Howl Once For Murder (A Baked Books Murder Mystery Book 1) by Krista Lockheart and Dorothy Danger Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

After a bestselling author turns up dead at his own wedding, a small town will be turned upside down as a police detective, a shop owner, and her pet search for the killer in authors Krista Lockheart and Dorothy Danger’s “Howl Once For Murder”, the first book in the A Baked Books Murder Mystery series.


The Synopsis

Not every dog can howl . . . or solve a murder.

Adelaide and Truman—Belle Chasse’s funniest and smartest Basset Hound—are practically inseparable. And when a murder mystery comes barking at their doorstep, they band together to fight for the town they love.

After opening Baked Books with her human bestie, Georgia, Adelaide is delighted when a world-famous author agrees to sign books at their bookstore and bakery’s anniversary event. Truman’s so excited he wears a tuxedo for the occasion!

But Oscar Paris’s life as a bestselling author isn’t exactly everything Adelaide fantasized about in her wildest dreams . . .

especially when he turns up dead at his own wedding, which is regrettably Baked Books’ first big catering gig!

In this funny, charming, and exciting mystery with a sweet romance, “till death do us part” comes much too soon for Belle Chasse’s famous resident.

But with Adelaide and Truman—along with a wildly attractive police detective—on the case, this band of quirky characters, charming animal shenanigans, and puzzles to solve will leave you howling with laughter.

Howl Once for Murder is the first book in the Baked Books Mysteries series that follows Adelaide and her brilliant Basset Hound, Truman, as they solve mysteries and capture your hearts.

Though the main mystery is resolved in each book of the series, the sweet romance will start in book one and continue throughout the series.

The Review

This was the perfect murder mystery novel. The small-town, quirky cast of characters vibe the author crafted really honed in on what makes this genre so special. The citizens who take on the role of detective to solve the mystery; the lone cop trying to unmask the killer; the cadre of suspects; and the mysterious events surrounding the victim’s final days all make this a memorable story. The fun yet chilling atmosphere the author was able to conjure up made the imagery feel even more compelling. The flare of romance in this story added another layer of intrigue for readers to enjoy.

The mystery and character development were at the heart of this narrative. The twists that this narrative took and the clues that this story uncovered kept me invested in the book, yet it was the dynamic relationships the cast of characters had with the protagonist, from her bond with her pet Truman and her best friend Georgia to her budding romance with Trent and even hair-raising confrontations with the list of suspects made this story feel vibrant and alive on the page.

The Verdict

Captivating, fun, and engaging, author Krista Lockheart’s “Howl Once For Murder” is a fantastic murder mystery and a grand first entry into the A Baked Books Murder Mystery series. The twists and turns in the story and the humorous dialogue between the main cast of characters serve as a great mirror image of one another, and the emotional beats in the story hone in on the emotional impact of the loss felt by those close to the victim made this a well-rounded and engaging story to behold. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Critically acclaimed and award-winning author Krista Lockheart writes irresistible cozy mysteries filled with humor and buzzworthy characters and plots. Her favorite activity is interacting with her readers from all over the world, and she enjoys their feedback and comments on her social media platforms. She loves good food, good conversation, and good books! Cooking is a passion, and she especially enjoys making pasta with vegetables. Chocolate, avocado, and seafood are her favorite foods to celebrate with.

Krista comes from an artistic background, and her art workshops sell out within a few hours of signup. Her work has earned cultural council grants and has been featured in newspapers, magazines, and on TV and on the radio.

In the past few months, her memoir, travel travels, and short stories were published four times in the Writer & Readers’ Magazine, and her travel tale about her expedition to Peru was the editorial feature in DRIFT Travel magazine.

She contributed a short story to a Halloween anthology and her debut novel was #1 in 12 categories on Amazon during its initial release (including in the Free Kindle Store and in New release categories).

It also earned five book awards including First Place at TheBookFest in Humorous, a Second Place and Honorable Mention at TheBookFest, a First Place award from Royal Dragonfly Book Awards, and a Silver Award from Literary Titan, along with five star editorial reviews. It was recommended by US Review of Books, and the Chick-Lit Cafe, as well as featured in the Midwest Book Review.


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