You’re the Cake: The Guy’s the Frosting by Marcia Lite-Braus, LPC Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own. 

Author Marcia Lite-Braus, LPC shares with her readers the journey she took and lessons she learned to realize the most vital thing to finding love is to first learn to love yourself in the book “You’re the Cake: The Guy’s the Frosting”.


The Synopsis

You’re the Cake: The Guy’s the Frosting shares real stories of some painful, hysterical, and even frightening dating mistakes the author made as well as the hard-won lessons she learned before finding the most delicious “frosting” with her second husband. It’s her gift to single women of any age to help them avoid the same mistakes she made and to realize that the most important ingredient in finding happiness is having a healthy relationship with yourself.

We’re all products of our childhood and family experiences, but dating is not about finding someone to rescue you from past traumas or low self-esteem. The answer to a happy and successful life is not in another person. The answer is to love yourself unconditionally to attract the love you deserve. 

The Review

This was a quick yet brilliant read. The author did an incredible job of crafting a unique and relatable read for a very specific audience. The author did an amazing job of highlighting both her own personal experiences and the warning signs that can tell a single woman when she is in or heading towards a toxic relationship. The author’s study and openness to discuss her own experiences in such an open and honest way were refreshing to see and showed the variety of toxic relationships that could arise. 

Yet this book was not without its more hopeful tones, as the author effortlessly brought to life a guide and inspirational story of finding love in all its forms. The concept of finding love first through ourselves and then through others was so rewarding and great to see. Being able to break down the false misconception of relying on relationships to heal our past traumas was so thought-provoking, and the clinical aspect of the author’s narrative allowed for a more studious read overall.

The Verdict

Captivating, engaging, and thoughtful in its approach, author Marcia Lite-Braus, LPC’s “You’re the Cake: The Guy’s the Frosting” is must-read nonfiction, relationship-forward guide on dating, love, and relationships overall. The quick pace and balance of personal experiences with more clinical study style writing made this such an interesting and fascinating read and will be a big hit for the single women’s readership. If you haven’t yet, preorder or grab your copy on September 27th, 2022!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Marcia was born with a multi-flavored personality consisting of equal parts vulnerable and strong; intellectual and spiritual; fearful and courageous. She spent 13 years in between her first and second marriages making countless dating mistakes – all of which have informed her work with clients, and the entertaining lessons in her recent book You’re The Cake, The Guy is The Frosting. 

Marcia has been a therapist for over 20 years.  She counsels single adults to help them find the right partner and cope with being alone.  More than anything else, she helps her clients put their past in the past, break unhealthy attachment issues, and raise self-esteem.  She doesn’t just talk the talk – she helps her clients walk the walk.

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