#tbt to the time I met the incredible @dpanabaker at @stanleecomikaze and was so nervous my hand shook the camera while I was taking the picture lol. I tried to sharpen the picture a bit but the memory will never change. She was so kind and it was an honor to speak with her that […]

Just a few of the pictures we took today at @stanleecomikaze today. Great cosplay going on, amazing celebrity interactions and a helpful staff made for a truly enjoyable experience. Thank you to @krisonrequest and @onrequestmag for braving the crowds to do this, @dpanabaker for taking the time to take some photos with us, #summerglau for […]

So it’s been an awesome day so far at @stanleecomikaze . Got to see the incredible Summer Glau do an interview, and now I just met the amazing @dpanabaker . She is so nice and kind, and meeting her was a definite highlight of the day. Thank you for taking the time to take this […]