Discover Yourself: Understand Who You Are, What You Do Well, and What You Are Passionate About by Scott Schwefel Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own. 

Author Scott Schwefel shares the strategies and lessons he discovered throughout his life to live a consistent, purpose-driven life in the book “Discover Yourself: Understand Who You Are, What You Do Well, and What You Are Passionate About”.


The Synopsis

Highly successful people think differently. They own certain habits and rituals that set them apart from others. They know themselves, they operate every day with purpose… and you can be one of them. Successful entrepreneur, author, and global presenter Scott Schwefel, whose Ted Talk has been viewed by more than two million people, now shares these secrets of success with you in Discover Yourself. Schwefel has taught these principles to over 3000 CEOs, and has spoken to more than 1000 audiences across the globe in London, Paris, Shanghai, Amsterdam, Kuwait, and Beijing. He has even lived with the Haadza and Maasai tribes in Tanzania, adding to his global perspective.

Do you want to live a consistent, purpose-driven life? Discover ways to tap into your creative brilliance? Discover your unique personality type to live up to your full potential? Discover your own path to personal success? Then Discover Yourself is for you!

The Review

This was such a passionate and well-researched book. The self-help and motivational guide do an incredible job of cutting to the core of the individual reading through the author’s own experiences and life lessons that can speak to a multitude of people. The fast-paced and thoughtful style of writing allowed the author to really showcase to readers a more grounded approach to success.

One of the first and most impactful things that stood out to me was the author’s focus on an individual’s passion and interests as a driving force for their success in life. Far too often people will encourage others to seek answers outside of their interests, and the passions that fuel them are often extinguished after years of hard work in other industries. The way author allows readers to take a different approach to everyday ways of thinking, from the age-old question of “who are you” becoming “who are you (to others)”, to laying out the detailed 8 steps that the author has found for success, made for both an educational and inspiring read.

The Verdict

Captivating, thought-provoking, and engaging, author Scott Schwefel’s “Discover Yourself: Understand Who You Are, What You Do Well, and What You Are Passionate About” is a must-read nonfiction motivational and a self-help guide for both business-oriented and everyday readers alike. The heart and passion that the author writes with shine through and adds a depth of interaction between the author and reader as the educational aspect of the book comes to life. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Scott speaks to organizations who want to leverage new communication strategies to increase sales, profits and productivity. As a serial entrepreneur, Scott founded and grew Minnesota’s largest technology training company to over $12MM, and then sold the company in 2003. His company was named one of the 50 fastest growing private companies in Minnesota in 1997 and 1998, and he was named to Minnesota’s 40 under 40 list of successful top executives.  Scott then founded and grew Insights Twin Cities to over $3MM and sold it to Insights in Scotland in 2014.

Scott Schwefel is a Certified Speaking Professional, CSP, a designation held by less than 10% of all professional speakers. He has been speaking and teaching the Brain Science of Communication to organizations globally for over two decades. His Ted Talk has over 2,750,000 views.  He has presented in Paris, London, Amsterdam, Geneva, Shanghai, Portugal, Beijing and Kuwait, and he has also trained and coached over 3000 CEOs personally. He is a published author, has lived remotely with the Hadza and Maasai tribes in Tanzania, and is a featured speaker for Vistage, the largest organization of CEOs in the world.


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