How Depression Affects Relationships and What to Do About It

How you deal with your depression may very well decide whether your relationship will end before the depression does. One study showed how major depression leads to negative life events such as divorce. Not only that, but your spouse may become depressed, too, as they struggle to manage things you aren’t able to do because […]

How I Cope With Depression & Anxiety

Hello there everyone! You guys have read a lot of different posts from me. I mostly post book reviews, author interviews and personal writing blog posts about my own work as an author. That’s what you’ve come to know about me over the years, but one thing you may have noticed as well is that […]

What Is Depression? (Guest Post with BetterHelp)

Hello there everyone. This is Anthony Avina. I am honored to be working with BetterHelp on this guest post regarding depression. I am a huge advocate for mental health awareness, and I hope this will be the first of many guest posts working with this amazing company to bring awareness to these very serious topics […]

Shine Baby Shine, 7 Steps to Energetic Self-Empowerment by Antoniella Del Vecchio Review

Author Antoniella Del Vecchio shares an easy-to-follow yet comprehensive guide on how to improve yourself and gain a better understanding of what is happening around them emotionally in the book “Shine Baby Shine, 7 Steps to Energetic Self-Empowerment”. 

Letters from Lima by Shaun Randall Review

A man struggling with depression and his divorce meets a woman desperate to find her mother’s treasured possessions and discovers a family secret that will take them both into the magic and mysticism of ancient Inkan culture and the culture of Peru in general in author Shaun Randall’s “Letters from Lima”.

Interview with Author Steve Saroff 

1) Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you get into writing? I have severe dyslexia and did not do well in school. Then mother died when I was ten, and my father was mostly absent. I first started running away when I was 14. This was on the east coast, near D.C. […]

A Cry in the Moon’s Light: Special Edition by Alan McGill Review and Showcase

It’s not often that I get the rare opportunity to reexamine a special book I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing before, but my friend and fellow author Alan McGill have just released a brand new special edition of his book, A Cry in the Moon’s Light, and I thought I’d share some of my thoughts on the new edition. First, here’s a synopsis.

Full: Overcoming Our Eating Disorders to Fully Live by Melissa L. Kelley and Alayna Burke Review

Authors Alayna Burke and Mellisa L. Kelley share a personal story of anxiety, eating disorders, and the path they took to overcome the odds and find joy in their lives in the book “Full: Overcoming Our Eating Disorders to Fully Live”. 

A Child Alone with Strangers by Philip Fracassi Review

A young boy taken and held prisoner in a remote farmhouse connects with a powerful force in the woods to wreak havoc on his captors, not realizing the true motivations this force has for connecting with the boy in author Philip Fracassi’s “A Child Alone with Strangers”.