The Voice of the Night by Dean Koontz Review

While it’s always enjoyable to get into huge, epic stories with a massive cast of characters and an incredible tale, sometimes the best books
can be incredibly short, sweet, and to the point. That is the case with Dean Koontz’s novel, The Voice of the Night. Following the friendship
between two boys, Colin and Roy, and the troubling developments that come when Colin realizes there’s something not quite right with Roy, this
book features a very small and intimate cast, where all but two or three of the characters are truly likeable, and readers are given a fantastic
look into the horrors humanity is capable of inflicting on itself and how few innocent people reside in it, and how even an innocent can be
turned and twisted into something unimaginable. For those looking for a short and intimate read, then The Voice of the Night by Dean Koontz
is for you. Filled with the classic elements of horror and mystery, this is a great read and well worth the time and effort.



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Books and Other Media Formats #1: The Stand by Stephen King

One of the biggest inspirations for me personally as a writer is other media formats. While the written word is my favorite medium of storytelling,
when I write, I imagine what certain scenes in my books would look like as a movie or television series. I also enjoy seeing some of my
favorite books translated into film, television and other media formats. One book I’m incredibly excited to see become a film franchise is
Stephen King’s The Stand. Written as an epic saga of good versus evil, the book follows the survivors of a devastating plague that wipes out
all but a few of the human population. Those survivors must choose whether to follow the path of the light or give into the evil desires of
a ruthless stranger who seeks to wipe out the remaining good guys in the world. It’s an interesting take on the classic tale of the apocalypse,
and this story is incredibly character driven, and I think with the right cast this can be an amazing new film series that fans and newcomers
alike will enjoy. Who do you think should be in The Stand series? If you don’t know the book that well, what book do you want to see get
made into a movie/tv series next?

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Future Book Reading #1: Grace’s Guide: The Art of Pretending to be a Grown Up

While most of my favorite books to read are usually fiction, specifically horror and science fiction novels, I’ve been enjoying reading
memoirs and nonfiction books more in recent years than I ever did before. After reading and reviewing Viv Albertine’s memoir,
Clothes…Music…Boys…, I really enjoyed reading that kind of book, and since I’m also a fan of and a part of the YouTube community, the
next book I’d like to read is Grace’s Guide: The Art of Pretending To Be A Grown Up. Written by one of my favorite YouTubers, gracehelbig,
this book looks to be hilarious, and filled with funny and honest experiences from her life and her advice for anyone who’s ever had to
grow up fast or anyone still struggling to grow up. This is #1 on my list of memoirs to read, and I look forward to the day when I get my
hands on a copy of this amazing book.


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Character Development #1: The Antagonist

Developing your characters is an essential part of the writing process when creating a new story. While most people might think that flushing
out your protagonist is the first step in the process of creating your characters, for me, I find developing the antagonist a lot more essential
to the creative process. As I’ve talked about before, without a problem or central obstacle, there is no plot to the book. The same goes for
character development. Without an antagonist to facilitate that problem or obstacle, there would be no need to create a protagonist whatsoever.

An example I can give would be from my own book, I was a Teenage Killer. For those who haven’t read the book, beware of some spoilers. In
this novel, I created an evil teenage girl named Lisa Etron. I created her before I created the two heroes of the story, because she is the
central focus of the plot. She is a serial killer, born without empathy or regret, and who lives to torment and kill. She hides behind a
false identity as the girl next door, who spends her days cheer leading and dreaming of going to the prom with her supposed love. I created
her first because she is the driving force for the central obstacle, and because of her, two heroes are created to solve the problem that
becomes Lisa Etron.

The antagonist is just as important as the protagonist. When developing your characters, I recommend finding out who your antagonist is and
what their driving force is. Once you know this, then you can flush out your hero of the story, and from there the rest of the cast can
come into place. Remember, the central obstacle and the antagonist go hand in hand.