Love’s Historic Victory: A look into the legendary victory for LGBT marriage rights everywhere!

I wanted to talk about something that the entire United States is currently talking about. I’m talking about the historic moment when the

Supreme Court made it a law that the LGBT community had the same rights as straight couples to get married nationwide. Now, so that I’m
straight up honest with everyone, I myself am not a part of the LGBT community, so I cannot speak of any personal struggles I’ve suffered.
I’m also not a religious person at all, so I cannot speak as a religious person who opposes this decision. This post is strictly my thoughts
on the subject.

I couldn’t be happier for this ruling. While I haven’t struggled with this subject personally, I’ve always been a big supporter for equality
and the fight to have the LGBT community viewed as equals. The bottom line is this: we are all equal. No matter what your race, gender,
sexual orientation, etc, we are all human beings.

More than anything else, I relate to this ruling as a romantic. I believe in love, and it has always saddened me that we as a nation had
failed to bring equality to the forum of love. This ruling has given me hope that our country is not doomed as most people have implied over
the years. With hard work, real change is possible. The time of ignorance and hate needs to stop. The bottom line is that even if you do
have a religious reason not to support this law, think about this: how does it really affect you? You are not being asked to marry someone
of the same sex. You are not being forced to be a part of a gay wedding. This has not effect on you whatsoever. Let people live the lives
they want to live. Who we are attracted to and who we love is not a choice, it’s an internal feeling that we are born with.

So I don’t need to be gay to appreciate this incredible ruling. Equality between us all should never be this big of a fight. Love knows no
bounds. I’m a fan of true love, whether it’s between straight couples or LGBT couples. This week, love won!

P.S.: For you judgmental people out there who are saying on social media that you are going to move to Canada because of this decision,
gay marriage has been legal in Canada for the past decade. In fact, a lot of countries now support same sex marriage. You are the minority
now. Either learn to accept people for who they are and be nice, genuine people, or be ready for a lonely life. Just know that the rest of
the world that you are rejecting will be here, ready to welcome you into our lives with open arms if and when you are ready to stop judging
others. The more you know…


Father’s Day Ideas

Unless you are a little kid who can get away with making a makeshift tie or piece of artwork, finding gifts for your father can be difficult.
Notice how I said “can be difficult”? That’s because A) Not all father’s are difficult. If I ever become a dad my kid will have no shortage
of ideas for gifts. Also, B) I said “can be difficult” because there are some creative avenues to getting a gift for your dad. Here are a
few of my suggestions both as a writer and as a son for gifts on Father’s Day.

1) Poo-Pourri: This is for the father’s who play into the male stereotype of being obsessed with bodily functions. This spray is used to
eliminate bad smells from an especially foul bathroom trip. This is a gift for both the father and the rest of the household. It’s also a
great way to talk to your father about his bathroom habits. This gift could also be known as giving your dad a hint.

2) Custom Writing Featuring Your Dad: As your father always had a dream of playing professional baseball? Is he in touch with his emotions
and appreciative of poetry? Then writing your father a story or poem is the path for you. You can even make it more personal if you have a
working knowledge of Photoshop or any sort of photo editing software and put your father into the role your creating for him.

3) Personal video: Whether you’re an amateur with a smartphone or a professional videographer, a great way to show dad you love him this
Father’s Day is with a personal video. Whether that’s a slideshow of pictures with some heartwarming music, a sketch or music video, or
maybe it’s a compilation of your dad’s favorite viral videos all put together to make him laugh, a personal videos shows the effort you
put into his gift and the amount of care you have for him.

4) A Feast for a King: Sometimes the best way to a father’s heart is through his stomach. What better way to show dad you care than with a
collection of food that makes him happiest. Whether its home cooked meals or a day out at his favorite restaurant, sometimes a simple meal
can speak volumes.

There you have it. Buying gifts can be quite tricky. Yet if all these ideas fail on your father, then I suggest gift cards. If he’s going to
be stubborn, let him choose his own gift. To all the dads out there, Happy Father’s Day!

Who is Anthony Avina and Avina Vlogs?

Hello there, my name is Anthony Avina, and this is my personal blog. I used to use this blog for the magazine I write for as well, but I now have a separate account for that and will be using this blog as my own personal blog. In this blog, I will have a variety of posts, from videos, music, photos, and thoughts I enjoy, to my own personal photos and videos, to insight into my life, to my writing process and filming process, to whatever else catches my fancy. Before I begin, I thought I’d introduce the world to who I am.

My name is Anthony Avina. I am 24 years old, and was born and raised in Southern California. I lived in California until I was 13 years old, and then my family and I moved to North Carolina due to my dad getting another job. We spent 8 long years in NC, and although I have nothing against the state or the people within it, I am a California kind of guy, and NC just did not feel like home. In 2012, we moved back home, and have been living here since.

Here are a few facts about me, some obvious, some not. I am a big guy, both in height and weight. Although I’m losing weight for health reasons, I am not and will never be a super skinny guy, and I am proud to be a big guy, despite what some other people in the world may think about my size. I do not enjoy discussing politics or religion, because I think people should focus on the kind of person you are rather than what religion or political party you are associate with. I will just flat out say for this post that I am not religious. I am not an atheist either, but I do not believe in organized religion. I respect everyone’s right to believe whatever they want to believe, and I accept everyone for who they are. However, I do not care for anyone who hates, discriminates, or put down people who don’t believe what they do, so if you don’t care to associate with me because of that, I understand, and wish you well.

I am a huge fan of all forms of entertainment, from books, music, television, video games and movies and YouTube! I am not a huge fan of country music, reality tv, documentaries, but all other forms of entertainment I love. I don’t hate anyone who likes the things I dislike, I just personally don’t care for them. I am not a huge sports guy, but occasionally I’ll watch hockey or basketball. I am a huge horror/sci-fi/action genre fan of all forms of entertainment, and I confess that I am a big time hopeless romantic, and find myself drawn to love stories often.

I am a writer for an online publication, On Request Magazine. I write reviews, previews, and more for the magazine, covering music, television, movies, games, books, YouTube, conventions, concerts, and more! I’ve been writing for the magazine for over 5 years now, and I’ve loved every single moment of it.

I am a huge supporter for equal rights for all. I constantly bring attention to causes that I support, from the rights of anyone to love whomever they choose, to racial equality and gender equality. I also will probably speak about causes that I support, from raising awareness for mental health to other health related organizations.

The biggest part of me that I want to make known is that I am a writer. I’ve been publishing books online on Amazon Kindle for five years now, and I’ve recently begun publishing paperback books as well through Createspace. I write mainly novels, short stories, novellas, poetry and more in the horror/science fiction genre, intermixing my stories with romance and action often. I’m hoping to meet some people that will be interested in working together to delve into adapting my stories and scripts that I’ve written into videos online, as well as comic books and other forms of media.

I just wanted to introduce myself and showcase who I am as a person both personally and professionally. I will post often on here, and I hope you guys will come along with me as I post. I am also a YouTuber myself,, with a modest but growing audience right now. I will be posting my videos on this blog constantly, as well as photos and video from my social networking, and I might even put up excerpts, poetry, and more of my own personal writing. Thank you guys, and I look forward to speaking with you all. I hope you all have a great night, and I’ll see you in the next blog!

Anthony Avina


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