The High Income Healer: How to Turn Your healing Gift into a Full-Time Business by Jill K. Thomas Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own. 

Author and Hypnotherapist Jill K. Thomas takes readers on a journey to explore how to succeed as a business or entrepreneur pursuing your love and passion for healing in her book “The High Income Healer: How to Turn Your Healing Gift into a Full-Time Business”.


The Synopsis

Dream of having a flourishing and fulfilling practice as a healer,

but are wrestling with the “business of healing”?

Countless healers today are stuck in jobs they hate—doing what they love at night, in fits and starts. Others are practicing their craft but struggling to make ends meet. And some never get off the ground because they have no idea how and where to start. Sound familiar?

What do they all have in common?

They’re far better healers than businesspeople.

Yet, to succeed in a healing profession today, you have to be BOTH.

Enter The High Income healer, written by Jill K. Thomas, a thriving 18-year certified hypnotherapist and successful solopreneur, who, over the years, found herself fielding endless questions from colleagues about the “business” of healing.

She quickly realized there was a huge need, not only for solid, practical nuts-and-bolts info, but also for guidance in banishing the limiting beliefs about money that keep so many healers strapped and struggling. In The High Income Healer, you’ll learn:

-The basics of business start-up, pricing and workflow planning

-Anxiety-free sales, marketing, advertising and networking

-How to effectively communicate your value, and most importantly…

-How to develop a “Money Mindset” that will have abundance flowing freely to you

Add in “barrier-busting” journaling exercises, practical action steps, and straight-shooting advice—all delivered with Jill’s empowering “you-can-do this!” guidance—and you’ll be quickly powering through blocks on the way to living your “healing dream.”

Ready to thrive as a healer, while shaving years off your “ramp-up” to profitability? Use The High Income Healer to boost your confidence as both a healer and a business person, as you build a practice that supports you—not just your clients! 

The Review

This is a fantastic and well-developed read. The balance the author found between the business side of things and the healer’s path was the first thing that stood out. This balance was enhanced through the author’s writing style, which was both educational and yet very personable and honest in its delivery, and the striking tone the author made as they delivered these lessons kept the reader invested in the topic throughout the entirety of the book.

It was that balance that the author found that really become the heart of the narrative. The way author takes the time to explore what makes someone a healer, the ways in which healers are made through intense life experiences that affect them, and how healers are meant to guide their clients towards the right goal and teach them how to accomplish things, and yet it is up to the client to implement these ideas, made this half of the book shine. It was great to see this harmony as the author then showcased how healers need to find the means of separating their healing gift from the business-sided mind of their brains. Eliminating the need to stay in an employee mindset and transition into an employer state of mind was great to see explored, as were the basics of starting a business and how to interact with a client as both a healer and a business owner. 

The Verdict

Captivating, thoughtful, and engaging, author Jill K. Thomas’s “The High-Income Healer” is a must-read nonfiction health and business read. The perfect way to jumpstart 2023, the author will give readers the tools they need to not only discover their passion for healing as a profession but start their own business and leave behind the day jobs they have been forced to work for years. If you haven’t yet, be sure to preorder your copy today or pick up copy on January 25th, 2023.

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

As an Intuitive Hypnotherapist, Clairvoyant Reader, Author, Medium and Vocal Channel, Jill K Thomas, CHT has over 18 years’ experience helping clients move past limiting beliefs, discover their authentic selves, and create a life of peace and harmony. Jill has helped thousands of people realize lifestyle and wellness goals they could never before achieve, including attracting prosperity and success, overcoming debilitating phobias, healing toxic relationships, and losing weight.

Among many of her accomplishments, her most recent book, “The High Income Healer: How to Turn your Healing Gift into a Full-time Business” helps healers take their business to the next level. Her other books include “Tales From the Trance”, published by Ozark Mountain Publishing, and her well known weight loss book “Feed Your Real Hunger: Getting off the Emotional Treadmill that Keeps you Overweight”.

She has appeared on numerous radio shows, maintains her popular online blog “Confessions of a Hypnotherapist”, and has authored articles for magazines read across the nation. Her “30 Day weight loss Jumpstart” CD has also helped many people finally lose the pounds, after years of trying.


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