Haters Back Off: A Netflix Original Series Review:

If you still doubt the legitimacy of YouTube and the talent they curate, then the all new Netflix Original Series “Haters Back Off” should change
your mind. The series, which follows the character of Miranda Sings, a parody character of YouTube cover singers created by actress and singer
Colleen Ballinger, showcases smart humor and surprising heart and emotion that will captivate loyal “Mirfandas” (fans of Miranda Sings), and
new audiences alike. Developed by both Ballinger and her brother Chris Ballinger and developed by a fantastic team at Netflix, (including show-runners
Perry Rein and Gigi McCreery, whose credits include Friends and Wizards of Waverly Place), the show is a fantastic study of fame, how it changes
people, and how we all crave acceptance and recognition. Here is the synopsis for the show.

This comedy series, exclusive to Netflix, follows the oddball family life of a fictional YouTube star named Miranda Sings, a character created
and portrayed by Colleen Ballinger, who also serves as an executive producer. Miranda is an incredibly confident, self-absorbed teenage
singer/dancer/actor/model who is on the rise – despite a complete and utter lack of talent. Miranda continues to luck into failing upward,
fueled by her belief that she was born to be famous, even if no one else knows it yet.

Now this show was definitely funny. The jokes ranged from the perfectly timed dry humor of a film like Napoleon Dynamite that focuses on oddball,
outsider like characters, and the more adult themed humor that reminded me of a film like Step Brothers. The show features some incredible
performers, from Colleen Ballinger as Miranda herself to Angela Kinsey, who plays Miranda’s eager to please mother who believes she suffers from
a multitude of diseases, to her Uncle Jim, played by actor Steve Little, who plays the over-eager uncle who feeds Miranda’s belief that she is
destined for greatness in all things and fuels the drama in this family unit. There is a surprise character that definitely will bring the
heart and emotion into the show, acting as the voice of reason and a surrogate for the audience in a way, which I will not spoil their identity
in this review. However a character that does steal the show is the boy next door who is smitten with Miranda herself, Patrick, played by actor
Erik Stocklin. Her best friend and love-sick neighbor who will do anything for her, the lengths this boy goes to in order to help this often
clueless and fame obsessed girl achieve her dreams is a great showcase for any of us in the audience who has ever fallen in love and walked
through the friend zone, hoping that they will come out on the other side with their love by their side.

While the humor is just as great as fans would expect from a show about the untalented YouTube sensation that has stolen so many hearts, what was
pleasantly surprising was the amount of emotion that was in this show. What really sold this show for me was the perfect blend of comedy and
heart, with Miranda herself showcasing moments of real human feeling when interacting with cast members on the show, (before stumbling back into
her self-obsessed self). By the end of the series, audiences will be able to see the many layers of themes and storytelling devices that are going
to be alluded to, from the hardships of fame and the price people have to pay to achieve it, to the lengths family will go to for one another. I
think this show is also a great way to showcase the people behind the camera that we all sometimes take for granted when exploring the world of
YouTube. The four to eight minute videos that capture so many people’s attention and hearts don’t define a person’s entire life, and this show
does a marvelous job of showcasing the struggles, the flaws, and the ups and downs that creators go through off camera.

Overall, this was an amazing show. In eight episodes, Colleen Ballinger has proved that real talent can be found on the internet, and her incredible
creation of Miranda Sings is the unsung hero of the current generation, much like Napoleon Dynamite was the hero of the 2000’s or Anthony
Michael Hall’s The Geek from Sixteen Candles was the underdog hero of the 80’s. The awkward, uncomfortable humor that has skyrocketed the Miranda
Sings brand to stardom is expertly explored in this series, and with a cliffhanger that will hopefully lead to a second season, Netflix has found
a character driven comedy that will merge the younger audiences from the YouTube world with the more adult audiences of the Netflix world in a
phenomenal way. We here at On Request Magazine are incredibly impressed with this amazing show, and sincerely hope to see a second season in the
future. Congratulations to Colleen Ballinger for becoming one of the first heroes and stars to emerge onto the world stage in the digital age!

Rating: 10/10 stars




Miranda Sings “Selp-Helf” Book Review:

It’s time for the haterz to back off! That’s right, self-proclaimed internet sensation Miranda Sings has released her step-by-step guide to
living a successful life, and that book is called “Selp-Helf”.

This humourous book manages to expertly retain the same voice and “talent” that Sings herself has on her wildly popular YouTube channel. Written
in the guise of Miranda by her creator and the woman who brings her to life, Colleen Evans, along with her brother Christopher Ballinger, this
book is a self help guide that takes her “Mirfandas” on a process to living life the “Miranda” way. Everything from love life with her baes,
to life hacks to making homemade “shampoo”, to the ins and outs of nailing a job interview, this book claims to have it all. What really sells
this book however is not necessarily the advice being told, but the hilarious voice that it’s told in and the huge attention to detail making this
look like the randomly put together book Miranda Sings would create.

From scrap-book styling pages to easily misspelled words, this book lives and breaths Miranda Sings. Catering to her loyal fanbase and creating
one of the more unique internet-generated books, Colleen and Chris have expertly put together a hilarious life and style guide that is sure to
keep fans and newcomers alike laughing and talking for years to come. It’s quite easy to see why this character has become so beloved and
recognized within the entertainment industry, (having recently garnered her own Netflix original series, Haters Back Off), for it speaks highly
of the creative force behind the internet industry’s leading creators. If you weren’t a fan before, you will be after reading this laugh riot
of a book, so be sure to pick up your copies of “Selp-Helf” by Miranda Sings today!

Romanticism in the 21st Century: Author Anthony Avina’s Inspiration for His Novella, VOID

Hello there everyone. Today’s blog post is going to be partly a behind the scenes look at my creative process and inspiration for VOID, the
novella I just released for preorder on Amazon Kindle. It’s also going to be partly personal, in which I talk about a big part of my life,
and that is my romantic side.

Let’s get personal guys. I am what is referred to as a hopeless romantic. That means that basically, I believe in love. I believe in the
power of love and that when you find love, it’s a rare but beautiful thing. I know that for most guys, the bachelor life appeals to them.
They enjoy moving from one night stands and flimsy relationships to the next one. I also know that women might be wary of a guy who speaks
of love, especially at my age, (25). Yet a bachelor lifestyle never appealed to me, and I’m not interested in a one-sided relationship where
I’m more invested in the relationship than she is. I have no interest in being one of those men who is clingy, or too focused on the relationship
and not on myself. No, what I want is a partner, whom I love and who loves me.

There’s a saying that I think fits my thinking best. Love is patient, and love is kind. To me, that means that everyone is different. Sometimes,
a person is lucky enough to know at their first encounter that they’ve found the person they love. Others take time to grow their feelings.
It’s about respecting love’s timetable. It cannot be forced. It cannot be arranged or brought on unnaturally. Love is a living, breathing
thing. It grows when two people, (and I mean any two people, but more on that later), work together in unison, taking in both the good and
the bad aspects of one another, and at the end of the day deciding that their love for one another is stronger than any apprehensions or

This has been a driving force in my life for years. I’ve always been more in touch with my feelings and the feelings of those around me, which
made me a good friend and shoulder to lean on for friends I’ve made over the years. While most people won’t agree with me, I am looking for
love, and I know I’ll find it one day. I have no interest in forcing it or assuming I’ll find it immediately. I just am allowing myself to
open up to love, and going along for the ride.

Now on to how this applies to VOID. You see, as a romantic, I’ve always incorporated love into my horror stories. I believe in showcasing
romance even in the face of horrific situations. Yet I felt inspiration strike after listening to a song. It was A Great Big World’s “Say
Something”. This song spoke to me on a new creative level. I listened to the song, and heard a message of loss, of hope, and of love. It
spoke to me about how life throws us curve-balls. How through pain, through loss, and through tragedy, one can find hope. Although the song
can be open to interpretation, this is the message I heard, and so VOID was born.

I decided to write a story about six friends, each undergoing a tragedy or dilemma of some sort. I decided to incorporate bits of my life
or things I believe in into their stories, such as Jasper, who’s undergoing a tragic set of circumstances as he is a gay man with parents
who are devoutly religious people who are against homosexuality. This is a subject I’m passionate about, because not only have I met and
known people who judge people by their sexuality, but I believe that love knows no sexual orientation. I felt like I needed to showcase
the mistakes and pitfalls of judging people. I wanted to highlight the struggles of the LGBT community in the face of adversity, and showcase
that friends could help him overcome his debacle.

I am writing this all down because I wanted to give you all a deeper understand of how I write and what I believe in. I’m a straight man
who fights for equality for everyone. I believe whole heartedly that everyone, no matter your race, gender or sexuality, is equal, and I
choose to believe this because I believe in love. You know, I just recently watched a very heartwarming and romantic video on YouTube of
well known YouTubers Colleen and Joshua Evans. It was their wedding video, and the love I saw in this video spoke to me. Not only the bright
love between this young couple, but the family that grew among their friends and family. Bonds were formed out of this love. A new family
was created out of this love. That is what I wanted to convey in VOID. Love among friends can bloom a new family. Love is one of our world’s
most powerful forces, and it should be cherished. That is what defines the theme of VOID.

Thank you guys for listening. To Josh and Colleen Ballinger, congratulations on your wedding. I’m always happy to see love blossom like in
your case. It’s a beautiful thing, and as a fellow YouTuber and romantic, I couldn’t be more proud and happy for you. To the rest of you guys,
I hope this gives you a better understanding of who I am and my creative process. I feel deeply, and I have always striven to incorporate
my thoughts, my feelings, and my romanticism into my writing. I hope you guys will check out VOID and see for yourself how love runs throughout
the veins of this novella. It’s available for preorder now on Amazon Kindle and will be out on October 1st, 2015 in both paperback and eBook