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Book Cover Reveal: Broken Perfect Lies by Katie Wismer

Hello everyone! I am thrilled to be able to share with you all today this first look at author Katie Wismer’s latest standalone romance thriller, “Broken Perfect Lies”. Today you get to see the first look at the novel’s cover and learn more about this exciting new story.

She’s everything he hates, but he’s the only one who can keep her safe…

Pop sensation Parker Beck has been living a double life since she was eighteen. Through the disguises and fake name, she’s managed to keep her real identity a secret for the past six years. But she’s always known it was only a matter of time before the tabloids got their hands on the truth.

When the news leaks, it’s even worse than she’d feared. Now unprotected, Parker desperately needs a bodyguard. But with her history, no one is willing to take the job.

Heath Bridgers wants nothing to do with Parker Beck. That one-fifty grand salary they’re offering just to babysit her? Well, that he could use. Especially now that a family emergency has him spiraling into a hole of debt he’s not sure he’ll ever climb out of. 

The job will be easy. All he has to do is dodge a few stalkers and make it through a year. The one thing he will absolutely not be doing is falling in love with her.

Broken Perfect Lies is a standalone romantic suspense perfect for fans of spicy bodyguard romances…with a Hannah-Montana-inspired twist. It contains content best suited for mature readers.

About the Author

Katie Wismer writes books with a little blood and a little spice (sometimes contemporary, sometimes paranormal…and sometimes even poetry.)

Be the first to know about upcoming projects, exclusive content, and more by signing up for her newsletter at katiewismer.com. Signed books are also available on her website.

When she’s not reading, writing, or wrangling her two perfect cats, you can find her on her YouTube channel Katesbookdate.


Release Date: February 20, 2023

Cover Reveal Date: January 16, 2023

Preorder Links: 

Signed: https://www.katiewismer.com/shop

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3hSFxz0

BN: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/broken-perfect-lies-katie-wismer/1142870783

Book Depository: https://bit.ly/3VWcwjV

Bookshop.org: https://bookshop.org/p/books/broken-perfect-lies-katie-wismer/19583489?ean=9781958458020

Blog Tour Post: Hummus on Rye by Karenna Colcroft

Hi everyone! I hope you will enjoy this special blog tour post from author Karenna Colcroft on 5 Random Facts about Boston North Pack, as part of the blog tour of the book “Hummus on Rye”.


5 Random Facts About Boston North Pack

In my series Real Werewolves Don’t Eat Meat, vegan werewolf Kyle Slidell and his mate Tobias Rogan, the Alpha, are members of a pack called Boston North. In my universe, packs are named based on geography, usually something like a town that’s part of their territory or a geographic feature in the territory. Boston North isn’t technically in the northern part of Boston, though, nor is it in the North End; it’s in East Boston, which is north of a lot of the rest of the city.

Boston geography is confusing…(spoken as someone who’s lived here for over thirteen years).

I haven’t shared a lot about Boston North as a pack since I started rereleasing the series. Then again, I didn’t share much about it when the books were originally published either. So I thought I’d give readers a glimpse at the pack that Kyle and Tobias call family.

  1. Originally, Boston North Pack wasn’t called that. It was simply called Boston Pack. When the pack was established, its territory encompassed most of Massachusetts east of the Connecticut River, other than the southeasternmost part of the state along with Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket. (Those are the territory of Cape Pack.) Even at that time, Boston Pack was the only pack with members living within the limits of a major city. And then…
  2. In the late 1800s, another pack came to Boston not realizing that Boston Pack existed. At the time, there wasn’t much communication among packs, and Boston Pack had few members who were scattered throughout the territory. A larger pack, which had lost its territory in a conflict with yet another pack, came to eastern Massachusetts assuming the territory was up for grabs. When that pack’s Alpha, Chal Torres, realized there was a pack already in the area, he met with the Boston Pack’s Alpha and formed an alliance that allowed Boston Pack to claim territory around its Alpha’s home in East Boston, while Chal’s pack took over the rest of the territory. Boston Pack became Boston North Pack; Chal’s pack became known as City Pack.
  3. Boston North Pack and City Pack are the only two packs, at least in the United States, that have cooperated as far as territory and collaboration between alphas. It’s a very unusual situation, but it works well for both packs.
  4. Boston North is the smallest pack in the United States, both in terms of numbers (at the beginning of the Real Werewolves Don’t Eat Meat series, Boston North has thirteen members after Kyle is changed; by Hummus on Rye, that number has decreased to ten) and in terms of territory (Boston North’s territory only encompasses East Boston and the town of Winthrop). 
  5. The entire pack lives in a cluster of three apartment buildings on the East Boston waterfront, across the street from Piers Park. The buildings were originally owned by a pack member; when he passed away, his son—who is human, since wolfiness isn’t hereditary in this universe, and didn’t know his father was a werewolf—inherited the buildings. And proceeded, much to the dismay of some pack members, to rent to humans as well as the pack.

That’s a little glimpse into Boston North Pack. If you have questions, please leave them in the comments!

Hummus on Rye - Karenna Colcroft

Karenna Colcroft has a new MM paranormal romance out, Real Werewolves Don’t Eat Meat book 3: Hummus on Rye. And there’s a giveaway!

A six-year-old human child, who recently moved with his single father into the heart of the Boston North Pack’s territory, is missing–and Alpha Tobias Rogan has been framed for kidnapping the boy. Meanwhile, a new pack member with a traumatic past has drawn Saul Hughes, the rogue Alpha with a grudge against Tobias, to Boston.

Kyle Slidell, Tobias’s mate, spots Saul and realizes he must be behind the child’s kidnapping. But Saul has retained his powers and uses them to erase his presence from the minds of all of the other Boston wolves. Only Kyle, with his unusual immunity to compulsion, is able to remember seeing the rogue.

To protect his mate and save the little boy, Kyle will violate shifter law and ignore direct orders from the ruler of the Northeast Region werewolves. But will he survive the fallout?

Warnings: mention of sexual assault in characters’ pasts

Get It On Amazon


Karenna is giving away a $10 Amazon gift card with this tour:

a Rafflecopter giveawayhttps://widget-prime.rafflecopter.com/launch.js

Direct Link: http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/b60e8d47270/


I JOLTED awake at about two in the morning, not immediately certain what had awakened me. Not a scream this time, thank goodness. I rolled toward Tobias, hoping that he might be awake too. We could either cuddle the way he liked or work up some exertion that would hopefully put me back to sleep.

He wasn’t there.

“Tobias?” I spoke just loudly enough for him to hear if he was in the apartment. He didn’t answer.

Where are you? I asked, tapping into our mate bond to communicate with him mind-to-mind.

He still didn’t answer, but at least I sensed him at the other end of our connection. He wasn’t hurt or anything. He just wasn’t responding at the moment.

That told me something. If he’d been walking around town in human form, as he sometimes did when he couldn’t sleep, he would have answered me. The fact that he hadn’t meant he was either really, really pissed or he’d shifted.

I slid out of bed and pulled on my shorts, then pulled aside the curtain on the window that looked out to the garden. After his warning to the pack, I didn’t think he would have shifted out there, but if he’d been desperate enough to go wolf he might have. After all, it was well past the hour that most six-year-olds—or most adults, for that matter—would be awake and looking out windows.

I didn’t see Tobias. If he had shifted, he might have gone for a run in the park. I usually left him alone when he did that. This time, it seemed important to find him. I wasn’t sure why, but I wasn’t about to question the instinct. I put on a T-shirt and my shoes and headed out the front door.

Being out there this late as a human wasn’t necessarily the smartest thing. We did live in a relatively safe part of the city. Unfortunately, that didn’t mean there were never assaults in our neighborhood. Roderic’s attack had been specifically targeted at a member—any member—of Boston North Pack, on orders from Saul Hughes. Saul was still out there somewhere; I wouldn’t have been surprised if he’d repeated himself by hiring other human gang members to go after our pack and City Pack. I hadn’t heard about any random attacks in this neighborhood since I’d lived there. Those could still happen, though.

I didn’t think too much about that. Right then, my goal was finding my mate. He only went wolf in the city when he was very stressed and needed to run. I didn’t know what was going on, and I didn’t want to leave him alone until I found out.

Wind off the harbor cut through my clothes, but I barely noticed. I made it across the street easily enough and into Piers Park, which closed at sunset. A police car sat at the curb, supposedly to make sure no one entered the park after dark. If any police officers were sitting in the car, they didn’t notice me.

“Tobias?” I called softly. That wasn’t the smartest thing either. If Tobias was there, he would probably hear me. So would any other wolves who happened to be there. Even though Piers Park was part of our territory, we’d been invaded by wolves from other packs before.

Tobias still didn’t answer, but I caught a glimpse of white out of the corner of my eye. When I turned to look full-on, it had vanished behind the brick building that sat in the middle of the park.

If you’re here, please just answer me, I said.

Go home.

At least he was speaking to me. Are you all right?

Go home.

When most werewolves shifted, they held onto a little bit of their human side. Tobias could communicate with me, but his side was likely to be a little bit repetitive. When I shifted, I kept most of my humanity, higher-level thinking skills and all. Apparently that was just another way I was weird in the world of werewolves.

I didn’t leave the park. Tobias wasn’t happy about having me there, but under the annoyance I sensed some relief. He didn’t like being alone.

I walked over to one of the benches and sat down. I’ll wait.

Need to run. Go home.

I won’t get in your way, Tobias, I replied. I just want to make sure you’re all right.

Go home!

This time, compulsion coursed through the words. Not that it did any good. I didn’t bother answering him. He knew I wasn’t going anywhere.

After a couple minutes, a white streak ran out from behind the building and down the park toward the sailing club docks. For a little while, he just kept running back and forth. He didn’t tell me to leave again. He just ignored me completely. I was fine with that. I hadn’t gone over there to have a conversation. I just wanted to make sure he didn’t do anything dangerous.

The wind started to get to me, and I thought about going back to the apartment. Tobias was still running and probably would be for a while. He hadn’t gone anywhere near the harbor, just kept running the same course back and forth from one end of the park to the other, so he’d probably be okay.

Just as I stood up, a furry form leaped over the wall and ran straight toward my mate.

Author Bio

Karenna Colcroft

Karenna Colcroft lives just north of Boston, Massachusetts, and has been in love with the city since childhood, though she has yet to encounter any werewolves, vampires, or other paranormal beings in her travels. At least none that she knows of. Though since in her non-writing life, under another name, she offers services as a channel and energy healing practitioner, it could be said that she herself is a paranormal being. The jury’s still out on that.

Karenna is a polyamorous, nonbinary human who splits time between the home she shares with her husband and the one she shares with her committed partner. She also has two adult children and a bonus son, three grandchildren, and two and a half cats. (Half in terms of time the cat lives with her, not in terms of the cat itself…)

Author Website: https://karennacolcroft.com

Author Facebook (Personal): https://www.facebook.com/riverlightbearer/

Author Facebook (Author Page): https://www.facebook.com/KarennaColcroft

Author QueeRomance Ink: https://www.queeromanceink.com/mbm-book-author/karenna-colcroft/


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Book Spotlight: Most Famous Short Film of All Time by Tucker Lieberman 

Hey guys! I’m so excited to share with you guys today a special book spotlight for author Tucker Lieberman and his novel, “Most Famous Short Film of All Time”, a nonfiction/fiction hybrid that you won’t be able to put down. Below you will find some information on the book, an excerpt from the book, and some info on the author himself. 

I will be reviewing this book in a few weeks, so be sure to follow my blog to receive updates on my site, including daily blog posts, and you will see my thoughts on this book soon. Until then, please enjoy this look at “Most Famous Short Film of All Time”.


Book Info and Purchase Links:

Most Famous Short Film of All Time

by Tucker Lieberman

Munich: tRaum Books, 2022

Publisher’s website: https://traumbooks.com/most-famous-short-film-of-all-time/

Author’s website: https://tuckerlieberman.com/most-famous-short-film-of-all-time/

Booklife: https://booklife.com/project/most-famous-short-film-of-all-time-80120


 $23.25 US: Bookshop

 £21.99 UK: Waterstones

 $25 US: Barnes & Noble

 $25 US: Amazon


 $11.99 Kindle

 $11.99 Kobo

 $8 Itch

 $8 Gumroad


Book Description

Ghosts and goddesses beckon Lev Ockenshaw. Oh, bother. Fortunately, he’s got a pill for that. In 2014, Lev is happily telling campfire stories in Boston with his longtime friend, Stanley, and his coworker, Aparna. One day, he receives an anonymous, threatening email referring to the company where he and Aparna work. Lev reports the threat to his boss, but is not believed.

Invoking over 250 books, songs, and movies, Most Famous Short Film of All Time is a non/fiction-hybrid philosophical novel about:

  • the nature of time
  • the ever-present threat of gun violence in the United States
  • the unhelpfulness of institutions and systems
  • the importance of solidarity and transparency and being excellent to your friends
  • belonging to Gen X or the Millennial generation
  • being a fictional character and realizing you’re stuck in your own story
  • the hazards of disclosing or not disclosing a gender transition you’ve already completed
  • the neverendingness of the journey
  • all 486 frames of the Zapruder film of the JFK assassination
  • belief and unbelief
  • prejudice, perception, and ethical action/inaction
  • undoing/redoing decisions and trying harder
  • reading as many books as you possibly can
  • the role of playfulness, irony, and absurdity
  • burning things that do not serve

Excerpt from the book

[introductory remark to explain that it’s an excerpt]

“Flyleaf — By Which I Do Not Mean Myself” is one of the character’s Lev Ockenshaw’s musings in Most Famous Short Film of All Time. Here, he’s thinking about The Lord of the Rings and is indirectly wondering who’s telling his story.

[here’s the excerpt]

J. R. R. Tolkien, author of The Lord of the Rings, wrote in a letter (categorized as Letter 192) that “Frodo deserved all honour because he spent every drop of his power of will and body, and that was just sufficient to bring him to the destined point, and no further. Few others, possibly no others of his time, would have got so far.” Frodo’s destination was Mount Doom, but he could not muster the energy to throw the ring into the lava. Tolkien continued: “The Other Power then took over: the Writer of the Story (by which I do not mean myself), ‘that one ever-present Person who is never absent and never named’ (as one critic has said).” A boss within the novel, directing Frodo’s story. A writer who isn’t the writer.


About the Author

Tucker Lieberman is the author of the nonfiction Painting Dragons, Bad Fire, andTen Past Noon, as well as a bilingual poetry collection, Enkidu Is Dead and Not Dead / Enkidu está muerto y no lo está, recognized as a finalist in the 2020 Grayson Books Poetry Contest and nominated for the 2022 Elgin Award by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association.

His essay on a horror film appears in It Came From the Closet (Feminist Press, 2022). He’s contributed to three anthologies recognized by Lambda Literary: Balancing on the Mechitza (North Atlantic Books, 2011 Lambda winner), Letters For My Brothers (Wilgefortis, 2012 Lambda finalist), and Trans-Galactic Bike Ride (Microcosm, 2021 Lambda finalist). His flash fiction was recognized in the 2019 STORGY Magazine Flash Fiction Competition.

His husband is the science fiction writer Arturo Serrano, author of To Climates Unknown (2021) and contributor to the Hugo-winning blog nerds of a feather, flock together. They live in Bogotá, Colombia.


I’m @tuckerlieberman everywhere. 

Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook | Instagram | Goodreads 

Letters from Lima by Shaun Randall Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

A man struggling with depression and his divorce meets a woman desperate to find her mother’s treasured possessions and discovers a family secret that will take them both into the magic and mysticism of ancient Inkan culture and the culture of Peru in general in author Shaun Randall’s “Letters from Lima”.


The Synopsis

Collin Allweather, a hard-drinking expat and Lima local, struggles to cope with his divorce and depression, but everything changes when he meets another Chicago native. Carolyn Grant, an ambitious young executive, barges into his life while searching for her grandmother’s treasured possessions. Her journey reveals a dark family secret and unleashes a chain reaction that transforms their lives forever.

Their search to uncover the truth takes them through the awe-inspiring natural wonders and incredible anthropology of Per. Letters From Lima engages with the spirituality and mysticism of ancient Inkan culture and demonstrates how the harsh realities of life weave into a tapestry of transformation.

“I would wholeheartedly recommend this book to friends and family. There is something in it for everyone-romance, mystery, death, traveling, and immersion in new and exciting situations and places.” -Maya S.

“I love the sense of humor both Collin and Carolyn have. Several of their conversations had me giggling from the witty banter.” -Haley H.

“I would absolutely recommend this book. I thought it was a joy to read; it was incredibly emotionally poignant and moving, and it was full of lifelike characters who came alive at every turn. I couldn’t tear myself away from it. Letters From Lima has a strong sense of place, and it’s rooted in Inkan and Peruvian culture in a way that makes it unlike other literature of its type. I also think it could appeal to a wide range of audiences. While it is in some ways a romance, it’s also a story of discovery, loss, grief, and love. It’s not women’s fiction; it’s a standout piece of literary fiction that deserves a spotlight. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. I loved it!” -Quinn A.

Shaun Randall’s authorial voice in Letters From Lima is reminiscent of Marisha Pessl and her best-selling thriller Night Film. He shares an intricate grammatical kinship with Sue Grafton. In this work of literary fiction, Shaun’s expressive complexity and tonal quality harken to the award-winning Jodi Picoult and her #1 New York Times best-selling novel House Rules.

The Review

The author did an incredible job of layering this story with a rich culture and powerful imagery that really hit the reader early on. The setting of Peru was truly memorable, as the story found a natural way to explore the diverse culture and history of the land and its people through both a familial and a metaphysical lens. The emotional depth of this novel helps elevate the tone and atmosphere of the narrative, keeping the reader invested in the story overall.

To me, the heart of the novel rested on the shoulders of the two protagonists, Carolyn and Collin. The happenstance way they cross paths at such pivotal moments in their lives and the way they just instantly mesh with one another brought a heavy dose of romance and intrigue into the story and elevated the emotional journey that they go on as they deal with their respective backgrounds. 

The Verdict

Thoughtful, captivating, and engaging, author Shaun Randall’s “Letters to Lima” is a must-read metaphysical mystery and romance novel. The emotions and depth of culture and rich settings the story employs here will have readers hooked, and the connection between the two main characters helps drive this story forward in a way that draws the reader in further and further as it evolves. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Shaun Randall is originally from San Diego, California and spent time as an adolescent in Portland, Oregon; Colorado Springs, Colorado; and South Florida. Growing up in those settings, on the coasts and in the mountains, instilled a wonder and love for our natural world. In 2008, Shaun moved to Chicago, Illinois which has left an indelible mark on his life and work. In early March of 2020, Shaun took a vacation to Lima, Perú where the next chapter of his life began when he met his fiancé Eliet. They currently make their home together in Barranco, Perú.

Shaun Randall’s writing addresses the struggle to find inner peace and happiness amongst the trappings of modernity. Teaching and wisdom from ancient Latin American civilizations and eastern philosophies permeate his writing as he relates modern western experience with a dry sense of humor and zen master deadpan. Shaun uses an unorthodox approach to creating his phrases that challenge readers to think twice and sort through their emotions. To make sure they are deciding what to think and how to feel for themselves, in spite of the inundation of external influences on a minute-by-minute basis. Shaun Randall’s purpose is to help people enjoy their lives to the fullest by choosing their own path in lieu of the many offered by others, in this miraculously unreal thing we call reality.

Please visit www.shaun-randall.com to learn more about Shaun Randall.

For live appearances, podcast and television appearances, or more information email: info@shaun-randall.com


Love’s Call by Fern Brady Review/Preview

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

Two people from rival nations find themselves fighting against the growing attraction between them, but only one of them realizes they are fated to one another in author Fern Brady’s “Love’s Call”.


The Synopsis

Denipia Leron, a beautiful young painter and visionary from the country of Usmerim, has just won the coveted Innovation Awards in the Arts. During her trip to the award ceremony, she learns that President Nichamir Linput of the enemy nation of Sorusvia is a primary patron and has expressed special interest in her. Fearful of what this could mean for her burgeoning company and artistic career, she vows to be polite, but keep the would-be dictator as far from her as she can.

Nichamir is used to getting what he wants, both personally and politically. Having saved his nation from a Calvernsin invasion, he believes himself justified in how he rules Sorusvia. In spite of the propaganda against him, Nichamir works hard to bring prosperity to his people. Yet the powerful ruler finds himself unprepared for his first meeting with the strong-willed and wary Denipia.

But Nichamir is not what he seems. He is dragonborn, a secret he has carefully hidden his whole life. He knows Denipia is his fated mate from the first moment he catches her scent. For Denipia, the strength of the attraction she feels for a man she should deeply despise is disconcerting, yet undeniable. She wants Nichamir as she has never wanted any other man.

Can Denipia risk giving her heart to this powerful man? Will Nichamir be able to win her trust? Can Love’s Call help them overcome the many obstacles in their path and forge the bond they seem destined to fulfill?

The Review

This was a well-written and captivating sci-fi meets fantasy read. The author did an excellent job of drawing the reader in with a heavy atmosphere of will they, won’t they passion and did an incredible job of building upon the enemies-to-lovers romance trope that kept the political and action elements of the novel elevated.

The heart of the narrative however was in the world-building and the character growth that the two protagonists went through. The mythos surrounding dragons and the dragon-born were incredible to read through, as were the political and sci-fi elements of the setting and world the author created. The tensions that arose from the protagonist’s dividing factions and the heat that sparked between them were engaging and heated as the novel progressed, and helped give the intrigue and suspense more weight.

The Verdict

Thoughtful, passionate, and entertaining, author Fern Brady’s “Love’s Call” is a must-read sci-fi and fantasy romance novel of 2023 and a great way to begin the new year. The twists and turns in the two protagonist’s journey and the tension their opposing backgrounds bring to their possible romance will keep readers invested in the narrative until its climactic conclusion. If you haven’t yet, be sure to preorder your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Fern Brady is the founder and CEO of Inklings Publishing. She holds multiple Masters degrees and several certifications. She began her professional life as a foreign correspondent, and taught for 15 years in Alief ISD. She has published numerous short stories, two children’s picture books, and a couple of poems. Her debut novel, United Vidden, which is book one in her Thyrein’s Galactic Wall Series, was given a glowing review by Dr. Who Online, the official site of the fandom. Also available for purchase is volume one of her graphic novel/novella hybrid project, New Beginning. She has returned to the leadership of the Houston Writers Guild, with whom she served as CEO for four years previously. She co-hosts on the popular podcast Author Talk. Besides being active in WIVLA (Women in the Visual and Literary Arts), she is also a member of Blood Over Texas, Romance Writers of America, and American Booksellers Association. Fern lives in Houston TX with her parents and her talkative husky, Arya. Follow Fern’s writing at: www.fernbrady.com

The 20 Little Poems for 20 Little Gnomes by Raven Howell Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

Author Raven Howell invites young readers and parents alike to delight in the magic and wonder that is poetry in the book “The 20 Little Poems For 20 Little Gnomes”.


The Synopsis

Discover the magic in simple moments when a child peers in the mirror to unintentionally come upon his smile, where kittens nap in boots, fairy hugs feel good, mice delight in reading books, and January snowflakes taste yummy.

Twenty whimsical poems warm the heart and inspire cheer; a collection enticing both the young and seasoned reader to explore the enchantment of the wonderful world of poetry.

The Review

This was a light-hearted and delightful read. The author did an incredible job of finding just the right balance between fun, educational, and emotional writing that will resonate with young readers just learning poetry’s magical wonder. The short length of each poem and the almost airy quality of the poems themselves helped to create that atmosphere that allows a book to be read over and over again.

The warmth of the illustrations really lent itself to the heart of these poems. The author was able to showcase both fun and thoughtful poems on everything from food to a child’s reflection, to more complex things like the emotions of sadness and joy and how we can cope. The heart and compassion for which the author wrote these poems were felt on every page.

The Verdict

Thoughtful, memorable, and engaging, author Raven Howell’s “The 20 Little Poems for 20 Little Gnomes” is a must-read children’s book that meets the book of poetry. The lighthearted and whimsical nature of the poems and the warmth of the imagery blend together to create a reading experience parents and children alike will delight in sharing together. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Raven Howell writes stories and poetry for children. Having published several award-winning picture books, she enjoys sharing her love of literature by visiting classrooms and libraries. Raven is Creative & Publishing Advisor for Red Clover Reader, served as Poetry Director for Monster Magnificent, and writes The Book Bug column for Story Monsters Ink magazine. Her poems are found in children’s magazines such as Ladybug, Spider, Highlights for Children, Humpty Dumpty, and Hello Magazine. She’s an editor, and collaborating author for Reading is Fundamental SoCal.

When not writing, Raven enjoys sunshine and the beach, spending time with her family, hiking, laughing, reading, goofing around with artwork, and inventing new recipes.

You can find her on: 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/atpearthkeeper

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/atpearthkeeper/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RavenHowellAuthorandPoetPage/

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/pickward/_saved/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/raven-howell-5a813015b/

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@ravenhowell22

Purchase a copy of The 20 Little Poems for 20 Little Gnomes on Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, or Bookshop.org. You can also add this to your GoodReads reading list.

Blog Tour Calendar

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Whispering Through Water by Rebecca Wenrich Wheeler Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

A young woman hoping to strike out on her own and make her own future struggles with a powerful family matriarch and an equally powerful family secret that can either gain her the leverage she needs or divide her family further in author Rebecca Wenrich Wheeler’s “Whispering Through Water”.


The Synopsis

The coming-of-age story follows Gwyn Madison, the summer after her high school graduation, as she grapples with her fast-approaching future. She’ll have to face more than she bargained for with her Aunt Delia, the family matriarch, who holds the purse strings and the final word.  In the meantime, Gwyn stumbles upon a tightly held family secret. Could a mysterious letter provide Gwyn the leverage she desires? Will it only bring more family division? Or, maybe, the past was never meant to stay buried after all. Whispering Through Water navigates family dynamics, young love, and female autonomy with a little 1990s nostalgia.

The Review

This was a memorable and engaging coming-of-age story. The author did an incredible job of capturing the powerful themes of family secrets, seeking independence, and family dynamics as a whole. The imagery and atmosphere the author was able to layer into the story really brought the scenes in each chapter to life so vividly, especially the moments between Gwyn and her aunt, as her Aunt Delia became a powerful figure immediately within the context of the story.

The brilliant character development and intimate mystery within this family all helped bring this coming-of-age story to life on the page. The emotional depth of the relationships this family and cast of characters have established in this story was fantastic, and the way Delia’s past began to unravel slowly over time kept me as a reader invested in the narrative.

The Verdict

Breathtaking, entertaining, and memorable, author Rebecca Wenrich Wheeler’s “Whispering Through Water” is a must-read coming-of-age novel. The rich 90’s setting and emotional rollercoaster of a journey the cast of characters find themselves on help elevate this story to new heights, and showcase how time and time again, life proves to be a never-ending journey to educate and learn from our pasts to help preserve other people’s futures. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Rebecca Wenrich Wheeler was raised in West Point, a small town in the Tidewater region of Virginia. From the moment she submitted her first short story to a young author’s contest in second grade, Rebecca knew she wanted to be a writer. Her love of writing led her to earn a BA in English and an MEd in English education. She spent several years as a high school teacher, during which she also developed a passion for mental health advocacy. Rebecca completed an MA in professional counseling and now works in the school-based mental health field and as a college adjunct psychology instructor. Rebecca also teaches yoga for the young and the young at heart, and she likes to infuse yoga and breathwork in her counseling practice wherever she can. 

She believes the most valuable use of her time is teaching youth how to love and care for each other and the world around them. Her stories share her focus on positive relationships and a love of nature. Rebecca now lives in Durham, North Carolina, with her husband, two children, and two spoiled Siamese cats.

Whispering Through Water is her first YA novel and second book. Her picture book When Daddy Shows Me the Sky was released November 2021. You can follow Rebecca on Instagram @rebeccawwheeler_author and www.rebeccawwheeler.com.

Purchase a copy of Whispering Through Water on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Bookshop.org. You can also add this to your GoodReads reading list.


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Loukas and the Game of Chance by Anthony L. Manna Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

A flute player who finds good fortune from a dancing snake finds his greek overpowering him, and must trek on a journey to find his good fortune after losing everything in author Anthony L. Manna’s “Loukas and the Game of Chance”.


The Synopsis

While Loukas is playing his flute at the seawall one day, he befriends a mysterious talking, dancing snake that rewards him with fortune and favor. Some years later, tempted by greed and pride, Loukas loses all his riches and his family. He must now set off on a treacherous journey through a frightening forest filled with suspense and strange creatures to find Destiny, her son Ilion, the Sun, and her daughter Luna, the Moon. These celestial guardians will surely allow him to reverse his misfortune, restore his honor, and win back all that he loves and treasures, won’t they? A reimagined Greek folktale, Loukas and the Game of Chance is illuminated with dramatic and evocative pen and ink drawings that provide an ideal backdrop for the dark intrigue that fills this haunting story of human struggle, courage, and resilience. 

The Review

This was a profound and captivating reimagining of Greek folklore. The author does an amazing job of writing in a way that vividly paints an image of the story to life through engaging imagery and a fantastical atmosphere. The adventurous and hero’s journey elements of the narrative immediately jump off the page, and the mythical tone of the author’s writing brings readers into the magical frame of mind.

The beautiful story that the author tells early on between Loukas and the snake when combined with the themes of love, loss, and the power of kindness over greed made this a truly thrilling story to behold. The way the author is able to relate this story to young readers and still maintain the magic and wonder that has resonated with all readers throughout the time that other fables and folktales have done time and time again was amazing to see come to fruition.

The Verdict

Thought-provoking, entertaining, and mesmerizing, author Anthony L. Manna’s “Loukas and the Game of Chance” is a must-read folktale and children’s Greek and Roman Myth story. The wonder and atmosphere the author infuses into this narrative and the rich character development made this a short yet powerful read that young and older readers alike won’t be able to put down. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

ANTHONY L. MANNA, Ph.D., is a retired professor from the Department of Teaching, Learning and Curriculum Studies and the English Department at Kent State University, Kent, Ohio, where he taught Children’s Literature, Young Adult Literature, Writing, and Educational Drama and served as one of the co-directors of Kent State’s National Writing Project (sponsored by UC/Berkeley).

A New Jersey native, he received his doctorate from the University of Iowa, Master of Arts in Teaching degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University (high honors), and his B. A. from Seton Hall University (with honors). He has taught on nearly every grade level, from preschool to graduate school, and has held positions at the American College in Istanbul, Turkey, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, the University of Maine (Farmington), and the Center for Literature and Medicine (Hiram College/Northeast Ohio College of Medicine), where he received a fellowship to research the intersection of the arts and the practice of medicine and healing.

He is the recipient of Kent State University’s Distinguished Teaching Award, Kent State’s Student Choice Award, and the Arbuthnot Award from the International Reading Association for outstanding university teaching.

Manna is a former member of the executive board of the Children’s Literature Association, former Director of Publications for the Association, and former editor of various columns in the Children’s Literature Association Quarterly.

He is co-author of Children’s Literature for Health Awareness and co-editor of Many Faces, Many Voices: Multicultural Literary Experiences for Youth and Art and Story: The Role of Illustration in Multicultural Literature for Youth. He has published numerous articles, book reviews, and book chapters on literature, drama, and teaching both in the U.S.A. and abroad.

The children’s picture book he co-authored with Soula Mitakidou, Mr. Semolina-Semolinus: A Greek Folktale (Simon & Schuster, 1997; Aladdin Paperbacks, 2015) was selected a 1998 Notable Children’s Book of the Year by the American Library Association was listed among the one hundred best books of the year by the New York Public Library, and was the recipient of the 1997 Marion Vannett Ridgway Award for first-time authors and illustrators.

In 2002, he co-authored a collection of twenty stories titled Folktales from Greece: A Treasury of Delights (Greenwood Press World Folklore Series). His most recent picture book, The Orphan: A Cinderella Story from Greece (Schwartz & Wade/Random House 2011) was selected a Bank Street College of Education Best Book of 2012.

Navigating the Shock of Parenthood: Warty Truths and Modern Practicalities from a mom with Twins by Kathleen Cawley Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

Author Kathleen Cawley takes readers through the experience of parenthood as hundreds of parents share their insights, from finding a community as a parent to cleaning up after your kid and more, and also touches upon the historical sources of the most anxiety-inducing parenting imperatives people face to this day in the book “Navigating the Shock of Parenthood: Warty Truths and Modern Practicalities from a mom with Twins”.


The Synopsis

Navigating the Shock of Parenthood, pulls together insights from hundreds of experienced parents. It organizes expert advice, and reveals the social and historical sources of some of today’s most anxiety provoking parenting imperatives. It also helps with a range of nitty gritty parenting challenges. Such as, projectile pooping (Real!). Dolphin training for toddlers. (Useful!) Or, how do I find community? What do I do when I find myself channeling the parent I never wanted to emulate?

A little insight and perspective will help you steer a course through the strange new waters of parenthood. With these tools you’ll learn to guide your family boat in a direction of your choosing rather than being swept along by outside forces. Navigating the Shock of Parenthood will help you laugh, build your village, raise your kids with joy, make decisions with insight, and work for the world you want your children to inherit.

If you’re struggling with new parenthood, you will find endless books on breastfeeding or potty training. However, there is almost nothing on the emotional and psychological challenges we face when we transition from adulthood to parenthood. Why are the joys of parenthood so heavily mixed with fear and angst? Where did “concerted cultivation,” come from and do you really need to buy into it? What is “the race to nowhere,” and how is it driving parents and children to anxiety. What has happened to modern American kindergarten, and is it a good thing?

Frankly, most parenting books also leave out many of the really difficult day to day challenges that parents struggle with. How do you to talk with young children about death? How do you manage problem relatives when kids and partners are in the picture? How do you parent a child who seems so different from yourself? How do you negotiate new life roles with your partner when society is pushing you heavily toward old stereotypes.

The challenges of today’s parenthood are real, and the first years are often so hard. We all need some help. Navigating the Shock of Parenthood is loaded with warmth, help, and support for this epic new adventure in your life.

The Review

This was a captivating and engaging read. The author did an incredible job of finding the perfect balance between educational reading material and personal memoir-style storytelling. The honesty and inviting nature of these experiences and stories and how they impact parenting as a whole were thoughtfully presented, and the overwhelming feeling of understanding that went with the guidance these stories brought to life was great to read. 

The sheer volume of information the book brings to light was incredible to behold. The author expertly divides these lessons and experiences into various areas of expertise, from the growing pains that go along with becoming a parent to the historical influences on what is expected of parents in this day and age, and advanced parenting tips that explore some of the common issues that parents will face in the earliest years of their child’s life. The way author hones in on things like how fatherhood has changed in recent years and the importance of having others in your life to become a support system while also acknowledging the importance of finding your own feet as a parent and establishing your own idea of what family looks like to you made this book so valuable to dive into.

The Verdict

Informative, thoughtful, and enlightening, author Kathleen Cawley’s “Navigating the Shock of Parenthood: Warty Truths and Modern Practicalities from a mom with Twins” is a must-read nonfiction read on parenting. The author expertly tackles the misconceptions and experiences that many parents have undergone, and the relatability and honesty with which the author writes will have parents and readers alike glad they picked up this book. If you haven’t yet, grab your copy of this amazing book today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Kathleen Cawley is a physician assistant who practiced pediatric and adult medicine for 18 years. She is the mother of 12-year-old boy-girl twins, and the author of Navigating the Shock of Parenthood: Warty Truths and Modern Practicalities – from a mom with twins. She also writes parenting articles for the Auburn Journal and regularly posts on Medium.

Kathleen married late in life, and having children was a struggle. After surviving five years of fertility treatment, her husband’s battle with aggressive prostate cancer, a post miscarriage stroke, a high-risk twin pregnancy at age 45, and an emergency C-section that veered into dangerous territory, Kathleen and her husband found themselves rather exhausted by new parenthood!

Soon, however, Kathleen began researching the social and cultural changes of the last 200 years with a new perspective. She realized these changes have radically altered the lives of children, and the goals of childhood.

In addition, over her many years of caring for patients, Kathleen was given a glimpse into the painful and difficult parts of people’s private lives. They shared with her their joys and sorrows whether personal, professional, or financial. With these shared intimacies in her heart, Kathleen found herself unable to see families, parents, and parenting without recognizing the reality of the powerful forces buffeting a family’s life.

A few years ago, Kathleen and her family moved from the cool, crowded, chaos of the San Francisco Bay Area to the unrelenting heat of the Sacramento summer sun. Currently, a fulltime at-home-mom and a fulltime writer, Kathleen is working on books about the politics of parenthood, parenting in the elementary school years, the new shape of fatherhood, and other issues.