Gothic by Philip Fracassi Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

A struggling horror writer descends into madness when he begins using an ancient writing desk that begins to transform his personality in author Philip Fracassi’s “Gothic”. 


The Synopsis

On his 59th birthday, Tyson Parks—a famous, but struggling, horror writer—receives an antique desk from his partner, Sarah, in the hopes it will rekindle his creative juices. Perhaps inspire him to write another best-selling novel and prove his best years aren’t behind him.

A continent away, a mysterious woman makes inquiries with her sources around the world, seeking the whereabouts of a certain artifact her family has been hunting for centuries. With the help of a New York City private detective, she finally finds what she’s been looking for.

It’s in the home of Tyson Parks.-

Meanwhile, as Tyson begins to use his new desk, he begins acting… strange. Violent. His writing more disturbing than anything he’s done before. But publishers are paying top dollar, convinced his new work will be a hit, and Tyson will do whatever it takes to protect his newfound success. Even if it means the destruction of the ones he loves.

Even if it means his own sanity. helps independent authors bring their creative vision to the marketplace. Sell eBooks online in the biggest retail stores.

The Review

This was such a visceral and powerful horror read. The author did a remarkable job of touching upon the pressure of the writing industry and the pitfalls of fame and success while infusing the rigid horrors of the mythos the author crafted in a natural way into the narrative. The dynamic imagery the author utilizes in their writing really emphasized the terrors and spine-chilling nature of the threat that is brought into the lives of this cast of characters, making each scene feel steeped in terror. 

What really drove me into the pages of this novel were the engaging character arcs and the rich mythology the author developed for this novel. The draw of this ancient artifact and the hunt to stop its bloody reign of terror sets up the reader for an adventure like no other early on, but it is the haunting nature of this protagonist driven to the brink of madness and beyond by this powerful force of nature, and the way the horror elevates as this thing sinks its teeth more and more into the protagonist’s mind and begins to affect his relationships with the other characters that made this such a huge draw for me as a horror fan.

The Verdict

Haunting, captivating, and thrilling, author Philip Fracassi’s “Gothic” is a must-read horror novel of 2023. The chilling imagery and the buildup of tension in the narrative immediately made the book feel like a mashup of Stephen King’s The Shining and The Dark Half meets The Amityville Horror, and the shocking twists and turns in the narrative will keep readers hooked as the story progresses. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Philip Fracassi is an award-winning author and screenwriter living in Los Angeles.

His debut collection of short horror, BEHOLD THE VOID, won “Story Collection of the Year” award from both This Is Horror and Strange Aeons Magazine.

His new collection, BENEATH A PALE SKY, arrives June, 2021, and his debut novel, BOYS IN THE VALLEY, comes out on Halloween day, 2021.

His stories have been printed in numerous magazines and anthologies, including Best Horror of the Year, Black Static, Cemetery Dance, and Nightmare Magazine. His work has been reviewed in The New York Times, LOCUS Magazine, Rue Morgue and many others.

His screenplays include the Lifetime thriller Girl Missing and Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups, from Disney. Both are available as VOD.

Follow Philip on Facebook and Twitter (@philipfracassi), or visit his website at


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