The Seething by Ben Monroe Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

A family’s relocation becomes anything but relaxing when an ancient evil awakens and the people of their new town begin to disappear in author Ben Monroe’s “The Seething”. 


The Synopsis

A family’s relocation looked like a chance to relax and regroup—but as they settle into their new home, teenage Kimmie Barnes’ special senses make her the target of something primordial, evil, and utterly malign.


Golden Oaks, California is a sleepy town on the shores of Oro Lake, and the residents have no idea what horrors lurk below the glittering waters.

Beneath the waves…

One by one, as people begin to disappear, the once quiet town is soon in the grips of a waking nightmare. An unimaginable horror consuming everything before it.


All while echoes of an ancient evil spread out like malignant spider webs, like dead hands reaching, grasping…

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The Review

This book was so atmospheric and held a powerful hold on the reader as the narrative progressed. The action and horror pick up immediately, taking readers into an emotional and well-developed character arc that instantly gets torn asunder. The imagery played well into the author’s writing to not only bring the terror of the novel to life, but the rich setting as well, bringing this beautiful and serene Northern California locale to life on the page and serving as the perfect juxtaposition to this ugly, chaotic monstrosity lurking underneath the town itself.

The terror of the novel comes to life perfectly by having the right balance of world-building and dynamic character development. The connection this small family has together and the tight-knit community of the town play against the alienating nature of this evil seeping out into the lives of these people, and the mythos behind this monstrous energy and its seething hatred for the people within the town helped elevate the horrors that slowly began to crawl their way onto the page.

The Verdict

Harrowing, gripping, and entertaining, author Ben Monroe’s “The Seething” is a must-read horror thriller. The book felt like a Lovecraftian horror novel meets Dean Koontz’s “Phantoms” meets Stephen King’s It. The twists and turns in the narrative and the explosive final chapters will have the reader’s hearts pumping and serves as the perfect jumping-off point in the horror genre to send readers into spring. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy by preordering today or pick up your copy on March 23rd, 2023!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Ben Monroe has spent most of his life in Northern California, where he lives in the East Bay Area with his wife and two children. He is the author of In the Belly of the Beast and Other Tales of Cthulhu Wars, the Seething, the graphic novel Planet Apocalypse, and short stories in several anthologies. 

You can find more information about him and his work at


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