The Science of Agatha Christie: The Truth Behind Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple, and More Iconic Characters from The Queen of Crime by Meg Hafdahl and Kelly Florence Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own. 

Authors and podcast co-hosts Meg Hafdahl and Kelly Florence bring their unique perspectives and studies of author Agatha Christie and her storied career as the ultimate Queen of Crime in their book “The Science of Agatha Christie”. 


The Synopsis 

Uncover the theories behind Dame Agatha Christie’s most thrilling mysteries: Murder on the Orient ExpressDeath on the NileThe A.B.C. Murders, and so much more!

Gothic media moguls Meg Hafdahl and Kelly Florence, authors of The Science of Stephen King and co-hosts of the Horror Rewind podcast called “the best horror film podcast out there” by Film Daddy, present a guide to the Agatha Christie stories and supersleuths we all know and love. Through interviews, literary and film analysis, and bone-chilling discoveries, The Science of Agatha Christie uncovers the science behind the sixty-six detective novels and fourteen short story collections that have become an integral part of the modern murder mystery, answering such questions as: 

  • What is the science behind the poisons used to commit murders in Agatha Christie’s stories?
  • When did crime investigation become more common as seen in Murder on the Orient Express?
  • Has science made it possible to uncover the truth behind the investigative powers of Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple?
  • How did Agatha Christie use isolated settings to best explore the psychology of her characters?

Join Kelly and Meg as they discover why sometimes the impossible must be possible!

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The Review

This was a compelling and intriguing read. The authors do an incredible job of writing in a way that allows the reader to feel both informed and entertained at the same time. The analysis of everything from the books the author wrote to the films that were inspired by them was spot on, giving insightful looks into how each mystery was both profoundly wild and yet always found a way to explain or make the circumstances of each crime feel believable. 

The ways in which the authors wrote this book were the biggest standout to me as a reader. As a longtime fan of podcasts, it was great to see the authors bring that feeling of conversation and riffing off of one another to the page and the way the authors were able to convey the circumstances of the author’s life, going so far as to share passages written by the author herself, to show the mind behind these incredible and iconic stories made this a truly memorable reading experience.

The Verdict

Intriguing, engaging, and remarkably written, authors Meg Hafdahl and Kelly Florence’s “The Science of Agatha Christie” is a must-read nonfiction book and scientific and entertaining analysis of one of murder mystery’s greatest writers. The passion and heart for which the authors wrote on this subject and the amazing breakdowns of both the books and the characters that became iconic in their own right made this a compelling book to own. If you haven’t yet, be sure to preorder your copy or grab your copy on September 5th, 2023!


About the Authors

Meg Hafdahl is a writer and co-host of the Horror Rewind podcast. Her female-driven horror fiction has been produced for audio by The Wicked Library. She is the author of Her Dark InheritanceDaughters of Darkness, and the short story series Twisted Reveries. Meg lives in Minnesota with her husband, two young sons, and a menagerie of pets.

Kelly Florence is a teacher, a mother, and a horror film lover. She is passionate about female representation in all media and particularly in the horror genre. Kelly teaches at Lake Superior College in Duluth, Minnesota, and produces and co-hosts Horror Rewind.

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