Softball Strikeout: The New Girl by Ben Jackson & Sam Lawrence Review 

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

A young girl changing schools must work to prove herself and fight to get a spot on the school softball team in authors Ben Jackson and Sam Lawrence’s “Softball Strikeout: The New Girl”. 


The Synopsis

For Olivia, a new town, school, and softball team were possibly the last things on her mind, but after being told they’d be moving, it was now becoming a reality. Not only would she need to make new friends, but she’d also have to prove herself on her new softball team all over again.

Olivia lived and breathed softball. Growing up, the only sport she’d ever been interested in was softball, and with her dad teaching her, she’d become a pretty good pitcher.

However, finding herself now living in Greenville meant that she’d have to try out for the Blue Jays and earn her spot as a pitcher if she wanted any chance of playing softball this year. Making new friends at a new school was hard enough, but fighting your way onto one of the best softball teams in the division could be even harder.

Will Olivia make the team, and will she be able to make new friends? Or would it all go horribly wrong? Read Softball Strikeout The New Girl now to find out!

Stay tuned for more books in the Softball Strikeout Series!

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The Review

This was an engaging and memorable novel for young readers. The fast pace of the narrative and the rich dynamics the author establishes between the protagonist and the other characters, both her parents and the young women on this softball team, all come together quite beautifully. The detail the authors put into the sport itself and the rich imagery in the author’s writing style really brought this narrative to life so wonderfully. 

The heart of this story rested in the incredible character development and the heartfelt themes the authors established in this book. The themes of friendship, community, hard work, and determination all could be felt in this story, and the way the authors were able to get into the mindset of this young protagonist and capture the nerves and the anxiety that goes into making new friends and fighting for a spot on a team really captured the connectivity that a book like this needs for young readers. 

The Verdict

Memorable, thoughtful, and entertaining, authors Ben Jackson and Sam Lawrence’s “Softball Strikeout: The New Girl” is a fantastic book for children and young readers everywhere. The close look at team sports and the balance of competitiveness and community within team sports mirrored protagonist Olivia’s struggles and personal motivations quite well, making this one book kids will not be able to put down. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Authors

Ben Jackson was born in Tasmania, Australia, and is a successful indie author that has been writing for almost a decade. Ben is married to Sam Lawrence, and together they specialize in self-publishing children’s books. They have been married for several years and have traveled together between Australia and Canada.

Together, Ben and Sam have published a series of children’s books called My Little Fart and Hockey Wars, as well as If I Was A Caterpillar and several other non-fiction books. In addition, they have numerous publications in progress, so stay tuned for information on those by following this page and connecting with them on Facebook, Goodreads, or Instagram.

Ben manages a company called Author Services Australia to help Australian authors self-publish their books. Sam manages a company called Indie Publishing Group, which specializes in assisting Canadian indie authors.

Remember, if you enjoyed one of their books, please leave a review! As indie authors, it really helps out, and it’s 100% free and will only take a few minutes of your time.

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Sam Lawrence was born and raised in Ontario, Canada and has traveled extensively in Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. She has successfully founded and operates a self-publishing company, Indie Publishing Group Inc., that specializes in helping indie authors self-publish their books. She grew up playing hockey and still plays in a recreational league. Sam is the proud mother of two boys and enjoys volunteering with the London Lacrosse Association.

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