Shine Baby Shine, 7 Steps to Energetic Self-Empowerment by Antoniella Del Vecchio Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

Author Antoniella Del Vecchio shares an easy-to-follow yet comprehensive guide on how to improve yourself and gain a better understanding of what is happening around them emotionally in the book “Shine Baby Shine, 7 Steps to Energetic Self-Empowerment”. 


The Synopsis

SHINE, BABY, SHINE 7 Steps to Energetic Self-Empowerment is an easy-to-read, easy-to-follow self-help book which allows the reader to gain understanding and awareness of what is happening within them emotionally, as well as energetically. There are integrative strategies and exercises that the reader can utilize to become stronger and healthier emotionally and spiritually. Reading the book and following the steps will facilitate change to help them raise their self-esteem, feel happier and motivated so that they can enjoy life. Following the Energetic Self-Empowerment program is so easy, so effortless, that they will feel surprised at how much they will accomplish, regardless of where they start. Self-transformation can be exciting, easy, highly effective, and quick!

The Review

Right off the bat, I truly appreciated the author’s honesty and heartfelt tone throughout the book. Immediately the author shares with readers that this self-help book is a workbook not meant to replace medical or psychological needs, which is so important in these types of books as so many people may confuse self-help with replacements for medical or psychological help they may need. The blend of energy work and emotional support that the author’s work promotes was great to see come to life on the page.

The step-by-step guided work that the author outlines in this book was both easy to follow and thoughtful in its approach. The way the author was able to hone in on both physical and emotional aspects of life that could impact our emotional state or well-being was insightful, and the balance of personal storytelling of her own life experiences with the guided work she put into place will help keep readers invested in the work itself.

The Verdict

Thoughtful, engaging, and well-written, author Antoniella Del Vecchio’s “Shine Baby Shine, 7 Steps to Energetic Self-Empowerment” is a must-read self-help and personal transformation book. The heartfelt delivery of the author’s personal story and experiences when developing these steps will help balance out the reader’s own emotional journey working through these steps themselves, and the book itself speaks to a large number of different people to help guide them on their emotional and often spiritual journey to self-improvement. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Antoniella Del Vecchio attended Marist College for a bachelor’s degree in psychology and Long Island University for a master’s degree in mental health counseling. Antoniella is also certified as an alcohol and drug abuse counselor, her area of specialty for the last ten years. She is a licensed mental health counselor in New York, and a licensed professional clinical counselor in California, with a specialty in substance abuse from the state of California. Antoniella is currently working with the military to help alleviate symptoms of PTSD, anxiety, depression, and patterns of addiction. She also has a private practice in La Jolla, California, where she works with people from all walks of life. Antoniella feels that everyone has the right and deserves to live a happy, empowered life. Everyone has their own innate gifts and skills that deserve to be expressed and celebrated according to their truth. With that in mind, Antoniella has created a signature program, Energetic Self-Empowerment, which will allow for individuals to reach their full potential in a compassionate, gentle way. Antoniella’s focus is to help those who are willing, to find their voice, their joy, and their personal power with no apologies. Antoniella lives by the motto ‘don’t talk about it, be about it’. She is now offering her program to the public for the first time. The method she developed and followed to reawaken her self-empowerment is now available. She promises that you, too, will feel a powerful shift in your own life in an easy, simple way that will help you stand in your own power while feeling happy, vital, and alive.


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