Where We Stand: Avina Vlogs

Hello citizens of Avina Vlogs!

This is your host, author Anthony Avina, and I am writing this post today because recently YouTube relaunched their Creator Hub and along with
that their benefits levels. In essence, this shows us where we as creators stand within the community thus far, and gives us goals for which we
want to achieve. In the past three years, I have gone from this incredibly shy, quiet human being with dreams of being a writer, to now this
moderately shy, somewhat more energetic human with his dreams of being a writer slowly coming together. In those three years we have grown as
a community, and now we sport about 575 subscribers, nearly to the big 600.

According to the new benefits program, we are nestled in the Graphite level, but are nearly to the next level, the Opal level, which we will get
upon hitting our first 1,000 subscribers. My main goals with this YouTube channel has always been to have a living memory of my life preserved
through video to remember, and to entertain and connect with my audience as I grew as an author. In these last three years I have far exceeded
what I expected to do with this channel, having nearly 600 subscribers and having made some great friends here in the community as well. Doing
this channel has given me the confidence to dream big and go for what I want, and I want to immerse myself in the world of YouTube even more.

This year I have started playing around with different video styles, from tags/challenges and podcasts to video reviews of all forms of entertainment
and even some short films and trailers. I also have always enjoyed life casting my daily life, but for now I’m going to be saving those videos
for special or naturally entertaining moments until I get to a place where I can make my daily life interesting. I want to expand my brand and my
outreach on YouTube, and in order to do that I want to cultivate videos you guys love to watch.

I would love to reach 1,000 subscribers in the next few months. You guys seem to love the video reviews and I would love to know more about what
you like to see on this channel. The biggest help you current Avina Vlogs family members could be is to share the videos you watch, leave some
comments or questions so we can get some awesome Q&A videos going, and then leave some suggestions for future videos. Maybe I can review or share
gaming news/theories/previews, or talk about my love and fan theories for Game of Thrones and other pop culture shows. Or maybe you guys would like
to see more serious subject videos, much in the same vein as one of my favorite YouTubers, Jaclyn Glenn. I have a great new video series idea I
briefly mentioned in my last vlog, where I want to make writing challenge videos, in which I post a challenge to you guys each week, (write a
poem, essay, short story, first chapter of a novel, etc), and not only would I share my work for the week or month or whatever we decide, but I
would pick a couple of you guys to shout out your channels or social media feeds, then read what you submitted. You can submit the actual work
in the comments or you can publish your work to Wattpad or your website/blog and send me the link to share.

I love YouTube and writing, and want to combine the two to build an incredible community here on the internet. I am becoming so passionate about
the channel, and I want to grow it into the community I know it can be. So I’m reaching out to you, my incredible friends and community, to help
me make that a reality. The first stop is the Opal level, but I know that together we can grow this channel into something truly amazing. I hope
you’ll join me in doing so. Thanks everyone, and I hope to hear from you guys in the comment section or on social media!

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The Netflix Theory: How Streaming and Premium Shows Have Changed How We View Television

Someone once said, “The times, they are a-changing…”, or something like that. I think this applies greatly to the world of entertainment, in
particular to how television is viewed. When cable television reigned supreme, we took on shows and appreciated them for what they were, even
if that meant poor writing, cheesy one-liners, and poor special effects. However, with the invention of premium and streaming services, shows
such as The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Daredevil and Jessica Jones have provided a new standard for groundbreaking television. With these shows,
have we as a society entered a new realm of entertainment?

I pondered this recently as I watched the premiere of a show on the newly dubbed ABC Freeform, called Shadowhunters. Based on the acclaimed book
series by author Cassandra Claire, after watching the show I found myself kind of taken aback. As a fan of both the book series and the film,
I had high hopes for the change to a television format, and yet I found the dialogue, the special effects and the many changes to the story too
difficult to enjoy the show. The changes to the story, several of the characters and the uneven pace of the story itself just made it
uncomfortable to watch. Then I began to think about the shows that are succeeding and have succeeded in recent years, and I asked myself, are
the high standards of these shows making it difficult to enjoy others?

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not blaming the actors on the problems with the show. I can give you an example of what I’m talking about. Everyone
knows Shailene Woodley from her incredible work in films such as The Descendants, Divergent and The Fault In Our Stars. However, she had a
massive role on the ABC Family original series, The Secret Life Of The American Teenager, and that show was another example of cheesy lines,
unbelievable plot developments and more. Everyone has seen what an amazing actress she is, but because of poor writing, the show and the actors
on the show suffered.

Writing defines great television, as does most entertainment projects. The expertly crafted works of Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Daredevil and
Jessica Jones have brought some amazing performances from the actors on these shows because of deep and invigorating writing teams that have
perfected the art of television. Not only that, but maybe what has made these shows breakout is the fact that they are less restricted in their

What I’ve noticed as a consumer of these shows is that when a show restricts itself in some way, whether it be time constraints, dialogue choices
or just how realistic and gritty the visuals are, (i.e. sexual scenes, blood, violence, etc.), the show tends to suffer in production and
character growth. One cable network that is leading the charge to compete with the streaming and premium channels is The CW, which has their shows
push the limits with smart writing, strong visuals and not as heavy restrictions, allowing their shows to prosper and grow, and lessening the
amount of cancellations the network suffers.

So the question remains: Has the rise of premium and streaming television changed how we consume and enjoy shows? It certainly has for this
writer, and I think it’s changed for the better. After years of seeing great television shows get the ax from big networks because of an old,
outdated way of viewing numbers, its great to see higher forms of art taking shape on streaming and premium networks. 2016 looks to expand
these amazing types of shows, and it’s no wonder big screen actors are now flocking to television shows for their next big roles. This is my
Netflix Theory!

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Top 10 Horror Movies to Watch on Halloween:

Hey there everyone! Halloween is fast approaching, and if you guys know me at all, you know Halloween is one of my favorite all time
holidays. I love all things scary, frightening and horror filled, and one of my favorite pastimes is to watch horror movies. On Halloween,
I pick a handful of movies to watch, grab some tasty snacks, and then settle in for a scary night. So in that spirit, I thought I’d share
my top 10 favorite movies to watch around Halloween time!

10) Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street: Before you say anything, I know this is not the scariest film in the world. Yet I love
watching this because I love music, I love musicals, Johnny Depp and Tim Burton together is awesome, and the serial killer/comedy vibe is
just so addicting to watch. From beautiful scenes like the “Pretty Women” song sung between Johnny Depp and Alan Rickman, to the rage fueled,
emotional performance of “Epiphany”, this is a true masterpiece of horror comedy and musicals, and one of my favorite films to watch around

9) Stay Alive: One of the best parts of the horror genre is watching truly cheesy, poorly acted horror movies and laughing and jumping at the
film. One such film for me is Stay Alive, a horror film based on the video game industry and the legend of Elizabeth Bathory. While I love
the video game aspect of the film and the twist on a true serial killer like Bathory, the acting, the script and the pace of the film are
odd, challenging and downright silly at times. What makes this great though are the creepy atmosphere, the terrifying jump scares and the
brilliant integration of the video game scenario. If you want a film to make fun of and enjoy a few jumps, then watch Stay Alive.

8) Silent Hill: One of the scariest video games got a truly scary film adaption, and that is Silent Hill. While some of the acting was
choppy and the backstory wasn’t gripping, the creature of the film and the scares were definitely creepy, and there were some good actors
in this film that brought out the scare factor. Definitely worth a watch this Halloween.

7) Rob Zombie’s Halloween: This film became an instant hit for me when it came out. I’m a longtime Rob Zombie fan, (shoutout to House of a
1000 Corpses and The Devils Rejects), and getting to see his take on the classic film franchise was something I was excited to see. Bringing
a realistic, brutal sense of murder to the classic serial killer, Mr. Zombie took Michael Myers, gave him a terrifying origin story and then
brought true terror to a group of teens who’s innocent holiday turned into a nightmare. Beware of the brutal violence and nudity guys for
those who are squeamish, but it is worth the watch I promise.

6) The Houses That October Built: A new edition to the Halloween slate, this film really did a great job of capturing my attention. The
found footage style of the film was always a big draw for me, but the setting of the underground horror maze scene was a great change of
pace, and the film did a great job of building up the suspense. The film follows a group of friends who are trying to find the scariest
underground horror maze, but as they go through the circuit of horror mazes, they begin to see that certain “dedicated” horror actors are
taking the mazes to a whole new level, leaving behind the maze and bringing the horror directly to the friends. The characters are creepy
as hell, and the scares are definitely legit, so be sure to check this film out this Halloween.

5) Insidious: One of my favorite new horror franchises began with the first, Insidious. Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrn were great in this
film, bringing a connective feel to the film, but the paranormal entity in the film is terrifying, and the jump scares definitely will have
your heart pumping. This is one of my must watch films for sure.

4) 28 Weeks Later: While I love the Walking Dead and the slow zombie trend, what truly scares me is the fast paced, running zombies of the
28 Weeks Later film. A sequel to the popular British horror film 28 Days Later, the film features powerful actors and set an emotional tone
to the series overall. The character development is great in this film, as are the heart-pounding action and scares that come out of nowhere.
This is one of my all time favorite zombie films, and is a must watch for me.

3) Paranormal Activity: I am one of the people who personally love the entire Paranormal Activity series, but the first is something truly
special. I remember the hype about the film beforehand, in which the trailers showed horror-stricken audiences screaming at the shocking
scenes of the film. The low-budget film packs a might punch, bringing a real fear of the killer ghost that can’t be seen or fought. It is
one of the best films to truly scare me, and I watch it every year.

2) Scream: The late Wes Craven created what is truly one of the best horror films to date. The twist on the horror genre in which previous
horror films serve as a handbook to survive a real killer was and still is the greatest inspiration for future horror films. The cast is
amazing, and the pop culture references sprinkled throughout the script make this one of the most delectable scary movies that one can watch
on Halloween night. So grab the popcorn, get your drinks, turn off the lights, and be ready to watch the legendary Ghostface come to life!

1) Halloween: The original John Carpenter film is still the best horror movie to watch on Halloween. The legendary Michael Myers remains an
enigma for much of the film, never going in depth on his backstory or the cause of his killer nature. With nothing but his heavy breathing
to warn you, audiences cringe in terror as the monstrous man stalks his victims, walking casually as if sure of his kill. He never hesitates,
never speaks, and never runs away. He is a force of nature, a force of evil, and the essence of the things that go bump in the night. Plus,
the title kind of makes it the obvious choice for the number 1 spot on this list.

There’s my list guys. These are my top films to watch on Halloween. I could watch horror movies all day long, so there are a plethora of
films that didn’t make this list that will be watched on the day of or up to the day of Halloween. Yet these 10 films are something special
to me, and I hope they are to you as well.

What is your favorite film to watch on Halloween?

A Chance Encounter: An Intriguing Experiment

It’s funny, isn’t it? The memories and experiences that fade with each year we get older can pop up in the most unexpected ways. I happened
to be out with my mom one afternoon recently, and we were talking about how long it’s been for each of us to go to one of our favorite spots
in Southern California, and that is one of the many gorgeous beaches we have here. I went to Newport Beach earlier in the year, but I’ve
always dreamed of venturing out to Santa Monica or Venice Beach, or maybe even Laguna Beach. As we talked about our hopes of getting there,
she suddenly remembered a fun day when I was just a few years old, and we went to the beach. Apparently, we had decided to go on a boat ride
to watch for dolphins and whales, and on that boat, I’d met a young girl whom I had befriended quickly. According to my mom, we were inseparable
for the rest of the day, and sadly parted ways, never to meet again.

I have no recollection of this day, but I was suddenly intrigued. I’ve always been a shy guy, but this encounter painted me as a talkative,
active young man with a natural charisma I didn’t think I possessed at that age. I was curious, so I went looking through some old photo albums,
and sure enough, I found the pictures of me and this young girl, (pictured above). Now, the memory still alludes me, but I thought to myself,
how intriguing, that after all these years, these pictures should surface at a time where I’m looking to bolster my confidence.

I began to think about the power that a chance encounter or a spontaneous moment can have on our lives. Hearing that I wasn’t always the
shy, soft-spoken young man I am today gave me a boost of inspiration that I’ve been looking for. Sometimes, the tiniest, most random moments
in time can have a huge impact on others. The world can seem like such a random, chaotic place a lot of the time, but other times, I can
see how we are more connected than we realize. I’m not sitting here saying that fate brought me and this girl together, nor am I saying
that it was our destiny to meet that day. I’m a semi spiritual man, but even my spiritual tendencies are based in science. What I’m talking
about here is the fact that the connections we make ourselves, not the ones destiny has forced upon us, are powerful themselves. We have the
power to impact others and ourselves.

Now, I also found myself curious to know what happened to this young girl. I have no name, only a picture of the two of us together. We were
both so young, but I find myself wondering, what happened to her? What is she doing now? Who is she, and more importantly, is she happy? I’m
not sitting here hoping for some big, Hollywood style romantic scene, where we reunite at that same beach, (I believe it was either Newport
or Laguna, I can’t remember), and have some huge, heart-pounding moment with the rain pouring down around us. No, this is just a curiosity
more than anything. She apparently was one of my first friends, albeit for merely 1 day. Even if I never meet her in person again or get
the chance to be her friend, I at least would love the opportunity to say hi, ask how she is, and thank her for her day of friendship. Like
I said, I’m not expecting anything, but if anyone knows or recognizes this little girl from an old photo, or has seen this photo and would
know who she grew up to be, feel free to let her know about this blog post, or even tag her on social media. I’m curious to see whatever happens
with this blog experiment, because as I said, the smallest moments in our lives can have lasting influences, and this little trip down memory
lane gave me the burst of energy and inspiration I needed to push forward with my career. To her, and to all of you who have left impressions
on me and those in your lives, I say thank you.

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