Tales of My Baseball Youth: A Child of the 60’s by Bob Brill Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own. 

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Author Bob Brill shares a short yet powerful memoir on the relationships in his life growing up in the socially changing 1960s, with baseball as the backdrop for many of his stories in his book “Tales of My Baseball Youth: A Child of the 60’s”. 


The Synopsis

“Tales of My Baseball Youth; A child of the 60’s” is a wonderful compilation of stories about growing up in the socially changing 1960’s. While the title suggests a sports book, “Tales” is actually a book about relationships which just happens to have baseball as a common thread. Bob Brill gives credit to his childhood school teachers, coaches, parents, schoolmates and professional players who made great impressions and left everlasting memories as well as helping shape him from a little boy who loved baseball to a successful and award winning journalist.

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The Review

This was a captivating and heartfelt read. The author did an amazing job of capturing a tone that harkened back to the days of childhood memories, fresh-cut grass, and the crack of a bat hitting a baseball out of the park. The imagery the author’s memories conjured up really spoke to both the time and setting of the book, and did a great job of invoking an emotional response within the reader. 

To me, the heart of this book rested in the relationships and connections the author’s memories and experiences brought to life. The relatability and emotional journey the reader goes on and the people that impacted the author’s life made for some thrilling and captivating storytelling. The way each story touched upon both the relatable moments of growing up and both the happy and sad moments of growing up and our bond to one another were so thoughtfully written out, and the thread of baseball that ran through it all kept the reader invested in the author’s story. 

The Verdict

Memorable, engaging, and thoughtful, author Bob Brill’s “Tales of My Baseball Youth: A Child of the 60’s” is a must-read nonfiction and memoir-style book. The fast pace of the narrative and the heartfelt relatability of the author’s stories will instantly draw readers In, as will the rich connection to baseball and the great American Pastime. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

A native of Pittsburgh, PA and a hardcore Pirates and Steelers fan, Bob began in radio career in 1972 and worked all over the western US, several times in the L-A market. He’s currently a news anchor at CBS Radio LA; KNX 1070 News Radio.

Bob has won multiple broadcast awards including an Edward R. Murrow Award (among others) for anchoring KNX’s storm coverage in 2011.

A baseball historian, Bob writes the very popular weekly column found at http://www.baseballinthe1960s.com. He also is a podcaster who has teamed with former NFL Quarterback Erik Kramer for a weekly Fantasy Football Podcast called Kramer and Brill, which can be found where ever you get your podcasts or at their website http://www.kramerandbrill.com. Both are always posted on Facebook as well as Twitter.

Bob made his mark with the UPI Radio Network when a gunman went crazy in a San Diego fast food restaurant and Bob covered the story. It was his first big break. He later became a UPI National Correspondent and Bureau Chief. He has interviewed presidents, covered Super Bowl games and Hollywood as well as major news stories.

He lives in L-A. He has survived earthquakes and a beating during the 1992 L-A riots while covering the story, which was recorded on audio tape.

Bob is considered to have an excellent voice and has not only done many voice overs and radio spots, he’s starred in television commercials. Bob authored “Fan Letters to a Stripper: A Patti Waggin Tale” from Schiffer Publishing and “NO BARRIER: How the Internet Destroyed the World Economy.” His third book “Al Kabul; Home Grown Terrorist” is sure to be a controversial novel as well as a great read. “Lancer; Hero of the West – The Prescott Affair” is the first in a series of western novels set in the 1880’s, centering on the central figure; Lancer. Lancer is a gun for hire, good guy, who works the West out of Tombstone.



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