The Billionaire’s Nanny Next Door by Krichele Monroe Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

A former college crush turned billionaire single dad hires a young woman to help take care of his son, and as sparks fly in spite of a complicated past, she must find a way to keep him and his son in her life when trouble comes looking for him in author Krichele Monroe’s “The Billionaire’s Nanny Next Door”.


The Synopsis

Hottie Billionaire, single Dad alert! And he needs a Nanny. Yes please… My college crush just popped into my new bookstore with his little boy. He’s as gorgeous, if not more so now than when we hooked up way back. I can’t stand this guy though. He had made a bad investment for my brother way back and lost all his savings. The rich jerk could’ve at least paid him back. Now he needs a nanny, and I’m the only one he trusts with Oliver. I’m in over my head, and get warm in all the right places every time he’s in close proximity. Can’t be sure yet if I have the physical and emotional energy to get involved with these two. Just when I lose my heart to both of them, trouble comes looking for Liam, and they’re gone. Was this a temporary goodbye, or will my little Prince and his dad rescue me again?

The Review

This was yet another heated and captivating women’s fiction and romance novel. The tension and history between the protagonists give the reader a depth of understanding surrounding these individuals, and the pain each experienced drives the narrative forward considerably. The small-town coastal setting gives a more direct sense of community to the narrative than the author’s previous novel and balances out the cozy nature of the story with the more heated moments between the characters.

The connection that forms between both Liam and Charlie is incredible, giving readers a grounded and passionate romance that is steeped in a shared history and a shared trauma that has defined the rift that formed between them for so long. The real-world issues both have not only with one another but with themselves will resonate with readers as they are forced to fight their way back to one another internally.


The Verdict

Heartfelt, passionate, and engaging, author Krichele Monroe’s “The Billionaire’s Nanny Next Door” is a must-read romance and women’s fiction novel. The twists and turns in the couple’s story and the gripping narrative that forms around their individual and shared journeys allow the reader to get lost in these characters’ lives easier, providing a lot of entertainment for fans of the genre. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10

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