The Brand of Brotherhood by T.D. Zummack Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

Two brothers find themselves on opposite sides of the law, and heading for the ultimate showdown in author T.D. Zummack’s “The Brand of Brotherhood”.


The Synopsis

Two brothers on opposite sides of the law . . .

Life is hard in 1869 Nebraska for the Warner family and brothers Colt and Brick. After the tragic loss of their mother, their father decides to take his sons west to California–but he dies along the way, leaving Colt and Brick, aged just twelve and ten, to finish the trip and fend for themselves in the Wild West.

With the help of a former gunfighter, Jim Borden, the pair forge their way together–until Brick decides to become an outlaw.

After years on opposite sides of the law, the two find themselves locked in a showdown where they must decide what matters more: following their own paths or their shared bond of brotherhood.

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The Review

This was a gripping and engaging Western. The author did an incredible job crafting a visceral and grizzled narrative, matching the Wild West’s tone and setting. The action and suspense that builds as these two brothers go down very different paths and the lives they lead separately help elevate the tension that builds not only between them but those in their lives as well.

To me, the heart of this story rests in the character development of these two brothers. The emotional toll that the loss of both their parents has on the brothers and the lessons they learned early on that created the divide between them made for compelling narrative decisions that helped elevate the overall arc for these characters. The test of loyalty and family is significantly explored here in this story and shows the depth of the characters and the high stakes that became a part of everyday life in those near-lawless days.

The Verdict

Memorable, entertaining, and captivating, author T.D. Zummack’s “The Brand of Brotherhood” is a must-read Western and a compelling drama following two brothers going down very different paths. The twists and turns in the brother’s stories and the roller coaster of emotions that help balance out the action and adventure elements of the story made this a truly marvelous story to behold. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Author of the captivating thriller ‘Amazing Grace’ and the exciting western adventure ‘The Brand of Brotherhood’

Member of the Saskatchewan Writer’s Guild

Avid reader of Westerns and Mysteries

True Crime buff

Writer of short stories that can be found at

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