A Desperate Cat Lady (The Cat Lady Series Book 2) by D.C. Gomez Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own. 

The life Angela has found herself in gets more complex when a body brings more attention from law enforcement, and a gang of elderly people seeks the killer for themselves as the killer sets their sights on Angela and her family in author D.C. Gomez’s “A Desperate Cat Lady”, the second book in the author’s The Cat Lady series.


The Synopsis

Illegal guns. Dangerous old-ladies. Now a dead body. Angela’s life is getting more complicated by the minute.

A boring life is not in Angela’s future, with her being a black market guns dealer. Tripping over a dead-body is now bringing a lot more attention from law enforcement than she cares to have.

If only she could get control of the Silver Hair Gang, and their quest to find the killer themselves. Angela is running out of time to secure her next arms deal, and save her family from an unknown killer.

* A Desperate Cat Lady is book two in the Contemporary Humorous Fiction series The Cat Lady. Angela’s life drastically changed when she transitioned from depressed cat lady to arms dealer. Now she is willing to take on the world to protect her family and her empire.

The Review

This was the perfect blend of fun and exhilarating crime thriller meets cozy murder mystery drama. The author did a wonderful job of infusing the story with wit and humor through Angela and the Silver Hair Gang’s interactions with one another, showcasing the diverse and gripping action this unassuming group of people get themselves into when the narrative progresses. The tension rises in just the right places and the pacing keeps the reader on the edge of their seats as the story progresses.

The true heart of this narrative rested in the author’s rich narrative. The mystery surrounding the story and the pace in which the protagonist unravels the mystery plays well into the unique position the characters find themselves in with their “day jobs”, and the complex twists in the mystery surrounding the victim’s background and history made this story feel alive and visceral in its approach.

The Verdict

Memorable, heartfelt, and entertaining, author D.C. Gomez’s “A Desperate Cat Lady” is a must-read cozy murder mystery read and a great addition to the author’s growing The Cat Lady Series. The twists and turns in the story showcase the author’s expert handle on the crime thriller genre. If you were looking for a story that brings the unique setting of a Breaking Bad type of show and blended it with the small-town crime storyline found in Fargo, this would be your series. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

D. C. Gomez is a USA Today Bestselling Author, born in the Dominican Republic and grew up in Salem, Massachusetts. She study film and television at New York University. After college she joined the US Army, and proudly served for four years.

Those experiences shaped her quirky sense of humor. D.C. has a love for those who served and the families that support them. She currently lives in the quaint city of Wake Village, Texas, with her furry roommate, Chincha.


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