The Diomedeia: Diomedes, the People of the Sea, and the Fall of the Hittite Empire by Gregory Michael Nixon Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.


The story of legendary hero Diomedes grows in this never before told story from author Gregory Michael Nixon, “The Diomedeia”. 

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The Synopsis

A historically-based novel with authentic, legendary, & fictional characters interacting across the extraordinary panorama of the Bronze Age Collapse in the Hittite Empire between the Aegean and eastern Mediterranean seas. Diomedes, previously a hero of the Trojan War, and the polyglot Peoples of the Sea raid inland into the Hittite Empire during its final months. It is both a study of ancient mythic consciousness and an exciting adventure of love, character, destruction, desperate survival, and the lived mystery of pagan rituals. It was a time of such chaos, royalty was overthrown, palaces and temples were burnt, and the power of the gods was thrown into doubt, yet the ancient Great Goddess, who had been suppressed, began to regain her former dominance.

Diomedes, though prominent in Homer’s Iliad — a warrior the equal of Hektor or Achilleus, a thinker as cunning as Odysseus and as wise as Nestor, and the only man who dared wound gods — has seldom, if ever, been the chief protagonist in literature. He is given his due within. His own wandering adventures and suffering after the destruction of Ilios are traced as far north as Kolkhis (Colchis) in the Black Sea, through involvement with the last Hittite royal family in Anatolia, and as far south as Alasiya (Cyprus) in the Mediterranean. He ascends the heights of glory but also must descend into the dark Underworld in the attempt to save the one he loves.


The Review

This was a compelling, gripping ancient historical fiction read. As a longtime enthusiast in regards to Ancient Greek mythology and history, it was so fascinating to see the unique balance the author found between the educational, historical facts and mannerisms from the people of that era, with the exploration of mythology and the impact that belief system had on the people and their culture back in that era, including the reintroduction of the Triple Goddess and her role in people’s lives.

To me, the grand scale of the adventure and the depth of character that was found in Diomedes as a character was so powerful to read. The way the author was able to create a modern-day Iliad while still finding the tone and heart of what made Homer’s work so profound in that era was amazing, as was the complex mindset and actions of Diomedes as a whole. The attention to detail on the actions and culture of that historical period allowed the reader to feel pleasantly lost in that time, crafting a narrative that felt real and engaging.

The Verdict

Legendary, captivating, and entertaining, author Gregory Michael Nixon’s “The Diomedeia” is a must-read historical fiction read. The twists and turns in the narrative, the grand scale of the journey of Diomedes as a whole, and the thought-provoking story will stay with readers long after the final page has turned. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

I have been writing all my life, beginning in our small town in Saskatchewan. Most my adult life was spent as university professor, so my publishing to this point had all been academic (but still accomplished). As an avocation, in my off hours I studied the Mycenaean era of Ancient Greece, as well as theories of myth & ritual and the mythic mind. Once I retired, I returned to a novelistic venture I had been dreaming of since reading Homer’s Iliad at 15 years old: bringing to life the further adventures of the hero, Diomedes. When at last I dedicated myself to novel writing two years ago, my dream was reinvigorated. However, my characters insisted on entering the Hittite Empire, probably because its capital, Hattusa, came down in flames only a few years after Troy (Ilios). I followed their wishes and brought Hittite royalty into my tale, including Suppiluliuma II, the last of the Great Kings. I immersed myself in Hittite studies, and finally this unusual book emerged — an historical fiction with a strong portrayal of mythic consciousness at the time of the Bronze Age collapse..

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