Pirates of Marauda: Circles in Time by Forest Fox Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own. 

A father and his children find themselves on an adventure through time and space when they are shipwrecked on an island filled with pirates who never age, Jurassic-age creatures, and a group of people known as the Children of Eden in author Forest Fox’s “Pirates of Marauda: Circles in Time”, the first book in the Pirates of Marauda series. 


The Synopsis

Technology from the age of Eden… Out on one of their treasure-hunting diving adventures, brothers Eli and Zoe and their Dad come upon an earthshaking discovery when a powerful tropical storm leaves them shipwrecked on an unknown tropical island. In the jungle, they encounter nineteenth-century buccaneers who never age but can barely fend off the Jurassic creatures who rule this place. As they all try to escape the island, they come upon Shakti, a captivatingly beautiful princess, who leads them to her people, the Children of Eden. They soon learn that these people from another world have been conducting a desperate experiment with their crystal technology, in which the trio themselves have become the unintended victims. Pirates of Marauda: Circles in Time is Book 1 of the Pirates of Marauda trilogy, an adventure through space and time.

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The Review

This was a fast-paced and captivating YA read. The author does a wonderful job of capturing the adrenaline and wonders that the characters experience as they come into contact with this shocking new world. The world-building and mythos the author delves into were richly developed, and harken back to some of the myths, legends, and conspiracy theories that have found a resurgence in our modern world today, including the ancient land of Mu and Lemur, among other things. 

The character growth and rich imagery really helped bring readers into this narrative naturally. The chemistry between the father and his sons was jumping right off the page, and the way the author was able to incorporate elements of their own lives and bring them into the background of these characters added a depth of naturalness and relatability that the narrative needed. The setting of this narrative was so expertly brought to life, and the descriptive way the world was brought to life elevated the action and adventure elements of the narrative completely.

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The Verdict

Memorable, action-packed, and entertaining, author Forest Fox’s “Pirates of Marauda: Circles in Time” is a brilliant YA Sci-Fi and Fantasy novel and a great first entry into the Pirates of Marauda series. The twists and turns in the narrative and the rich mythology the author develops bring such a depth of world-building for the reader to get absolutely lost in, making this a stellar read. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Author FOREST FOX brings his love of adventure to the page in this whirlwind fantasy saga, The Pirates of Marauda trilogy, about what happens when he and his two sons, while on a treasure hunting, diving expedition in the Bermuda Triangle, find a sunken flying saucer that turns out to be the craft that brought Adam and Eve to this planet.

The germinating idea for the story was inspired by a drawing by his son, award-winning artist Eli D’Elia. The author delights in weaving fact with fiction and folklore in this highly original tale, which also serves as a whimsical medium to depict his unconventional philosophy of life.

The author is also a SF Bay Area singer/songwriter and recording and performing artist.

Known in the world of paintball as Magic Carpet Bob, he was 1991 World Paintball Champion with his Team Ironmen, and is resident pro at Paintball Jungle in the Napa Valley.



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