Interview with Author S.L. Lucas

Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you get into writing?

Firstly, I want to thank Anthony for this interview opportunity and for his review of Driveway Detailing Warrior click here to see Anthony’s review.

I was born and raised in the South East of England and became a voracious reader from an early age. I devoured Kipling, Blyton, and Charles Hamilton as a young child. I clearly remember my grandma thrusting in my lap at age ten a hardback copy of Alex Haley’s Roots and telling me it was time for me to graduate to ‘proper literature’!

A degree in English Literature inevitably followed, though strangely enough, much later, my clearest path into writing was as a policy drafter in the UK civil service. Sure, that kind of writing was as dry as dust, but it sewed in me the creative writing seed. Then, late in 2021, my wife casually remarked that I should write a book. The idea for Driveway Detailing Warrior was born, and I was off and running as a fledgling writer… 


What inspired you to write your book?

As a car enthusiast and owner of a pristine 2010 Porsche Cayman 987.2, I was keen to keep my ride always looking her best. However, something was bugging me about the soaring cost of hiring professional detailers to bring out the full beauty in my Porsche’s sensual, flowing lines. Though my car was in excellent condition, I was quoted £1,231 ($1,650) by pro detailers for an exterior paint correction and ceramic sealant, £291 ($404) to have my alloys, brake calipers and exhaust tip ceramic coated, and £525 ($704) for undercarriage detailing and protection. Those three projects were quoted at a whopping £2,047 ($2,745) (the average of three separate quotes) from UK pro detailers in 2022 – far too much, methinks, and off-limits to the ‘on a budget’ sports car owner! 

So, I drew on my experience of owning, detailing, and driving three different Porsches since 2002: a 964 model 911, a 996 model 911, and my current 987.2 Cayman. There had to be a foolproof way to do these projects at home and achieve the desired, breath-taking results, and there definitely is! When my wife suggested that other car enthusiasts would love to know how to detail their ride, I was inspired to bring together in this book for the reader’s benefit, in an engaging and inspiring way, all the pro hacks and detailing techniques I have learned along the way. 

What theme or message do you hope readers will take away from your book?

I hope readers will understand why they need not pay sky-high pro detailers prices to bring out their motor’s beauty. I hope they will learn how to keep their ride in stunning tip-top condition at a fraction of the pro detailer’s cost. Particularly amid this cost-of-living crisis.

I hope readers will understand why they should embrace the Driveway Warrior spirit as a petrolhead ideology and how to use the power of home detailing on a budget to thrive in their endeavour to create the ultimate DIY detailed street weapon…

Okay, I’m going to ask you to keep an open mind here. I can hand on heart tell you that detailing your own cherished motor is not only good for your pocket, but it’s also good for the mind, body and soul! Yes, plotting your detailing projects, being out in the fresh air, keeping busy and active, looking after your pride and joy, and enjoying the results is pretty darn rewarding for both the well-being and the wallet! Let’s face it; there’s plenty of time for vegetating on the sofa in front of the TV when it’s dark outside or while your ride is safely stored away over winter!

Most importantly, I hope readers will be empowered to seize the moment of medicine for the soul by cruising around in their immaculately presented, gleaming ride. While observing (and secretly relishing and delighting in) the admiring, envious glances of pedestrians and fellow motorists alike.

What drew you into this particular genre?

I wasn’t really thinking about any particular genre. I simply wanted to empower other petrolheads with the means to harness the power of home detailing on a budget. I hope I have been able to do so in an entertaining, engaging way.


What social media site has been the most helpful in developing your readership?

This is yet to be determined. I have never been active on social media (too busy having a life). In fact, my initial attempts to engage Driveway Detailing Warrior on social media have been less than successful. Facebook – a deeply unsatisfying experience, Instagram – they closed my account after one day, goodness knows why (what the actual @$*!%#!). Detailing forums in the USA closed my accounts within one week – (again, what the actual…)

That said, I’m an optimist at heart, and I’m sure I’ll engage social media in a useful way eventually!

What advice would you give to aspiring or just starting authors out there?

Keep a writing journal with you all the time. You never know when an idea will explode in your head. Sometimes I awake at 4am with a choice idea to start the next chapter, and I jot the premise down in my journal straight away before the idea spins and fades. Don’t be afraid to utilize writing aids like Grammarly Premium – if you don’t like the Grammarly suggestion, ignore it – simples!

Above all, go for it – why wait? 

What does the future hold in store for you? Any new books/projects on the horizon?

The plan is to serialize the Driveway Warrior adventures, and book 2 is well underway for release in 2023. Don’t miss it…


About the Author

S. L. Lucas is the owner and creator of the popular ‘Driveway Detailing Warrior’ home detailing blog and is a blogging mentor in the home detailing community. A published writer for the local press and a Porsche monthly magazine, he has bought, sold, detailed, cherished, and spiritedly driven three different Porsche models since 2002. He lives with his wife in Brighton in the UK and continues to detail and enjoy his current cherished Porsche Cayman 987.2 around the B roads of leafy Sussex.

Home Detailing your Car on a Budget – Driveway Detailing Warrior (


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