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Author Anthony Avina is the fusion of intense and visual-inducing horror, optimism and hopeful enthusiasm. As an indie author who has spent the last seven years creating unique and original horror stories that highlight the fact that both good and evil can reside in anyone or anything, the creative horror writer hopes to craft entertaining tales that take the reader into unimaginable worlds.

With three successful series and a string of popular stand-alone novels and novellas, author Anthony Avina is a must watch indie author that is always working on the next great story to share with the world. Anthony Avina’s latest novel, “I Was An Evil Teenager: Remastered,” is the collective work of the Evil Teenager novella series. Featuring the novellas “I Was A Teenage Killer”, “I Was a Teenage Zombie” and “I Was A Teenage Demon”, the story follows the exploits of Lisa Etron, an innocent looking teenage girl that everyone in her small hometown loves.

Yet a sinister presence resides behind the mask that is Lisa Etron, and the terror she brings will affect the lives of those closest to her in dark and terrible ways. This is the story of the evolution of evil and whether or not true evil can ever truly die. It’s also the story of hope and overcoming that evil with the love and support of family and friends, and how that hope can bring out the strength people never know they truly have. Good versus Evil come to life in this series in new and terrifying ways, and only by reading this completely remastered version of the stories can you find out what makes Lisa Etron a truly evil teenager…

Excerpt from the Novel “I Was An Evil Teenager: Remastered”






Prelude: An Innocent Smile


Kristina Langley drove down the dark and deserted highway, wondering if she was ever going to make it out of this storm. The lightning was coming down every two minutes, and the rain was coming down as if God was pouring buckets of water out of heaven himself (or herself, she mused to herself). She wanted to get home quickly, before Bill decided to have a few more drinks and then rough up her daughter, Kara. “All I have to do is get through this one last night, then I can get Kara out of this hell-hole and we can move up to New York with my mother,” Kristina, known as Kris to her family and friends, said to herself. The rain began to fall harder, and in an attempt to drown out the rain, she turned on the local alternative rock station. Suddenly, a song she instantly recognized came blasting out of the stereo.

Kris began to pop her head up and down in step with the music, when suddenly she saw a figure up ahead in the distance. A hitchhiker? Wondered Kris.

At first, she did not slow down. Not only were her thoughts clouded with her daughters safety, but memories of the horror stories she’d been told about murderous strangers on highways. However, she thought about this horrendous weather and finally decided to pull over. She stopped right next to the person outside, pulling onto the shoulder of the highway. From where Kristina was sitting, she could see it was a woman out there, and that she was wearing a hooded parka. At first, the woman did not attempt to come inside the car. Kristina reached over across the seats and opened the door for the stranger.

“Hey there,” she said to the woman in the parka. “It’s pouring out there. Do you need a ride into town?” The woman nodded her head slowly and finally climbed into the trucks cab. Kris turned forward again and started to drive once the stranger closed the door.

After about five minutes of silence, Kris decided to break the unsettling noiselessness. “So, where are you heading at this time of night?” she asked. The stranger made no reply. “It’s a hell of a storm out there, isn’t it?” asked Kris. The stranger turned her head towards Kris and nodded her head. “Well I’m heading as far as Sunrise Ridge, so if you’re further ahead or before that just let me…” she began to say, when suddenly she saw out of the corner of her eye the knife the stranger had pulled out of her coat.

“Listen, all I have is ten bucks. I didn’t bring any credit cards on my trip, and I don’t have a cell phone, so there’s no point in robbing me. You can have the ten bucks if you want. It’s yours. Just, please, don’t hurt me, I’m begging you,” she said. The woman in the parka turned towards her, and suddenly Kris could see the woman had dark, glowing red eyes.

Kris slowed the car and looked at the strange woman with fearful eyes, and saw that the woman smiled. The rest of her face was hidden in shadows, but Kris could clearly see that horrible grin and those piercing eyes.

Abruptly, the woman brought the knife down upon Kristina, driving the blade deep into her neck. Instinctively, Kris slammed her foot down on the pedal and shot the car forward. Blood spout out onto the dashboard of the truck, and Kris lost control of the wheel. All she could feel was a hot, flowing pain on her neck, and all she could see was the cabin of the truck, spinning out of control. Suddenly the truck struck a tree dead on, going on 45 miles per hour the police would later say. Kristina lay with her head on the dashboard, gasping for air, when suddenly the knife pierced her one final time in the back, severing her spinal cord. She died right there in the car, her final thoughts of her daughter Kara, and the horrors she would experience without her mother there to protect her. As the light faded from her eyes, the mystery woman leaned toward Kris and sniffed her, as if she were a predator getting a scent for it’s already dead prey.

The woman wiped the blood on the knife off on Kristina’s shirt, and said, “I hate when they beg.”

One teenage girl brings chaos and destruction to the world in Author Anthony Avina’s Novel, “I Was An Evil Teenager: Remastered”!

The novel focuses on Lisa Etron, the series antagonist who hides her evil behind the human façade of a normal teenage girl. Behind her eyes hides the repulsive evil that looks upon people with an indifference that any serial killer would recognize. It also tells the tale of Dave Trent, the innocent young man who makes the mistake of falling in love with Lisa, and spends the trilogy wrestling with the madness she has inflicted on him. There’s also Jack, a seasoned detective who starts the series on a mission of vengeance, but in the process finds the family he never knew he wanted and will stop at nothing to protect them from the evil that is Lisa Etron.


Author Anthony Avina has released a brand new novel that challenges the perception of what evil “looks” like in our society, and how appearances can be deceiving. It also explores the emotion and human nature that most people don’t consider when watching a horror movie or reading a horror book, and how themes of hope and love often align within the horror genre. Available for preorder now and releasing October 20th, 2017, this novel is the perfect read for horror fans, readers who love terrifying and iconic killers and heartfelt human connections, and readers who are interested in exploring the struggle people often face in the wake of tragedy and the hope that comes with facing struggles and challenges with the ones we love, not alone.

The idea came to Anthony Avina one day when he was reading up on the creation of iconic characters like Norman Bates in Psycho or Leatherface in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Based on the grim killings of Ed Gein, these stories fascinated him, but also showed him that there is a typical character type for serial killers, and he wanted to challenge that stereotype and show that looks can be deceiving.


I Was An Evil Teenager: Remastered is the culmination of some of Author Anthony Avina’s most creative ideas coming to life on the pages of his earliest works. Exploring the depths of human darkness and corruption and the people willing to use hope and goodness to battle that evil, this story is really the foundation for which author Anthony Avina’s later works were built. When the reader gets to the end of the novel, they will be on the edge of their seat, feeling a whirlwind of emotions as this story of evil, love and hope all comes together in the final battle of this action-packed and emotional series.


Author Anthony Avina has been an indie author for the past seven years, and is quickly approaching his eighth year. An avid fan of the horror, science fiction and romance genres and hungry to showcase the true nature of society, Mr. Avina has always written tales that not only entertain and scare, but also bring out true and heartfelt emotion. His characters are truly unique and showcase that no one is ever what they seem, whether they be good or bad, and you can never assume anything, because sometimes evil wears a beautiful and trustworthy face. Anthony Avina lives in Southern California at the age of 27, and works as an indie author, journalist, and internet personality. You can learn more about the author on both his YouTube channel and his Official Site! Pick up your copy of I Was An Evil Teenager: Remastered today!



Reviews of Author Anthony Avina!


I managed to devour all the 85 pages in just one sitting and enjoyed every minute of it. Anthony Avina skillfully blends elements of horror, suspense and mystery while keeping the story running at a fast pace as the unfolding situation slowly materializes – it’s taunt, well-written race against the clock thriller that is impossible to put down.

Catherine Putsche on “Strange Perceptions”


Anthony Avina’s take on this classic urban tale is both enjoyable and interesting to the reader. Once I started reading I was quickly drawn into the story and I ultimately couldn’t stop reading until the end.

M.P. Thomson on “Strange Perceptions”


I really liked this book. I enjoyed the way it made a childhood terror be reality for adults, as well. I already own several of his books, and have put the rest on my wish list. I’m looking forward to those as well!

Brenda Seaberg on “Bedtime”


Lots of exciting scenarios, with several twists/turns & a great set of unique characters to keep track of. This could also make another great horror movie, animated cartoon, or mini TV series. It will keep you on the edge.

Tony Parsons on “Bedtime”




Q&A With Author Anthony Avina


Q: How do you deal with writer’s block?

A: I take a step back, and immerse myself in another activity, and usually while I’m engaged in something a new thought or idea will pop in my head and will allow me to continue on with the story.


Q: What’s the best thing about being a writer?

A: Getting to create whole new worlds with intricate stories and complex characters that allow you to get all of your thoughts and imagery down onto paper, (or computer screens).


Q: What’s your advice for aspiring writers?

A: My advice for aspiring writers would be to find the one thing that motivates you, whether it be a place, a person, or a thing, and let it drive you as you find the right story to dive into. Think about not only who your characters are but what drives them, what motivates them to do what they do in your story. Most important of all though, don’t write a story just to write it. Make sure it’s something your passionate about that really drives you creatively and spiritually. Your book will reflect whether or not you were passionate about the story, and the more in tune with the tale you are, the more likely you are to produce a high quality novel, short story, poem, etc.


Q: What are you currently working on?

A: I’m working on a suspense/thriller about a serial killer and the investigation into the murders. It will explore the viewpoints of the killer, the victim, and the investigator.


Q: How do you get inspired to write?

A: Once I have a story in mind, I have a system for which I write. I usually grab either coffee, tea or water with a healthy snack like a granola bar, maybe a bag of mixed nuts or if you want to treat yourself a candy bar, preferably chocolate. After I grab that, I set my computer up, and I grab my iPhone and pull up my Spotify app, where I’ve made a specific playlist of music. With the music playing and my snacks within reach, I close my mind off to everything else around me, and I begin writing, taking the occasional break here and there until I’ve written what I wanted to write in a day. The key is not to overdo it, and write only while you are inspired to. Never force yourself to write if you aren’t feeling it.


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