Malique Defeats The Bully by John Conde Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own. 

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A young boy must face his bully in the book “Malique Defeats the Bully” by  John Conde.


The Synopsis

Malique is back and this time the classroom bully makes him a target. Will Malique be the victor in this war of words?

Malique loves learning about the solar system in science class with all of his diverse classmates…that is except for Big Lee. When this bully tries to put Malique down and makes fun of him, he learns what truly determines the value of a person. This bully has no chance against a kind, courageous, and self-confident Malique.

This second title in the Malique picture book series, following Malique Returns to School, shares a social-emotional learning story that celebrates kindness, self-worth, and courage.

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The Review

The author did an incredible job of crafting a unique narrative that was relatable and inspiring. The warmth of the artwork allows the reader to get lost in the fictional world of the author’s making, and the inspirational tone that the author portrays in this narrative really allows the reader to feel connected to these characters.

To me, the themes of standing up to bullies and the unique diversity of the cast of characters in this book were fantastic and the core of this book. The way the author teaches kids to stand up for themselves and others, and the way the author was able to incorporate characters from all walks of life, including a Ukraine refugee, allows the reader to get a sense of the world around them and the way to celebrate our differences to find our common ground with one another.

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The Verdict

Memorable, heartfelt, and engaging, author John Conde’s “Malique Defeats the Bully” is a must-read children’s book. The straightforward yet imaginative and creative story of standing up to bullies and the rich character dynamics made this a compelling children’s book for both children and parents alike.If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

John Conde lives with his wife and two sons in Georgia, where he enjoys traveling, playing the guitar, cooking, and participating in Boy Scouts activities with his children. He was inspired to write “Malique Defeats the Bully” by interacting with his colleagues and the youth in the community. John uses engaging storytelling to demonstrate the importance of setting goals, regulating emotions, and changing behavior.

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