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Dear Arlo: Adventures in Dadding by Tom Kreffer Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own. 

Author Tom Kreffer returns with his unique brand of humorous and relatable anecdotes as he explores the first year of fatherhood in his latest book, “Dear Arlo”, the second book in his Adventures in Dadding series.


The Synopsis

It begins immediately.

There’s no transition period, no trial run, no supervised training, no e-learning module and no simulation that you can f**k up as many times as you need to until you get it right.

As soon as the midwife hands you your newborn baby, you are responsible for keeping it alive.

Picking up moments after Dear Dory ends, Dear Arlo: Adventures in Dadding continues the story of one dad and his journal as he strives to survive the first year of parenthood, blundering his way through bottle-sterilising, night feeds and some cataclysmic nappy changes – all while a pandemic sweeps across the planet.


The Review

This was a brilliant follow-up to the author’s first novel, Dear Dory. Where the first book followed the journey of pregnancy and expecting to become a father, Dear Arlo expertly navigates the real-life feelings and experiences that one encounters in their first year of fatherhood. The humor and wit in which the author infuses his personality into the real-life experiences of being a parent for the first time.

From the first moments of bliss you feel upon holding your child for the first time, to the anxiety of getting your child home for the first time, forgetful trips at the market, and even those moments away from home at work, missing your family dearly, the author finds a balance between his humorous writing style with realism that touches upon the emotional experience parenthood has. 

The challenges and anxiety-ridden feelings that come up during that first year, in particular, are captured exceptionally, and yet the magic and excitement and love that comes from seeing your child grow is infused naturally into the narrative, making this story shine so brightly.

The Verdict

A remarkable, engaging, and thoughtful nonfiction read on parenthood, author Tom Kreffer’s “Dear Arlo” is a must-read of 2021. The unique thing about this book is that the author doesn’t write it like a “how-to” guide on parenthood or give instruction on how you should be a father. Instead, the book comes to life as a memoir-style narrative that gives a more personal and emotional touch to the subject. Heartfelt in its delivery, be sure you grab your own copy of this fantastic book today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Tom Kreffer is the author of Dear Dory: Journal of a Soon-to-be First-time DadDear Arlo: Adventures in Dadding and the creator of the Adventures in Dadding Newsletter. He love Star Wars and Marvel movies and he has a degree in film and television that he strongly believes is worth less than a second-hand toothbrush.

He lives in Northampton, England with his family, whom he intends to exploit for many more story opportunities in the years to come.

Visit www.tomkreffer.com for updates on Tom, his books and his events