The Rebellion Awakens (Sentrys of Terrene: Book One) by TC Marti Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

A leader within the growing Insurgency against an Imperial war machine must test his faith after being taken to an Imperial stronghold, while two other rebels find a young girl who could turn the tide of the war in author TC Marti’s “The Rebellion Awakens”, the first book in the Sentrys of Terrene series and the latest entry into the Elementals universe the author has crafted.


The Synopsis


A strike from underground bases won the Insurgency’s first victory against Vranom Imperials.

During the battle, Insurgency spies intercepted a blueprint regarding the Imperials’ superweapon, the Fusion Bomb, constructed with enough Source energy to wipe out an entire landmass.

Commander Tage-Ras Svendson intends to celebrate the Insurgency’s victory after relaying the stolen plans before a confrontation with the notorious Venn Rhine forces him into a Vranom stronghold. With only a disembodied voice giving directions, Tage faces the ultimate test of faith.

Meanwhile, in Vranom’s capital city of Sunrise, two insurgents stumble across a girl who may hold a key to restoring justice to the lost world.

The Rebellion Awakens is Book I in the post-apocalyptic dystopian military science fantasy Sentrys of Terrene Series. Inspired by Star Wars with a touch of Avatar: The Last Airbender, join Tage-Ras Svendson, Sabre Kjaergaard, and Ren Elk-Jaer as they battle the People’s Republic of Vranom and expose the global superpower’s lies regarding the extinct Sentry Order.

The Review

This was a wonderful blend of action and epic sci-fi fantasy storytelling. The latest entry into the Elementals saga is the perfect way to jumpstart “phase II”, and the way the author is able to blend elements of the other books in the saga with this new world and its own mythos was remarkable to see come to life. The society for which this rebellion is born highlights the somber and fear-state atmosphere that compels the characters forward in their journey. 

The character growth and powerful themes really hit home in this novel. The cast of characters all played great roles in this story, but the character who best showcased the wonder and terrors of this world that the reader could relate to was Sabre, who found within herself her own form of rebellion by reading ancient texts hidden by her father and discovering the true ways of this world for herself, which flies in the face of the faith and government that they are all sworn to abide by. The concept of a fear-state and ruthless government rule is a dystopian nightmare that plays heavily into our own current state of affairs in the world, which makes for truly engaging and frightful narratives.

The Verdict

Mesmerizing, haunting, and entertaining, author TC Marti’s “The Rebellion Awakens” is a fantastic dystopian and post-apocalyptic thriller and a must-read first book in the Sentrys of Terrene series. The twists in the author’s story and the wealth of character development and dynamics will keep readers engaged with this narrative, and the rich mythos and world-building will have fans enthralled by this brand-new series. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10 


About the Author

TC Marti has been an avid reader/writer for over three decades. He is the author of the Elementals Universe, a shared speculative fiction universe spanning multiple series. He is also a workout fanatic, and a fan of Arizona sports teams.


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