The Crow Who Tampered with Time by Lloyd Ratzlaff Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

Author Lloyd Ratzlaff shares profound and moving thoughts on life through powerful essays in his book “The Crow Who Tampered with Time”.


The Synopsis

Lloyd Ratzlaff brings the prairie landscape to life through a capacious imagination charged with wonder and the gentle irony of an awareness tempered by time and love. A remarkable new talent in the burgeoning field of literary non-fiction, Ratzlaff connects with the challenges posed by scepticism and belief, countering both the cynicism and doctrinairism of contemporary life with a renewed praise of the profound depths of the spirit and the natural world.

The Review

This was a profound and thought-provoking read. The author did an incredible job of capturing some pretty strong themes, from faith and nature as more general themes to more intricate themes like the nature of reality itself and the need to focus on the here and now rather than the future constantly. The thoughtful atmosphere the author crafted balanced the personal nature of the author’s writing style.

The heart of this narrative was in the author’s personal and heartfelt delivery of each essay. The connection the author shares to his homeland of Saskatchewan in Canada and how the land doesn’t connect to bodies of water made for powerful imagery and a great way to input imagery into the author’s writing style. The wonderment and spiritual nature o the author’s experiences and views will resonate greatly with many readers.

The Verdict

Heartfelt, captivating, and engaging, author Lloyd Ratzlaff’s “The Crow Who Tampered with Time” is a memorable collection of essays that readers will want to identify with. The emotional weight of this author’s experiences and the personal nature of each essay will allow readers to connect to the author’s messages and themes in a great way. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Lloyd Ratzlaff is the author of a triptych of personal literary essays, the editor of an anthology of seniors’ writings published by READ Saskatoon, and a monthly columnist for Prairie Messenger Catholic Journal. He has served on the boards of several writing organizations and has taught writing classes for the University of Saskatchewan Certificate of Art & Design (USCAD) and the Western Development Museum. Both his creative non-fiction and professional pieces have been widely published throughout Canada and the United States. Ratzlaff lives in Saskatoon.


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