Guest Post: Inspiration behind Dead End Deal by Allen Wyler

I am so thrilled to host author Allen Wyler as he discusses the inspiration behind his award-nominated novel, Dead End Deal!

My 2013 Thriller Award nominee, Dead End Deal, has recently been republished by Stairway Press and is available on Amazon in either paperback or Kindle format. 

This fast-paced thriller was originally published by Astor+Blue (New York), but when they were sold to a London publishing house, I didn’t sign a contract with them for a variety of reasons. And so, without a publisher, the book simply stopped being sold and promoted. Then a year ago I pitched the idea of republishing it to Stairway Press, my present publisher. They jumped on it. 

Got the idea for the story when I was a guest lecturer in Seoul and was writing stand-alone medical thrillers instead of my present cybercrime series. Here’s a thumbnail synopsis of Dead End Deal:

When top-gun neurosurgeon John Ritter is framed for the murder of patients in a Seoul Korea hospital he becomes the focus of an intense police manhunt in addition to being the target of an international hit man. Without a passport or friends, he must find a way to escape Korea and stay alive long enough to return safely to the United States to clear his name and eliminate the bounty on his life. 

This book remains one of my favorite works. I hope that readers will download a free sample from Amazon and give the opening chapters a test read: Dead End Deal: 9781949267778: Wyler, Allen: Books

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Allen’s thrillers have twice been nominated for the prestigious Thriller Award. He has served on the Board of Directors of the International Thriller Writers and is also an active member of the North American Crime Writers and Mystery Writers of America. He lives in Seattle.

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