A Summer Morning by Anne Leigh Parrish Review

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A young man struggling with his life must find a path forward in author Anne Leigh Parrish’s “A Summer Morning”.


The Synopsis

As Timothy Dugan makes his way through life, he is beset by a growing list of problems.

His girlfriend, a full-time college student, wants to have a baby, he hates his job, and his mother announces that she and his father, long divorced, plan to remarry. He copes by drinking too much. When his mother suggests it’s time for another round of therapy, Timothy loudly resists. He knows his outlook is sour and vows to do better. Then Harcourt, a former fraternity brother, presents him with an attractive business opportunity to get in on a home-building business, and things start to look up. Timothy happily resigns his position as manager of the local GAP store. Harcourt, however, has a bad habit of cutting corners to save money and things fall apart. Timothy feels the best way to get his feet back under him is to nail things down with Sam, so he buys her an insanely expensive engagement ring she says is all wrong. She comes around to the idea of marriage after meeting Melissa, Timothy’s former girlfriend, who has a son Timothy didn’t know about. Timothy’s feelings are stirred up by Melissa’s presence, and he goes into a slow-motion train wreck. Promise after promise is broken until Sam reaches a breaking point. She’s committed to Timothy, but their future is dark. Will her love light the way again? Or has she finally had enough?

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The Review

This was a complex yet engaging narrative that didn’t let go. The author did a remarkable job of crafting a story that felt organic and locked into the realities of what goes into a modern relationship. The engaging atmosphere and the rich tension that builds within these character dynamics will instantly hook readers into the narrative.

To me, it was the blend of deep-seated emotional storytelling with captivating character development that made this story shine so brightly. Rather than shy away from the truths that so many people live through in relationships, the author perfectly highlights the struggles and hardships that can occur in a relationship, and how the outside forces in our lives, from work to past relationships and more, can have an impact on the relationship that matters most to us.

The Verdict

Memorable, heartfelt, and engaging, author Anne Leigh Parrish’s “A Summer Morning” is a must-read genre fiction, romance, and drama novel that is not to be missed. The upcoming book will delve into the detailed struggles of modern relationships, bring about realistic characters readers can latch onto, and bring an emotional end that will stay with readers long after the book ends. If you haven’t yet, be sure to preorder your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Anne Leigh Parrish lives in a forest in the South Sound Region of Washington State. She is the author of twelve previously books which include short stories, novels, and poems. She has recently ventured into the art of photography. Find her online at anneleighparrish.com.

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