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Breaking the Weak Link by Gary Westphalen Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

A real-life crime begins and subsequently inspires the story of a spur of the moment theft of an armored car in broad daylight that turns into a edge-of-your-seat thriller involving crime rings, tourists, the destruction of a national monument, and a fiery romance in author Gary Westphalen’s “Breaking the Weak Link”.

The Synopsis

When an undocumented immigrant in New York City happens upon an armored truck whose guards are simply not paying attention, he seizes the moment and casually walks off with $1.6-Million dollars in pure gold. That true-life event forms the basis for Breaking The Weak Link. But the story is just beginning. Before it’s over, an international crime ring will have attacked many more armored trucks and destroyed one of America’s greatest landmarks. Along with the way, a television reporter, a gold dealer, numerous armored truck guards, uncountable tourists, many of the criminals, and even the FBI Agent chasing them will have their lives hanging by a thread. Top it off with a blazing romance so hot the pages might catch on fire, and this book is a must read.

This fast-paced thriller by Author Gary Westphalen (Plan A Never Happens, Murdered For Nothing) twists and turns through every page, leaving the reader begging to know what happens next. The story travels from New York City to Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Washington, DC, and many other points, even as far as Nicaragua and Russia. The colorful detail woven into this non-stop story will make you believe you have been transported right into the scenes. It’s as if you are the unseen bystander in every locus of the plot.

Get comfortable, because once you start reading Breaking The Weak Link, you won’t put it down until it’s over. 


The Review

What an incredible whirlwind thriller! The amazing thing that always entertains me when I read a Gary Westphalen book is a natural way the author ties into the narrative a true crime that the fictional narrative spirals out of. The way a split-decision from one man can spiral out of control and create a cascading series of events that destroy lives was so expertly crafted and explored in this novel, balancing the action and suspense of the novel’s crime element with the mystery and intrigue of the characters and the masterminds behind this criminal organization.

The character growth really was the heart of this narrative. They brought the crimes themselves to life so vividly and chillingly, and the author did a great job of showcasing that crimes are rarely about “good and evil”, but instead reside in a cascading series of shades of grey. As the “criminal” who began this journey was a simple man who took an opportunity and made a series of bad decisions as a result, to the mastermind behind the subsequent crimes, who readers would never have seen coming a mile away, each character feels well-rounded and realistic, while also drawing upon the genres to create entertaining and visceral reading experiences.

The Verdict

A brilliant, entertaining, and hauntingly-adventurous crime drama, author Gary Westphalen’s “Breaking the Weak Link” is a must-read drama of 2021. One of the fall’s best new crime dramas, the author has brought to life a gripping thriller that will have fans on the edge of their seats and the twisted finale will leave readers totally shocked. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Gary Westphalen has spent most life in pursuit of the truth. First as a journalist working for local television stations, then moving on to work for national news organizations, eventually finding himself as part of the White House reporting teams for a major television network, where he engaged in verbal sparring with every President from Ronald Reagan to Barack Obama.

He also found time to work as an independent documentary film-maker, garnering numerous major awards for his work. He went on to NASA, where he produced several major documentary productions for the space agency.

Gary’s next journalistic adventure was as publisher of a major motorcycle magazine.

Now, Gary finds himself living on a Pacific coast beach in Costa Rica, where he has reinvented himself yet again as as an author and audiobook narrator. His first two books have received great critical acclaim and the pipeline is full of upcoming books.