Unchipped: The Resort by Taya DeVere Review

After being chased around the world, a group of survivors desperately fighting a war against a corporation putting devices to control the population inside of everyone’s heads find hard truths and shocking revelations in author Taya DeVere’s “Unchipped: The Resort”, the fifth book in this ever growing sci-fi series.

In the Key of Nira Ghani by Natasha Deen Review

A young girl with dreams of becoming a musician must contend with parents who have their own dreams for her life, complex friendships and struggles in school and her journey to discover her place in the world in author Natasha Deen’s novel “In the Key of Nira Ghani”.

The 30% Solution by Lewena Bayer Review

Author Lewena Bayer takes readers on a journey of discovery to analyze how civility and engagement in a workplace environment can drive business performances by 30% in the book “The 30% Solution”.