Interview with Author Jill K. Thomas

Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you get into writing?

Even though I have written 3 full-length books and several hundred blog posts, I still don’t really consider myself to be a writer.  I think of myself more as a Hypnotherapist who writes.  When you own a business writing becomes a necessary part of getting your message out and I love doing maybe I am a writer…Hum, you are making me think, I love that!!.. I will say, it’s fun, people I am not related to say I am good at it so I will keep it up.

But to answer your question about how I got into it I will say I have been journaling since I was a young child.  I used it as a way to handle difficult emotions and over time as I got better and better at crafting a concise message, I started to use it in my pre-hypnotherapist professional life and career.  As in “We need someone to write a blog or 10 for the company website, who will take on that task..”  Me, always me.  


What inspired you to write your book?

The book, which is about how to create a successful healing arts practice, came out of frustration.  I kept seeing new hypnotherapists, reiki masters, massage therapists and even a few psychics in my office trying to figure out how to turn their gifts into a business and I kept repeating the same advice over and over again. Eventually, I thought “What if I just write all this down and tell them to read the book” It took a few years but here it is.

What theme or message do you hope readers will take away from your book?

You are important, your dreams of financially freedom and creating a successful business of your own are important and most especially you and your gifts really needed right now. Its time to get started making your dreams a reality. Entrepreneurship it’s not as hard as you think, this book shows you how to do it.

What drew you into this particular genre?

HA! Because I don’t know how to write books about vampires with a lot of sex in them.  Love reading those books thought, wish I could write like that but I’m more of a “this is how you solve your problems” kind of writer. helps independent authors bring their creative vision to the marketplace. Sell eBooks online in the biggest retail stores.

What social media site has been the most helpful in developing your readership?

Well, I am embarrassed to admit this but, not so savvy on the social media.  The only one I have used with any kind of success is Pinterest because my “7 ways to solve… (insert problem here)” posts seem to do better on Pinterest than on any platform.   And frankly wading through Facebook, Instagram and whatever todays latest trending social media site, just isn’t fun for me and I figured out a long time ago that if it isn’t fun, I won’t do it.  

What advice would you give to aspiring or just starting authors out there?

Therapy, lots of therapy.  HA! There will be a lot of “no” and even more common, silence when you send out inquiries about finding a home for the books and or articles you are writing.  Know that this is part of the game and is not a reflection of who you are as a person or your value in the world.  Every writer has gone through this.  Learn who you are as a person and create a practice of loving yourself no matter what before you really start wading into the very cold pool of book agents, publishers and radio show producers.

Also, Work on getting a good social media following, years before you have a book to sell.  That is one of the first questions the publishers ask, and my career would have been much easier if I had done that work before I released my books.  

What does the future hold in store for you? Any new books/projects on the horizon?

Yes, actually I have a book about Emotional overconsumption that keeps waking me up at night wanting to be worked on.  As many writers will tell you, a book can be a bit like a petulant child pestering you and wanting your attention.  I keep having to tell it at 3AM that it needs to wait its turn, its very impatient but I need to launch my current project first then I will give it my full attention.

But yes, I appear to be pregnant again with another book.  


About the Author

As an Intuitive Hypnotherapist, Clairvoyant Reader, Author, Medium and Vocal Channel, Jill K Thomas, CHT has over 18 years’ experience helping clients move past limiting beliefs, discover their authentic selves, and create a life of peace and harmony. Jill has helped thousands of people realize lifestyle and wellness goals they could never before achieve, including attracting prosperity and success, overcoming debilitating phobias, healing toxic relationships, and losing weight.

Among many of her accomplishments, her most recent book, “The High Income Healer: How to Turn your Healing Gift into a Full-time Business” helps healers take their business to the next level. Her other books include “Tales From the Trance”, published by Ozark Mountain Publishing, and her well known weight loss book “Feed Your Real Hunger: Getting off the Emotional Treadmill that Keeps you Overweight”.

She has appeared on numerous radio shows, maintains her popular online blog “Confessions of a Hypnotherapist”, and has authored articles for magazines read across the nation. Her “30 Day weight loss Jumpstart” CD has also helped many people finally lose the pounds, after years of trying.


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