Godthread by Caleb T. Brabham Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

A conspiracy of biblical proportions takes over as a powerful demon on a mission to reunite Eve with her son Cain in heaven must match wits with apocalyptic angels, the antichrist, and God himself in author Caleb T. Brabham’s “Godthread”.


The Synopsis

A demonic investigator.

A Heavenly conspiracy.

Whatever he finds … he’s damned already.

Azrael Abaddon, better known to his demonic peers as “The Destroyer”, has been summoned to Heaven on a mission of mercy to reunite Eve with her son, the murderous Cain. Motivated by a rare desire to aid the infamous mother, Azrael pits himself into Satanic plots, angelic assassinations and matches wits with apocalyptic angels, an enterprising antichrist and Almighty God, Himself. But when the devil is found dead, Azrael realizes a far more sinister game is being played and the mysterious “Godthread” may be the most important piece of all.

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The Review

This was an engaging and captivating read. The sheer volume of mythos and world-building the author did was great to see come to life, with a vast array of different characters from various religious beliefs and mythologies melding together in a vast series of settings that feel almost as fantastical as the narrative itself. The imagery the author uses in the book really brought the chilling nature of the demonic protagonist and the fierce and terrifying presence of the angelic host to life in a unique way, and the interwoven story of Eve, Cain, and the start of humanity really came to life through these passages.

The heart of the story rested in the blend of world-building with the natural change in perspectives within the narrative. By which I mean the way the author explores both the moments of history within the context of the Bible through the lens of the protagonist as they witness these moments that resound so tightly to the Christian faith and the modern-day storyline within the kingdoms of “heaven and hell” made this a compelling and imaginative story to get lost in.

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The Verdict

Captivating, entertaining, and memorable, author Caleb T. Brabham’s “Godthread” is a must-read fantasy and supernatural noir thriller that will keep you glued to the book’s pages. The unique perspective of a protagonist with such a mischievous and complex history and modern-day perspective and the way morality and politics play into the hierarchy of these two worlds made this a rich world to behold. While only available to preorder on Barnes & Noble, be sure to preorder your copy today and be on the lookout for links to other sites soon, with the book releasing sometime this summer!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Caleb Brabham is an editor, journalist and photographer currently living in New Orleans. His first book, Apocalypse of Bob, was published in 2010 by Charisma Media.




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