How Depression Affects Relationships and What to Do About It

How you deal with your depression may very well decide whether your relationship will end before the depression does. One study showed how major depression leads to negative life events such as divorce. Not only that, but your spouse may become depressed, too, as they struggle to manage things you aren’t able to do because […]

How I Cope With Depression & Anxiety

Hello there everyone! You guys have read a lot of different posts from me. I mostly post book reviews, author interviews and personal writing blog posts about my own work as an author. That’s what you’ve come to know about me over the years, but one thing you may have noticed as well is that […]

What Is Depression? (Guest Post with BetterHelp)

Hello there everyone. This is Anthony Avina. I am honored to be working with BetterHelp on this guest post regarding depression. I am a huge advocate for mental health awareness, and I hope this will be the first of many guest posts working with this amazing company to bring awareness to these very serious topics […]

Unfurling: A Tale of Friendship, Love, Mystery & Mayhem by Tia Ray Dhar Review

A medical graduate settling into her life working in residency and feeling the lack of a zest for life finds her world rocked when a new friend is found murdered. With suspicion falling on her as they attended a conference together, she must find a way to discover what happened to her friend and clear her name in the process in author Tia Ray Dhar’s “Unfurling: A Tale of Friendship, Love, Mystery & Mayhem”. 

Interview with Author L.M. French

1) Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you get into writing? I was always that kid with her nose in a book. Books were, in a lot of ways, my safe place. I saw my first computer in a library. I have fallen asleep in libraries. Now, I don’t advocate that as […]

The Seeds of Love (Sunflower Kisses Book 1) by Tyler B. Wittkofsky Review

A young man fresh out of college and ready for a new job finds his world turned upside down when he meets a college soccer player. As she challenges him and changes his path in life, together they push ahead on a new journey in author Tyler B. Wittkofsky’s “The Seeds of Love”, the first in the SUNFLOWER KISSES series.


I am so proud to share with you all this amazing excerpt and article from author Barry Shore, from his upcoming book THE JOY OF LIVING: HOW TO SLAY STRESS AND BE HAPPY. I will be reviewing this book tomorrow, but in anticipating for the May 11th release date I wanted to share this excerpt. […]

But First, Rumi by Chitra Ramaswami Review & Guest Post

A woman searching for answers after a shocking medical diagnosis meets a stray cat in need of help find one another and helps the woman find answers she didn’t even realize she was seeking in author Chitra Ramaswami’s “But First, Rumi”. 

Sand and Steel: A Memoir of Longing and Finding Home by Dorit Sasson Review

A woman becomes disillusioned with the country she became a soldier for and must find a spiritual home after convincing her husband to take their family to the United States in author Dorit Sasson’s “Sand and Steel: A Memoir of Longing and Finding Home”.