Splinter Cell: Blacklist Preview

Sam Fisher is back. The creative talents of Tom Clancy has brought a new chapter into the Sam Fisher tale. Terrorists have threatened the United States if the U.S. soldiers don’t leave their country, and the President has asked for Sam Fisher’s help. Working with a shadow group known as Third Echelon, Sam is given a blacklist of names of people whom he must seek out and eliminate in order to stop these terrorists. A third-person shooter, this game allows Sam to find creative ways of killing his targets, from scaling rock walls to even utilizing the Kinect to give out voice commands, like luring a foe away from his spot by shouting out “Hey You” into the Kinect. Now the leader of Third Echelon, you can use the voice commands to direct your team and resources at a group of enemies and complete different actions. The game will be out Spring 2013.


Disney’s Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two Preview

The Wii exclusive Epic Mickey is now a multiplatformer with the upcoming release of Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two by Disney. Bringing Mickey back to the Disney Wasteland, where the obscure Mickey Mouse is sent back into the cartoon world to help Oswald the Lucky Rabbit save the day. Using the magical powers of a paint brush, you explore this world of obscure Disney and Disneyland characters and worlds, giving these characters that have been forgotten or unused a new voice that helps bring them back to the modern world. For the firs time in the series, the sequel will bring Epic Mickey 2’s Mickey and Oswald to the Xbox 360, PS3, and all other platforms this November.

Forza Horizon Preview

One of the hottest racing titles to hit E3 2012, Forza Horizon showcases the well known authentic visual look of both the automobiles and the environments surrounding you as you race and drive through the game. An open road game, Horizon is a new expression for the creators, and is a spin-off of the title Forza Motorsport. In the demo, you are driving through Colorado, showcasing the stunning beauty of the roads and countryside as you explore and race down the highways. As day changes to night, you pull up the headlights and continue exploring the game, and each car has an authentic feel to them, from a Viper to an off-road vehicle that allows you to go off-road. Multiplayer will be included in Forza Horizon and will be available in October on the Xbox 360.

Defiance MMO Preview

Unlike any MMO before it, Defiance is a companion MMO game set to blend with the new SyFy show coming out this fall. A third-person shooter, the game will allow the actions taken in the game to affect the action within the television show. The buffer between the show and game is that they each take place in a different city within the world, taking the show to St. Louis and the game to San Francisco. Another great aspect is that actors within the game will also appear in the show, and vice versa. The earth has been teraformed, an aliens have invaded the planet. Choosing your character, you must join the fight on one side as an alien or human. Look for more info soon, and both the game and show will come out April 2013. 

DMC: Devil May Cry Preview

Dante the demon hunter is back. A reboot of the original series, Devil May Cry is a new adventure for everyone’s favorite demon slayer, Dante. A retelling of Dante’s origins and story, the new look makes Dante look edgier, and the third-person action is very fluid and fast paced. Set within the bowls of Limbo, Dante must fight his way through Limbo, a dystopic, mirror image of the real world as Dante knows it, in order to return to the real world. Dante holds a vast amount of weaponry, such as swords, guns, and a new power called the angel lift, which will allow Dante to swing and zip through the world around him quickly when fighting the demonic hordes. And of course, the puzzles will be back. Look for this game January 2013. 

Darksiders II Preview

Death has arrived; literally. After 2010’s hit game Darksiders, which followed the horseman War as he fought to uncover who set him up as the one who unleashed of the apocalypse, Darksiders II has arrived. Death goes on a journey to learn who imprisoned his brother, War, and why. A powerful third-person action/adventure platformer, Darksiders II is an true artistic approach to the end of times, following the top horseman as he searches for answers to what has exactly happened. In the demo, Death goes in search of a being who has all the answers to every question, when he is confronted by a sight he never expected, War. Thought to be imprisoned, Death must fight his brother in a bloody battle that pits the heroes of both games against one another. Another great addition for fans is the ability to have Death’s horse available from the start of the game. Darksiders II will be available on August 14th on every console and PC.