Fixing Avoidant and Anxious Attachment in Your Relationship by Robert J. Charles Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own. 

Author Robert J. Charles, Ph.D., DMin shares the way attachment theory plays into the anxieties and issues that can plague a relationship in the book “Fixing Avoidant and Anxious Attachment in Your Relationship”.


The Synopsis

Do you always find yourself hoping and praying that your relationship will work while never actually taking the time to enjoy it for everything it is?

Are you someone who struggles to trust your partner, constantly overthinks, and ultimately risks pushing them away?

These types of feelings are common, but that doesn’t mean you should have to endure them for the rest of your life. What I want to do right now is show you that when you come to terms with who you are and how your relationships work, you’ll be able to break free from the underlying anxiety that always seems to be there.

If you want to get a feel for what I’m talking about here, consider what would happen if you gave yourself permission to stop worrying. You would find you have so much more mental energy to spend on the things you love in life, all while realizing just how wonderful your relationship really is. The real problems that actually exist become so much more likely to be fixed now that you’re no longer distracted, and quality time becomes more and more common.

Now, you might think this all sounds too good to be true, and for a lot of people out there, it is. What makes you different? I’m going to personally connect you with a resource that will guide you through everything you need to know.

“Fixing Your Attachment Style” is the only way to change what’s wrong and celebrate what’s right. I know you can do this!

InsideFixing Avoidant And Anxious Attachment In Your Relationship, you will discover:

  • What attachment theory is and how it came to be
  • The role of childhood development in developing an attachment style
  • The four major types of attachment styles
  • Identifying your attachment style
  • How your attachment style impacts how you interact and relate with others
  • Why some attachment styles attract each other
  • Tools needed to change your attachment style
  • Overcoming jealousy and insecurity in relationships
  • Overcoming codependency and improving interdependence
  • What attachment styles exhibit codependent traits
  • Tips for building and maintaining healthy relationships
  • And a whole lot more!

One-click NOW will change your relationship!

You can be anyone you want to be, and all within the confines of a secure, loving, and caring relationship. It’s all about finding a way to deal with your anxious self so there no longer feels like there are three of you in the relationship.

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The Review

This was a compelling and informative read. The author did an amazing job of crafting a guide and educational book that speaks both to the individual and the couple within a relationship. The fast-paced book and the healing atmosphere the author highlights throughout the book were truly engaging for a reader to behold, and the use of biblical references throughout the book will resonate with religious readers as well.

The things that really stood out to me as a reader were the emphasis on attachment theory and the way this book examined the way to strengthen relationships while also healing the wounds of our past. The way the author was able to break down each type of attachment style and the way the author touches upon things that can go wrong in a relationship, from codependency and jealousy to improving upon our self-esteem and practicing self-compassion made this a truly remarkable read.

The Verdict

Thoughtful, meaningful, and engaging, author Robert J. Charles’s “Fixing Avoidant and Anxious Attachment in Your Relationship” is a must-read nonfiction guide and self-help book on relationships and the path to healing. The emotional and educational value of this book is perfectly presented by the author’s straight-to-the-point yet compassionate writing style, making this one book that could prove essential to any couple’s relationship. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Meet Robert Charles

Robert Charles, PhD, DMin, is a life coach, mentor, pastor, radio host, and best-selling author.

He serves as a Departmental Director at the Greater New York Conference. Robert has also been an Advisor for the Doctor of Ministry program at Andrews University for eight years and is certified in World Literature from Harvard University.

In his inspiring books, Dr. Charles calls upon three decades of spiritual and practical experience as a mentor and pastor to help you navigate life’s challenges, live with joy, and discover your unique mission on this earth. He believes everyone is equipped with God-given talents to help them become the best versions of themselves. He says his raison d’être is to help as many people as possible tap into their strengths.

In his ministerial duties, Dr. Charles has encountered many cases of preventable/manageable mental health dysfunction and relationship breakdowns due to poor communication. This inspired his decision to take his mentorship worldwide through his books.

Some of the themes he has explored in his books and radio programs include:

• The Effects and Dangers of Overthinking

• Decluttering One’s Mind

• Codependency

• Effective Mood and Stress Managers

• Stress Management Techniques

• Physical Decluttering

• Mindfulness and Meditation

• Anxiety and Depression

• The Pillars of Self-confidence and Self-Esteem

• The Dangers of Wild and Unregulated Negative Thoughts

Dr. Charles believes every person deserves the best mental environment to grow into a balanced life and succeed.

He loves meditating, walking, and listening to inspirational music. He works in a team with his wife, Gina. They are blessed with three adult children: Ginaldy, David, and Daniela.

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