2023 Favorite Fan Competition Announced for Opëshum’S “gods on Trial: Book One: Beyond the Father”


World Famous author, Opëshum, will be opening The 2023 Favorite Fan Competition on June 1st and closing it for entries on June 30th.

If you love SciFi and Fantasy Fiction Novels, and have a solid following on Instagram, you are eligible to enter the competition, and compete with others for the title of being her FAVORITE FAN of 2023 along with a cash prize of $75 U.S.



• Read “Beyond the Father -Book 1 of gods on Trial: The Series™️”

• Prepare a four minute video reel and post on your Instagram, sharing your detailed analysis of the book, the plot, theme, greatest problems facing at least two characters, and what you liked most about the book. 

• Reels must be authentically yours and reflect ACTUAL content in the book. Brief recap summaries of the book synopsis are not eligible to win.

• The competition opens on June 1, 2023 which means those competing may start posting their Instagram reels as early as June 1st.

• The competition closes on June 30, 2023, meaning the last eligible reels must be posted on Instagram no later than 12 midnight EST on June 30th

• Opëshum and staff members from 1iR3 Publishers will be viewing each reel to judge them for quality, depth, and to look for the person who provided the most thoughtful analysis on the book. The person with the most intriguing analysis posted to Instagram will be selected as Opëshum’s Favorite Fan of 2023!!

The winner will be named in mid July via 1) an announcement on Goodreads, 2) the author’s Instagram, 3) the 1iR3 Publishers Twitter page and 4) on the publisher’s website 

• Only ONE winner will be selected. 

• Contestants can borrow a copy of the book from a friend, grab a copy from the library or get a copy of the book on Amazon here:

• REGISTRATION TO ENTER THE COMPETITION IS FREE!!  However, you must email the author directly to register for the competition before you are an official contestant. Email Opëshum Patroz directly at  BookReviews@GodsOnTrial.com 

• In your email include your name and link to your Instagram page so that the author and judges at the publishing house can view your reel when it’s time to start posting your book analysis in June.


• The winner will receive:

🏆 $75 U.S 

🏆 A personally autographed paperback collector’s copy of the paperback version, signed with the author’s famous purple pen

🏆 A gods on Trial T-shirt 

🏆 And the coveted title of Opëshum’s FAVORITE FAN OF 2023!! 


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