Good Spells Latest Single “Beyond” Full Review

If there is one thing that evades so many of us in this world, it is the art of expression. Whether through creative means or everyday life, the need to express our feelings and emotions and the struggles we face on a daily basis is one of the biggest battles a person can face in their life. One such experience is with anxiety and fear, both of which can be suffocating or debilitating in their own right. They can make the world feel as if it is shrinking around you, or as if a battle is just waiting on the horizon. That battle comes from taking the steps to face our fears and overcome our anxieties. The fight within us to tackle these emotions is an internal fight that so many people face in their lives on a daily basis, whether they want to admit it or not.


That is the powerful message and theme that British music producer and artist Good Spells hopes to bring to life in his powerful new single, “Beyond”. The single is an emotional yet moving blend of heavy synth and pop influences. The single captures a gritty tone that speaks to the hardships and struggles the song touches upon through its lyrics. The grit of the synth is cut through with the soulful vocals and the steady climb of the underlying beat that feels like a call to arms of sorts, giving the listener a harmonious and inspiring anthem to march to as the artist captures the everyday struggles of people while promoting the fight to see past the fear and into a brighter tomorrow. If you haven’t yet, be sure to listen to this amazing track today!


About the Artist

Music producer, artist and songwriter, Good Spells, works out of Spells’ Lab, based in Cheshire, England. Neon lit walls inspire nostalgic nuances in solo synth and sample work, mixing ambient sound design with dark-pop aesthetics.

ARTIST: Good Spells

RELEASE: ‘Beyond’

GENRE: British solo artist and producer, making ‘dark pop’ / ‘alt pop’ / electronic music.



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