Take the Lively Air by Mick Bennett Review

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A simple traffic accident begins a rage-filled confrontation between two families set against the backdrop of toxic culture in American society in the book “Take the Lively Air” by Mick Bennett.

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The Synopsis

In Take the Lively Air, a minor traffic collision escalates into a confrontation between two families haunted by their pasts and apprehensive of their futures. Rage and regret butt heads against the background of America’s toxic cultural climate. But saner voices discover that human frailties are best viewed through the microscope of compassion, and our common humanity must be acknowledged to make way for our futures.

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The Review

This was a thoughtful and beautifully crafted novel. The way the past and present clash with one another and come to a chaotic halt in the course of this one accident really allows the tension and atmosphere to climb and settle over the reader. The wonderful use of imagery in the author’s narrative allowed the vibrant settings along the New Jersey beach to come to life on the page, and bring that relatability that the narrative has.

The heart of this story has to be in the character growth this story holds. The story perfectly examines the complex family dynamics that can be found in a modern home, while also showcasing how the past and the ghosts of that past can impact our present and how we treat one another as well. The steps the protagonist takes to make amends and see life not through the rage and anger that society is holding onto, but the compassion and understanding that we all crave made this a memorable read.

The Verdict

Thoughtful, enlightening, and heartfelt, author Mick Bennett’s “Take the Lively Air” is a must-read literary fiction read. The twists and turns in the narrative and the emotional connection that readers will make with these characters make this quite a compelling narrative. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Mick Bennett is from Belmar, New Jersey. Bennett attended Gettysburg College, and after graduation in 1975, found a job at a high school 15 miles from Gettysburg where he taught for 33 years. Bennett is the author of four books: Missing You in Belmar, Summer Mirrors, Boardwalk Man, and Beat the Blues.


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