Six Days in Detox by Dianne Corbeau Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

Author Dianne Corbeau shares an honest and painful story of her battle to regain her sobriety in the book “Six Days in Detox”. 


The Synopsis

This memoir is a compelling story about a woman who picks up alcohol after twenty-six years of sobriety. And returns to a mental institution to begin her journey back into the beginnings of recovery. The story is a hard look at what goes on internally and externally inside of Dianne as she gives it her all to survive the battle for her life. The fast-paced read is relentless and unforgiving at times, yet it brings you the fragility of the human spirit.

The Review

This was a heartfelt and honest read that depicted the author’s internal struggle to find sobriety once again after relapsing after over two decades. The author not only shares her story with complete honesty and an almost poetic yet painful reality but balances her story out with the ways in which mental health and addiction can go hand in hand, one often leading to the other and the need to maintain both sobriety and clear mental health is vital to a person’s survival.

Yet the other half of this book rested in the author’s honest look at the practices of the medical center/rehab that she found herself in. The ways in which people approach both addiction and mental health are crucial to a person’s recovery, and the flippant and authoritative approach that some locations take with their patients is a detrimental path that leads to many painful experiences, all of which the author outlines in her book. The imagery and haunting nature of the book that the writing brings to life really captured the emotional and mentally draining nature of the author’s personal experiences.


The Verdict

Chilling, emotional, and thoughtfully written, author Dianne Corbeau’s “Six Days in Detox” is a must-read memoir and nonfiction read. The fast-paced story and the gripping story of the author’s experiences both internally and externally were both shocking and engaging to read. The emotional weight of the author’s experiences and the open-ended ending to the author’s book will resonate with so many who are also struggling with sobriety and mental health struggles, and provide a desire to improve and engage with others to get the help they need. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10

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