Guarding Innocence (Verdicts & Vindication Book 4) by James Rosenberg Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own. 


A man must work with his law school friends to help defend him and his younger siblings as Child Welfare threatens to remove the children from his care in author James Rosenberg’s “Guarding Innocence”, the fourth book in the Verdicts & Vindication series.

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The Synopsis

Passionate Family Drama. Intense Courtroom Dynamics

Cam Crewell can barely keep his head above water in his first year of law school. His struggles intensify when his younger brother and sister are suddenly left with no place to live. Without other options, they move in with Cam and his five eclectic roommates into their overcrowded and barely code-compliant house.

Although the new home offers a sense of belonging and support, their world is thrown into turmoil when Child Welfare discovers the kids are living without a true legal guardian. Cam must figure out how to defend their lifestyle and protect his family against an overzealous attempt to relocate his brother and sister.

Cam’s law school friends represent and defend him in an intense courtroom battle that will determine the fate of his family. In this heart pounding legal battle, Cam must convince the court that he can provide the most stable living environment for his siblings.

Combining an exploration of family dynamics like found in Defending Jacob, with a breakdown of legal and ethical dilemmas faced by individuals responsible for protecting children similar to The Children Act, Guarding Innocence is a captivating and fast-paced thriller.

Justifying how to raise your kids is almost impossible when you’re on the witness stand.

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The Review

This was a gripping and tense legal thriller. The author did a remarkable job of diving head first into a detailed, law-driven narrative, allowing the reader to find themselves lost in the family dynamics of this brother and his younger siblings, with the camaraderie of the law school friends coming together to fight for their friend and his family, and the harsh realities of the law and family dynamics. The expertise and knowledge the author pours into the narrative make the story feel alive and vibrant on the page.

To me, the heart of the narrative was in the character growth and emotional impact of the narrative overall. Not all aspects of the law come with such an emotionally invested story, and the fight to keep a family together despite unusual living situations is something many families have had to fight and live through. The dynamics between Cam and his siblings and the closer they got in the face of these tragic circumstances made this story feel so important and heartfelt in the overall development of this narrative.

The Verdict

Thoughtful, passionate, and engaging, author James Rosenberg’s “Guarding Innocence” is a must-read legal thriller meets family and sibling fiction narrative. The twists and turns in the case along the way, and the attention to detail regarding the law in this book made the emotional moments between the siblings feel all that much more heartfelt. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

James Rosenberg is a 3rd generation trial attorney with plenty of stories to tell. Inspired not only by the courtroom stories his father and grandfather used to tell him when he was a child, but also by the wild adventures he’s encountered through his own experience as a lawyer. James is fascinated by the intricate, interpersonal dynamics of every trial he’s endured. Whether it’s the raw emotion on display in court, the tension in the air that builds until someone wins, or the impact that a case’s decision has on the parties involved, James is always paying attention and keeping tabs on what’s happening.

In his debut novel, Legal Reserves, James flexes his creative muscle outside of the courtroom to share his stories, with a fictional twist, through the eyes of archetypes he knows well. He continues weaving stories of the tribulations of litigation with larger issues of friendship and ambition in his latest novels, The Jersey and Unclean Hands.

A native of Pittsburgh and a graduate of Taylor Allderdice High School and the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, James has been a trial attorney in Pittsburgh for almost 30 years. He started writing legal thrillers as a stress reducer and finds this creative outlet to be a fun and meaningful diversion from his day job.

When he’s not trying cases, he’s either dreaming up his next book idea, spending time with his wife and three kids, or both.




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