GOOD DICK BAD DICK: How to spot a loser before you date or marry him by Hal Free (Illustrated by Jon Klassen) Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

Author Hal Free takes readers on a journey to showcase the toxic behavior of men and how they mistreat women through a series of humorous yet thoughtful illustrations and commentary in the book “GOOD DICK BAD DICK: How to spot a loser before you date or marry him”.


The Synopsis

GOOD DICK BAD DICK is a totally unique book that uses illustration and outrageous humor to drive home the serious problem of how men mistreat and objectify women. The cartoon presenter is probably the last you’d expect to demonstrate men’s bad behavior, but he’s the ultimate symbol of all men. Each page presents different examples of the selfish, self-absorbed male mindset. a “pee-in-your-pants” collection of watchouts for women — and a way for men to see themselves as they too often are.

The Review

One of the things that has become so much more apparent in recent years with the accountability that social media brings in this day and age is the horrid way that men grow up believing how to treat the women in their lives and those they encounter throughout their days. The toxicity and mistreatment that is constantly brushed aside or excused as “boys will be boys” has been an issue that has faced mankind for centuries, and in the author’s book, this issue is finally blasted for all to read. 

The mixture of lighthearted tone and humor with the seriousness of men’s behavior and attitude is illustrated in such a way that instantly connected the reader to the subject matter. I think this was a book that spoke to everyone, men and women included. For men, this was a wake-up call to showcase how they are constantly twisting the truth and abusing women around them for their own immediate gratification or genuine pleasure, and the only way to build a better world is to teach future generations how not to act. For women, this book feels validating, as if the hardships and struggles that they are forced to endure on a daily basis are finally given life in these hilarious yet powerful cartoons that speak to the heart of this matter.

The Verdict

Thought-provoking, inspiring, and engaging, author Hal Free’s “GOOD DICK BAD DICK: How to spot a loser before you date or marry him” is a must-read nonfiction book that meets illustrated work. The commentary on relationships and behaviors related to gender, specifically how men treat women in life from their adolescence to their adult years, will not only help women readers to feel heard and seen in their own struggles but allow male readers to see a part of themselves they may ignore or not realize is there. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


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