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Appreciation and Meaning Journal by Andrew Eltes Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

Author Andrew Eltes takes readers on an emotional and mental journey to find appreciation and meaning in their life in the book “Appreciation and Meaning Journal”.


The Synopsis

Is there something missing in your life? Are you seeking to live a more appreciative and meaningful life? In Appreciation and Meaning Journal, author Andrew Eltes guides you to feeling gratitude while focusing on what matters most every single day. Through a series of ten empowering questions, this journal is designed to help you: ? deliberately feel positive; ? focus on and feel gratitude for what is going well in your life; ? concentrate on how you can better yourself while growing and giving to others; ? be centered and prioritize what matters most each day while feeling the core reasons for these actions; and ? connect to the essence and enjoy the feeling of accomplishing a goal before it is physically completed. The Appreciation and Meaning Journal helps you ask yourself empowering questions, feel the benefit of empowering and meaningful answers, and have the best start to the day possible while also being centered and focused on what matters most that day. It should be a day that feels and looks how you want it to.

The Review

What a profoundly simple yet moving and impactful read. The author expertly brings readers into the message of this book right away, leaning into the self-help genre enough to educate readers while remaining personable and relatable enough to feel like the author is speaking to you and not “at” you. 10 Simple questions drive this message home, asking the reader to examine not what we don’t have in our lives but what we do have and the gratitude and content that brings us. 

What really makes this book unique however is the fact that it serves as both an educational tool for self-improvement and as a tool in general, with the majority of the book’s pages filled with journal entry pages for the reader to fill in themselves. With a memorable quote to draw the reader into each new day, the author encourages readers to practice the lessons they taught at the beginning of the book and utilizes these 10 questions each day to help the reader track and improve on their daily quest for meaning in their lives. It’s the kind of self-help book that so many others lack because it actually leaves room for readers to do the work after being encouraged by the author as the book draws onward. 

The Verdict

A fantastic, expertly crafted, and highly educational and thoughtful read, author Andrew Eltes’s “Appreciation and Meaning Journal” is a must-read and must-use tool for self-improvement in our daily lives. A soul-searching and thought-provoking read, the balance of reading and working the author puts into the structure and tone of the book is felt throughout its entirety. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Over the years I have learned coaching strategies and techniques from Professional Life coaches. I am a graduate from Robbins-Madanes training. A course taught by teachers including Tony Robbins, Cloe Madanes, Mark and Magali Peisha.