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Facing Fear: My Reaction to the U.S. Election 2016 Results

Fear. Shame. Anger.

These are just a few of the emotions I’ve been dealing with over the last few days.

Why? I’ve felt these emotions because beyond belief, Donald Trump has become the President-Elect of the United States.

This election wasn’t just about the first female President possibly becoming a reality. It wasn’t a Democrat versus Republican race either.
This race pitted a well qualified, empowered and intelligent human being against a bigoted, racist, homophobic, misogynistic, alleged
sexual predator and all around awful human being, and people gave into their fear and voted this awful person into the most powerful office
in our nation, and one of the most powerful positions on the world stage.

Let me clear a few things up. I respect everyone’s right to vote for who they want, and I do not hate Trump supporters. In fact, I pity them.
I know they came into this race out of a place of fear and distrust of government, and I am so sorry they have allowed that fear to blind them
to the hatred and violence this man has spewed throughout his life, not just his campaign. I also know that not all Trump supporters are
bigoted or hateful, and that is why I do not hate his supporters.

I also want to make a point about the voting process. While I wholeheartedly respect everyone’s right to choose and vote the way they want,
I do have a problem with the Electoral College. According to the results, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, meaning she got more votes
than Donald Trump did. However because our President is elected according to the results of the Electoral College, Trump somehow won. I find
the Electoral College to be an outdated system. How can a system created in the 18th century remain relevant for a nation that has grown in
population, and has evolved in terms of technology, diversity and more? It makes no sense, and it upsets me that our election system is
so flawed in this day and age. I also found out that if the millennial vote had been counted only, Hillary’s Electoral College count would have
made it a landslide victory, (all information can be verified through non-partisan sources). This both upsets me and gives me hope. Upsets
me because I feel as if the votes of my generation will be hindered by older generations for several years. However this also gives me
hope because it means that my generation is learning from our past mistakes and looking towards a future filled with acceptance, hope, and
a more progressive outlook on life.

Obviously, you guys can tell that I am a more progressive, liberal minded person. I have no problem with anyone who calls themselves a Republican,
as long as they do not demean, ridicule or put down anyone who doesn’t share their beliefs. This is an outlook I’ve shared on most
subjects in life. This election hurts me on so many levels, both as a liberal and as a human being. I could fill a book with the problems
I have with Donald Trump, but I cannot put it all in this blog post. This is just an outlet to express my frustration.

The bottom line is this: I do not acknowledge Donald Trump as my President. I know what a lot of people are saying, even liberal voices and
personalities whom I truly respect. Yes, legally he is the President, (unless by some miracle the Electoral College votes against him in
their December vote. I don’t expect it to happen, but it would be historic and awesome). However I cannot accept him as my President on a
personal level. I can’t do this because I am half Hispanic, and love my Hispanic culture. I am disabled. I have a mother and a sister whom
I love with all of my heart and soul. These things are a part of who I am, and they are also things that Donald Trump has attacked and
humiliated throughout his campaign.

He created a campaign of fear and hatred, and that cannot be ignored. He has attacked hard working immigrants, calling into question their
character and threatening to deport them. He has attacked people with disabilities, mocking their ailments at his rally’s. He’s incited
violence, and has even had the disabled thrown out of his events for daring to question or voice their opinions. Worst of all, he’s
made lewd, unspeakable comments towards women. He has no respect for women at all, and the horrible things he’s said on audio tape and the
things that he’s accused of doing to innocent women make him one of the most despicable human beings to run for this office, and it makes
him unfit to serve.

So while he may legally hold the title of President, I do not acknowledge him as my President personally. I can’t do that because to do so
would be a betrayal to my mother, to my sister, to my family, and to myself and my beliefs. He is a con artist who played on people’s fears
to get elected on a campaign of hatred, and he chose a running mate who’s loathing of the LGBT community has me fearful for the loss of
all the amazing progress we’ve made over the last several years. I will not hate either of these men or their families. I will not hate any
of their supporters. I do not  believe they are all hateful, racist, misogynistic, homophobic people. Yes, some of them are, as evidence
by the rise in violent crimes against minorities since the election. Yet not everyone is like this. For those of you who are taking to the
streets to peacefully protest this election, I applaud you. Stand up for your rights and never stop fighting for what’s right. However, we
must be careful not to cross the line into being a riot. We have to be better than that. Violence and hatred won’t solve anything. It will
only add to the problem. We have to be willing to stand up to hatred with peace, love, and hope. Let us stand together in peace, and show
“President” Trump and his upcoming administration that we won’t back down. We won’t accept his campaign of hate, and will use our words and
hearts to fight the good fight and stop discrimination and hatred in its tracks. Trump won’t beat me. I still believe that the future will
belong to the accepting, peace loving generation I belong to. I believe that the future will be brighter, and so I will endure the next
four years, not by accepting him, but by defying him and not giving into the same hatred he peddles to everyone else. This is my promise.
Will you join me?

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How to design a professional looking book cover


Is the cover really that important? YES. In a webpage or bookstore full of books that’s the one thing that will make your book stand out!

Common features to most covers:


1-If any characters are visible their faces are partial or hidden. You want to leave the character’s face to the imagination of the reader. As you can see above some characters are from behind or their faces are cut, but some are visible. I prefer hidden faces, it’s more intriguing 😉

2-The title and image have to be legible in a thumbnail size!

3-Do your research! Go to the library or a bookstore and look at your genre.What are the common features between bestselling books? For example YA books are colorful, and typically use many font types at once. They have many layers. Thrillers instead tend to be black, white and read, with minimal covers.

4- If you are working on a series, plan ahead and tie in all covers. There is nothing more infuriating than books in a series that don’t fit well together 😉


5-Think about the cover scene. It could be a scene from the book or a play on words, but it has to convey the mood of the book and not mislead your reader. Don’t put a half naked hunk on a horror, unless it’s a horror romance 😉

Some great covers of books I did not read and I have never heard of:


Why is this great? The tree-house tells me teen/kids, holding hands tells me romance/coming of age, the title is clearly legible, the illustration is pretty.


The black and white combined with the title suggests thriller/horror, the juxtaposition with Dorothy is funny and intriguing, the graphics are simple and catchy.

Here is what I did with my books:

The Italian village gives the setting, three boys and a girl on a tree (YA, tomboy), the scene seems funny and lighthearted but the black and white suggests a deeper tone. The yellow on the spine adds color and looks wonderful with the other books in the series.


In book 2 the darker color suggests maturation, the kiss and the moon hint at romance, but you can clearly tell our MC is still a kickass tomboy 😉

In book 3 the characters are older, and the graffiti on the wall suggests we are in Italy and, if you bother to check, “ti amo” means I love you. Did I mention the red? 😉

How long does it take to design a cover? The first one took me over a year because I had no idea what I was doing. But the other volumes in the series were a breeze because I already had a template 🙂

What programs did I use to design the cover? I used Adobe photoshop, which is really expensive, but I had available for work. Other (expensive) options are Adobe Illustrator, or Indesign. If you are broke you can use the free program available at Create Space or download the free, simplified version of Photoshop. Just make sure that your cover looks professional and awesome. If it does not, you might need to hire someone to help you! I know you’re likely broke (most writers tend to be) but you either give yourself the time to learn and make a mind blowing cover yourself or you need to invest cash in someone to do it for you.

Who am I to give you advice?

I was a little girl who was told she could not become a genetic engineer (not a “girl thing” ya know), and even less become a novelist in a country that was not her own.

Well, I am a genetic engineer, a researcher, a college professor, and a successful indie novelist, and I want to show you that if you want you can; I’m here to help ^_^


My books are available worldwide on Audible, Amazon, B&N, i-Tunes, Smashwords, and bookstores (ask to order them if they’re out!). Check them out and help me spread the word ^_^


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