow soldiers and superiors as they spent months at sea, and the hardships and struggles he had to endure as a prisoner after a bloody war, and facing the might of an entire government as he fought to find the most heroic path available to them. It’s a psychological and emotional struggle that readers will instantly feel for.

The Verdict

Engaging, shocking, and easy-to-read, author Craig DiLouie’s “The Aviator” is the perfect first book in a new, near-future dystopian series of military novels. The author perfectly captures the lingo and the behavior of soldiers living together on a Navy carrier and flying together into battle, while crafting a protagonist that brings the heart into this global conflict of the future that readers can get behind. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!


About the Author

Craig DiLouie is an author of popular thriller, apocalyptic/horror, and sci-fi/fantasy fiction.

In hundreds of reviews, Craig’s novels have been praised for their strong characters, action, and gritty realism. Each book promises an exciting experience with people you’ll care about in a world that feels real.

These works have been nominated for major literary awards such as the Bram Stoker Award and Audie Award, translated into multiple languages, and optioned for film. He is a member of the HWA, International Thriller Writers, and IFWA.