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YouTube Goals:

Hey everyone. This is your friendly neighborhood author Anthony Avina here, and I wanted to write this more personal blog post regarding what it is exactly I envision for my YouTube channel. When I first began the channel, I was about 10X more shy than I am now. I did it to connect with an audience regarding my books and to get over my awkward shyness. However, the channel quickly grew into a place where I can share my daily life with you guys, and a place to not only record my memories, but to share my creative passions with you all. I daily vlog on the channel, so that is where the name Avina Vlogs came into play. However, I do so much more there. I do a weekly podcast called The Writers Corner, which has grown into a full blown audio podcast that is also on iTunes and Soundcloud. I also have weekly random videos such as challenges, tags, short films, or whatever else I fancy, to bring out the creative side and more outgoing side of my personality to share with you all. I’ve also recently added review videos to my channel, in which I will review movies, television, music, books, video games, conventions, products and so much more.

Now because my channel has grown so much more than I imagined, I have begin to see the channel as an equal partnership with my writing career. I want to be a full time author and writer, and in that same thought, I want to have a YouTube career. I want to share my daily life, travel around the world sharing my adventures with you guys, and I want to constantly entertain with my videos. I have already grown to nearly 520 subscribers, and would love to hit 1,000 in a few months. This thought got me thinking about the possibility of hitting some milestones here on YouTube, and so I made a list of things I could do for you guys once I hit these milestones. I want to give back to those who join my community and subscribe, so here are some incentives for joining the Avina Vlogs Family.

Things to Do When Reaching YouTube Milestones:


1,000: Give Away two Free Copies of a Paperback Book

5,000: Dye Hair/Get a different color streak in hair

10,000: Give Away 5 Free Copies of a Book

50,000: Give Away 4 Free Copies of a Book and Do a Challenge of Viewer Choice

100,000: Get First Tattoo

250,000: Live Meetup in Los Angeles

500,000: Live Show Broadcast, 4 Free Copies of a Book Giveaway and 2 $25 Amazon Gift cards Giveaway

750,000: Get Second Tattoo; Dye Hair; Announce Secret Project

1,000,000: Give Away 20 Copies of Books, Five $25 Amazon Gift Cards, Live Show, Announce Book Launch in LA, Collaborate with YouTubers,

Views on Video:

100: Shout-out to Four Subscribers with Best Comments

500: Twitter Follow Spree

1,000: Q&A Video to Comments in Video

10,000: Sneak Preview of Latest Story

50,000: Twitter Follow Spree

100,000: Collaboration with YouTuber

500,000: Send Out 10 Personalized, Signed Postcards to 10 Viewers

1,000,000: Give Away 20 Copies of eBook

Now don’t let this be the only reason you subscribe to my channel. I want you guys to be here not just for this, but because you genuinely care about the channel, are entertained by my videos, and want to continue on this journey with me. These are just some things I want to do for you guys for your support. Now on top of this, I want to add that these are all flexible, and can be changed based on your suggestions or can have things added onto the list based on your comments/suggestions as well.

Thanks for reading this guys. I hope you’ll help me grow this community into the amazing place I know it is. I am always striving to improve and make the channel as great as it can be. I hope you’ll stop by, give the channel a chance and subscribe while you are there. If you are a YouTuber who wants to collab at all, feel free to leave me a comment down below, and if you guys have any questions, comments or topics you want me to talk about in a Q&A video, leave them down below, on my YouTube channel or on any of my social media sites, and I’ll be happy to answer them. Use the hashtag #AvinaVlogs or #AskAvinaVlogs in your posts. Thanks guys, and I’ll see you on the channel. Long Days and Pleasant Nights My Friends!

Avina Vlogs





Here’s a preview of today’s vlog on my @youtube channel, courtesy of the new @camcorderapp on @itunes. It’ll be up at 10 am this morning. Make sure to tune in and subscribe! Have any questions or comments you want me to address? Leave comments either on the video on YouTube or here in the comments below. Use the hashtag #askavinavlogs and I’ll answer the questions in a special Q&A video. #youtube #youtuber #vlog #vhs #camcorder #qanda #itunes #vlogger #vlogging

It’s been a fun week of daily vlogging thus far. Have you guys checked them out yet? Click the link in the bio and subscribe to the @youtube channel to get a daily dose of Vlogs! Also I’d like to do a Q&A video soon but I need your questions, so leave your questions down below and use the hashtag #AskAvinaVlogs #YouTube #vlog #video (at Avina Vlogs: Link in Bio!)

Great #food tonight for #dinner! Had sautéed chicken, zucchini, sweet potato fries and cheddar bay biscuits! So #delicious! #AvinaVlogs #AskAvinaVlogs #pictures #foodpictures (at Avina Vlogs: Link in Bio!)

The #NightmareWars #series is here! My print #books came in the mail today. So excited!!!! #AuthorAnthonyAvina #author #writer #StrangePerceptions #StrangePerceptionsBook #novel #novels #horror #action #adventure #AvinaVlogs #AskAvinaVlogs (at Avina Vlogs: Link in Bio!)

New #artwork for my new #shortstory #StrangePerceptions Tell me what you think of the #art in the comments below and if you have questions about the #book tag me and leave the hashtag #StrangePerceptionsBook or #AskAvinaVlogs! #author #AvinaVlogs #writer #creative #horror #novella #followme #follow #WordSwagApp @wordswag (at Avina Vlogs: Link in Bio!)

It’s official everyone! My new #shortstory, #StrangePerceptions, is available for preorder now on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. It’s only $2.99, and I am going to be working on some free giveaways and contests for you guys in the weeks to come. It comes out April 14th, 2015! Look for a brand new #trailer both here and on my #YouTube channel. If you have questions/comments on the book or in general, you can use the hashtags #StrangePerceptionsBook and #AskAvinaVlogs, just be sure to tag me in your comment/post! Thanks guys, I know you’re going to really enjoy this scary story. #AvinaVlogs #author #writer #YouTuber #YouTubers #YouTube @youtube http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00VE9MBN0 (at Avina Vlogs: Link in Bio!)


My new #shortstory, #StrangePerceptions, is available for #preorder now! A full #trailer is #premiering tomorrow on my #AvinaVlogs #YouTube channel. Until then, enjoy this #teaser and if you have questions about the #book leave a comment below or tag me on any of my social media sites and leave the #StrangePerceptionsBook or #AskAvinaVlogs! I can’t wait for you guys to check out the full trailer. #subscribe to the channel for more info. #author #YouTuber #YouTubers #writer #novella #creative #horror #urbanlegends (at Avina Vlogs: Link in Bio!)