In Common: A Novel of Love and Sacrifice by Norma Watkins Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

Two women showcase the lengths that a woman will go to in order to willingly sacrifice for love in author Norma Watkins’s “In Common: A Novel of Love and Sacrifice”.


The Synopsis

Lillian Creekmore grows up at her family’s popular rural spa. She successfully runs an entire hotel, yet longs for a husband. Then she meets Will Hughes.

Velma Vernon accepts life on a small, struggling farm until a boy she barely tolerates proposes marriage. To accept means duplicating her parents’ hard life. Alone, she leaves for the city and triumphs, not as a wife, but by being the best at her job. Velma is content until the most beautiful man she has ever seen walks into her office.

This moving and darkly humorous novel follows the intertwined lives of women willing to surrender everything to a man. helps independent authors bring their creative vision to the marketplace. Sell eBooks online in the biggest retail stores.

The Review

This was a rich and character-driven narrative. The author did an incredible job of layering the description with rich history and culture that lent a heavy amount of background for the powerful themes presented in this narrative. The story honed in on the themes of love, family, independence, and identity throughout this novel, as the characters struggled to find that balance and what meant the most to them in their lives. The outside influences of the society they lived in and the historical events that impacted the world as a whole (WWII, JFK Assassination, etc) made these themes come to life in a natural yet powerful way.

The character dynamics in this book really defined the narrative as a whole. Both Velma and Lillian proved to be connected by one man in their lives. Yet, their lives continuously mirrored one another as they sought their own identity but could not conquer the expectations that society had for them, nor the emotional impact of the love they shared with the man in their lives. The sacrifices and struggles so many women endured and went through during the twentieth century in the United States were weighty and heartfelt, and yet the strength it took to face these struggles, along with bouts of unrequited love or hard-fought love, made the stories of these women soar and feel relatable to so many others out there who continue to live their lives in this manner.

The Verdict

Heartfelt, impactful, and engaging, author Norma Watkins’s “In Common” is a must-read family and women’s fiction novel you won’t be able to put down. The lengthy read feels both epic yet nuanced in its delivery, and the emotional impact of both women’s journey through the most important historical and culturally relevant events of the American 20th century serve as the perfect backdrop of the character’s internal struggles and emotions, making this a heartening and passionate read. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Raised in the South during the civil rights struggles, Norma Watkins is the author of In Common and two memoirs: The Last Resort, Taking the Mississippi Cure (2011), which won a gold medal for best nonfiction published in the South by an independent press; and That Woman from Mississippi (2017). She lives in northern California with her woodworker husband and three cats.

You can find her online by visiting her website or reading her blog.

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