Lessons from the Greats: How Historical Figures Can Inspire Your Personal Growth by Fadi Gorgies Toma Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own. 

Author Fadi Gorgies Toma shares with readers some lessons gained from some of history’s greatest figures to help guide them on the path to bettering their own lives in the book “Lessons from the Greats: How Historical Figures Can Inspire Your Personal Growth”.


The Synopsis

Lessons from the Greats is a book that explores the lives and achievements of historical figures, and how their stories can inspire personal growth. From world leaders to artists and entrepreneurs, this book provides valuable insights into the habits, mindset, and practices that led to their success. By examining the triumphs and failures of these greats, readers can learn valuable lessons for their own personal growth and development. Whether you’re looking to improve your leadership skills, creativity, or resilience, this book offers practical advice and inspiration from the greatest minds in history.

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The Review

This was a fast-paced yet insightful read. The author does an incredible job of not only presenting the reader with a quick rundown of the historical figures and their lives but of the lessons that can be taken from their lives in regard to a person’s personal growth. From overcoming adversity and demonstrating courage to promoting empathy and kindness, the lessons these figures have given to the world as a whole leave a major source of inspiration to us all.

For me, the way the author was able to give such a comprehensive list of historical figures and hone in on their achievements in both history and our personal lives made this such a compelling read. The impact these figures have had on history and our culture as a whole is well known, but we don’t often stop to think about how their lives can inspire us to change or grow as a person ourselves. 

Two great examples of this are the pages dedicated to Martin Luther King Jr and Fred Rogers. Not only do these two figures represent a great mix of both culturally relevant figures and historical figures, but Dr. King showcased the resilience and courage it took to face oppression and lead the Civil Rights Movement through nonviolence rather than physical altercations, while Mr. Rodgers showed the value and importance of being kind to others and understanding a person’s struggles and hardships.

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The Verdict

Thoughtful, memorable, and engaging, author Fadi Gorgies Toma’s “Lessons from the Greats” is a must-read nonfiction book on personal growth and history blended into one comprehensive guide. The thoughtfulness of the figures showcased in this book and the heart that went into the author’s research and philosophical approach to these fascinating figures made this a truly compelling book to get lost in. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


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