Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in America by Louis K. Lowy Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.


This is a bit of an unusual aside to make in my reviews, but I felt compelled to add this as this review has become somewhat of an emotional and surprising one. I have worked with this incredible author several times over the last few years and was contacted a few months ago by him to review his latest book. Unfortunately, I did not know that when he did so, it would be the last time I heard from him. 

It has come to my attention in the past week that author Louis K. Lowy has passed away at the age of 71. I had no idea that he had been battling an illness for some time and unfortunately has passed before I could share this review with him. He was a truly kind and encouraging author in this community, who I was not only thrilled to be able to work with as a reviewer and admirer of his work but who also supported my own ventures into the world of writing and was one of the few people I could consider a friend in this field. 

I wish I’d had the chance to get to know him more, but I am honored for the times we were able to speak and work together. So this review is in memory and honor of Louis K. Lowy, a beloved author who will truly be missed.

The bizarre and bloody tale of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde continues long after the conclusion of the classic Victorian tale by Robert Louis Stevenson as the captive doctor and mad killer soon make their way to a still growing America in author Louis K. Lowy’s “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in America”.


The Synopsis

It can now be revealed that the evil and violent Mr Edward Hyde – alter ego of London’s physician Doctor Henry Jekyll – did not die at the conclusion of the classic, Victorian-era case documented by Robert Louis Stevenson. Instead, this malignant criminal not only continued to plague Britons, but soon after set his ambitions for mayhem for other nations; and so headed for the United States.Follow this story, from bustling New York City to the balmy realms of Florida, where the goodly Jekyll feels the curse of his other personae more than ever before. Witness the tale of Hyde’s influence and monstrous acts increasing and Jekyll soon realising that if he cannot find a way to resolve his bizarre duality he will be forever lost, and the suffering and bloodshed he will have been responsible for having loosed on the new, bright world of America will be a horror unparalleled. For Hyde is a man who can never be caught by authorities as he hides within the form of his maker, and holds that maker’s life to ransom.

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The Review

This was such an incredible follow-up to an iconic gothic horror classic. The settings of this novel were the first things that really captured my attention, as the story began in a classic Victorian-era London setting and kept the atmosphere of the classic, and then slowly over time shifted to a more early twentieth-century vibe when exploring the world of America and early moving picture studios, making it feel like a few noir elements were mixed into the story. The visceral nature of Hyde’s crimes and attitude was just as powerful as they ever were, and the way the story explores the criminal investigation that arises from those crimes kept me invested in the story.

Yet the heart of the narrative, as it was in the original, was the duality of Jekyll and Hyde. The desperation each feels in their mission to be rid of the other and the twist on their new connection that the author explores in this book was great to see as a new chapter of the mythos of Hyde came to life. The continuation of the experiments so Jekyll may be rid of Hyde for good leads to some unexpected outcomes, and the inclusion of a love interest that bridges the gap between the gothic nature of this original story and the updated noir storytelling was powerful and engaging to read, making the whole book feel quite cinematic in its delivery. 

The Verdict

Entertaining, chilling, and mind-bending, author Louis K. Lowy’s “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in America” is a fantastic gothic horror meets noir thriller novel. The twists and turns in the narrative and the explosive finale will leave fans delighted as the story of this iconic horror literary figure gets a fresh breath of air that feels much needed. The author’s passion for this book and the atmospheric way in which it is written made this one book I didn’t want to put down. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Louis K. Lowy’s stories and writings have appeared in numerous public­ations including Coral Living Magazine, New Plains Review, The Florida Book Review, Ethereal Tales, Bête Noire Magazine, Pushing Out the Boat, The Chaffey Review, and The MacGuffin Magazine. He is a recipient of the Florida Individual Artist Fellowship. His humor poem “Poetry Workshop” was the second place winner of the 2009 Winning Writers Wergle Flomp Contest. 





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