Forever Child: A Novel of the Future by Mark Lavine Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own. 

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Two children born to very different worlds switch places and discover the hardships and struggles that await them in author Mark Lavine’s “Forever Child: A Novel of the Future”.


The Synopsis

In the year 2315 you will live for hundreds of years and never age beyond eleven-years-old. That is, if you’re one of the lucky ones. But the not-so-lucky ones are disturbingly close, and they’re threatening your safety, security, and even your deepest beliefs. Soon, it will be all-out war.

Three-hundred years into the future…

And the world has changed. Among a chosen few, life expectancy is now hundreds of years; these are the forever children, and science has found a way to keep them in a nearly endless childhood. Secure in their giant hives, they have left the outsiders, who must live natural lives, to fend for themselves.

This is the story of Kianno and Seelin, two children who find themselves trading places in this strange new world, one leading the life of a forever child and the other growing up in the anarchy of the outside world. Their lives come together again in surprising and unexpected ways, as they both become involved in a fierce struggle between the two worlds. helps independent authors bring their creative vision to the marketplace. Sell eBooks online in the biggest retail stores.

The Review

This was a brilliant and captivating read. The author did an amazing job of world-building in this narrative, giving readers a feeling of dystopia meets futurism in this story. The imagery the author infused into the writing of this book allowed the reader to get a clear image of this vast new world, both on the outside and within the hives in the forever children reside. The fast-pacing of story allowed the reader to fully immerse in this world and get a sense of the history that has developed without sacrificing any of the action or suspense that comes forward.

Yet in the heart of this narrative rested a great sense of character development, as both Kianno and Seelin’s journey helped to emphasize the hardships and pitfalls of life both inside and outside of the hives. The melding of science, faith, and what it means to be a family all became prominent themes within the story, and the gripping action helped bring these two protagonist’s stories to life as the unique vision of the future the author conjures up takes a firm hold in the reader’s mind.

The Verdict

Memorable, thought-provoking, and entertaining, author Mark Lavine’s “Forever Child: A Novel of the Future” is a must-read YA Sci-Fi novel that felt like the perfect mix of Brave New World meets The Giver. The twists and turns in the narrative and the emotional connection that these characters form, especially with the side character Sofia and the protagonists, made for an engaging and remarkable story that couldn’t be put down. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Mark Lavine is the author of four novels: Dr Prozac, ForeverChild, Victimless Crimes, and Windekind. He lives in the mountains of Vermont with his wife, daughter, and King Charles Spaniel (Luna). Luna follows him tirelessly on his many hikes and cross-country skis through the woods near his home. Luna sleeps tirelessly while Mark spends a few hours of every day working on his next book. He also loves to play classical piano, and Beethoven in particular. To get acquainted with his work, Mark recommends ForeverChild for scifi fans, and Windekind for thriller fans.


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